Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What every Blogger should know

Here are some of the things that I learned from the eLawyer conference the other day:

  • There is freedom of speech in blogosphere. You can write whatever you want (doesn't matter whether you are a Blogger or a commenter) but you have to be responsible of the stuff you wrote. There's liability for speech. Think before you write.
  • Everything that you produced yourself - be it the entries/articles you wrote, or photographs that you took, or graphics/songs/artistic works that you created - are considered Intellectual Property, and are automatically protected by copyright laws, with or without the copyright trademark.
  • Anyone who copies copyrighted materials without consent is infringing the copyright laws and can be prosecuted in court. It's that illegal!
  • If you want to copy or post articles, pictures, videos, etc that doesn't belong to you, give credit to source or ask owner's permission.

I didn't really pay attention on the second topic (about defamation) bcoz my mind was elsewhere (thinking about my baby to be exact), so I can't talk much about it. Perhaps you can ask my husband coz he seemed so into it (my sister could not make it btw).

p/s: I just found out quite recently about another copycat. Macam cendawan jer mereka nih...


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