Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Sinful Bags and Shoes treat

Alrite, alrite. I know y'all are so excited to see my bags and shoes. Some even SMS-ed me beli bag brand apa! Heee.... I'm just as excited to show 'em to you! *wink*

So I went to pick 'em up last Saturday. The bags and shoes come in a box...

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And when I opened the box, I was speechless. They're beyond my expectation!

Nah! Feast your eyes...

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Bags and shoes cuppies! Aren't they cuteeeeee?

Pinkk... bags... shoes... oooohh! They're cupcakes. I did say "yummy bags and shoes" before, didn't I? ;p

Thanx Kak Yong and her sis, Sue for those scrumptious cupcakes. According to them, I'm the first to request such theme! So I am just as creative as Kak Yong too, ey? Heee...


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