Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My "Little Project"

So this is what my little project was all about...

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Jahit manik!

My mom took a short bead sewing lesson the other day so she taught me step-by-step how to sew the beads and showed me a few simple designs to begin with, like manik tabur, manik berjalan, manik berlari and ape tah la lagi... and now I'm addicted! It's really easy, altho I have to say that it's quite a tedious work (especially if the thread got all tangled up).

I've only done the maniks utk satu baju jer, which is my baju convo (as per pic). Mind you, it took me about 4 hours to finish up the beadings utk satu tangan! Tapi leka sgt menjahit, it felt like half an hour. I think for a beginner, I've done pretty well, doncha think? hehe. My next beading project would be for my baju raya, which is plain chiffon. Plainnn...which means, I get to sew the beads sebyk yg boleh! :D


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