Friday, September 12, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged by Nadia.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
* The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

Let's see...

1) I am a night owl. I sleep really late, sometimes after sunrise.

2) I love Herbalife shakes, period. Even now that I'm pregnant and fasting, I still have to have the shake at least once a day - for sahur (except on weekends when I'm at my parents' house). It's not an addiction. It's a necessity.

3) I am a chatty person online, but not quite so in real life.

4) I don't like parties and crowds. It makes me feel uneasy. Small gathering of close-knit family/friends is okay. Else, I would feel the need to be invisible.

5) I am a high-heel girl. I am not comfortable wearing flats no matter what people say. The flattest flats for me is a 2-inch shoes. I even tiptoed as if I'm wearing heels if I go up a staircase (when I'm barefoot).

6) I love food of any kinds - western, eastern, masakan kampung, Japanase, anything. Just bring it on! I'm not fussy when it comes to food. I can eat (almost) anything. My mom said I am an all-rounder. I'm just a bit fussy of the place where I eat the food.

7) I have a girly crush on Anne Hathaway and Alexis Bledel. It's not a lesbian thingy. I'm just wowed with their beauty.

8) I love trying out new recipes. Or creating one. I have a secret dream to be like Nigella Lawson in my own kitchen one day.

9) I apply lip balm every hour of the day (except when I'm sleeping, of course). I cannot live a day without it.

10) My usual order for drink would be Ice Lemon Tea/Teh O Ais Limau when eating out. Mamak ker, restaurant ker, hotel ker, mana ker.

11) I would get excited receiving letters in the mail. Doesn't matter if it's newsletters from department stores/boutiques, postcards about some products, etc etc. Oh, except Credit Card bill! ;p

12) I heart the Internet. I could go online the whole day, duduk terperap dalam bilik tak keluar2. I have this feeling that the Internet could offer me something big, one day.

13) I love veggies more than fruits. Which is why my favorite 'nasi set' is Nasi Kerabu.

14) My definition of "luar negara" is somewhere outside South East Asia. In other words, a country with different climate and people.

15) I love purchasing stuff online. When they're delivered, it feels like getting presents!

I'm tagging:

The only person I could think of is Wani. Macam semua orang dah buat/kena tag jer...
Anyone is welcome to do it anyway.


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