Monday, July 06, 2009

The Biggest Copycat Ever Revealed!

What would you do if somebody copied your blog entries, took pictures from your blog, and even changed the names and characters like some psycho living in her own deluded world? And it's not just a random stranger, but somebody you knew; somebody whom you used to share the room with!


I know she reads my blog. I even know (quite recently) that she has been following my blog ever since my early years of blogging. So I thought she would get the message when I posted this blog entry. (yes I was talking about you, you deluded moron!)

But no, she didn't. She's doing it again, just like what she has been doing since 5 years ago.

I didn't ambushed her right away when I first found out about it. I was trying to be considerate. I wanted to forgive and forget. I wanted to let her realized on her own about the mistakes crimes that she had done. By posting that entry, I thought she would eventually come to her senses and stop all of it bcoz if she did, I would have left the matter alone as if it never happened.

Too bad she didn't.

I've been keeping my eye on her blog ever since then. And I stopped doing so after a few months bcoz there were no copycat entries anymore - at least not from mine. But yesterday I felt a sudden urge to check it.... and oh my God. OH. MY. GOD! She did it again and it's far worse than before, I just had to blog about it! She cropped my watermarked pictures and claimed as hers! Whattt kind of person does that??

Remember my Delectable cupcakes entry? This is hers, copied word for word - except she spelled Delectable as 'Delictable':

Let's see what other entries that she copied from mine, shall we...

This is from Baked Fish with Honey, Mustard, Herbs and err.. dead bugs entry:

This is from My "Little Project" entry:

This is from The Ugly Muffins entry:

This is from My First LBD entry:

This is from Tag, I'm it! entry:

(tagging game punya jawapan pun nak tiru, apa kes nih? LOL)

This if from Question regarding Online Shopping entry:

This is from Noreen's Wedding entry:

This is from Books I'm Currently into entry:

This is from The Sinful Bags and Shoes treat entry:

Kak Yong cupcakes jadi Kak Yanti! haha.

This is from Let's play dress up entry:

This is from Clarins Beauty Treatment entry:

And these were copied from my old blogs (those who had been following my previous blogs would know):

Apparently, my family also involved in her "life". Wani jadi Nurul, Hanis jadi Has, Hariz jadi Fariz. ROTFLOL.

These are not just it. I found more than 30 entries of mine in her blog; the earliest was 2004, which was around the time she started her blog. Sheesh.

This isn't the only deranged thing she's ever done tho. But this time, I'm not just gonna keep quiet. Kalau ikut hati, rasa nak saman. Plagiarism is a crime!

p/s: Agak-agak entry ni dia nak copy jugak tak? ;p


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