Friday, June 26, 2009

1 Dress, 365 Days

I came across The Uniform Project from one of my favorite blogs, Karen Cheng. It's a project in which Sheena Matheiken, the blogger, pledged to wear 1 dress for a year as an exercise in sustainable fashion. In other words, she will come up with 365 ways to wear the very same dress (or at least the very same design of dress)! Every day she reinvents a whole new outfit with layers, accessories and other bits and pieces which are mostly vintage and hand-made.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

The project is also to help raising funds for Akanksha Foundation whose main objective is to provide better education for the children of India. What Sheena is doing is awesome, and not to mention creative too. I'm truly inspired.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's travel the world

Remember this pic?

That was us on our honeymoon in Hong Kong, last year. It's one of my many many favorite pics. It's also one of the best places I've been to, besides Europe. I know this may sound corny, but I really miss our honeymoon. I miss everything about it...

Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is located along Victoria Harbour waterfront. It's basically a place to honor Hong Kong's celebrities and film industries which is kind of like the Eastern version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. Star-shaped plaques are set into the promenade with celebrities' names on them.

Symphony of Lights

At night, almost all the buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour are synchronized with decorative lights and laser multimedia display, accompanied by symphonic music - it was spectacular! The pictures just don't do justice. It's actually the biggest permanent lights and sound show in the world!

Star Ferry

According to National Geographic, crossing the Victoria Harbour in Star Ferry is one of the 50 places of a life time! This ferry carries passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The night view is beautiful and romantic too.

Hong Kong Disneyland

This was actually our second time to Disneyland (my first one was Paris; hubby's was California) but I guess the excitement of going to any Disneyland are the same. It brings out the kid in you! There are 4 themed lands, which are Main Street USA, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.

The easiest way to get to Disneyland is via MRT which will take you directly to the Disneyland Resort Station. They even have Disney-themed trains! Now how insanely cute is that?!


If there's only one reason to go to Hong Kong, it would definitely be to shop till you drop! Hong Kong is like "Shoppers' Paradise" - there are a lot of shopping malls, street markets, street mall, designer boutiques, etc at affordable prices. Some of the malls that we managed to go includes Festival Walk, The Landmark, Times Square, Harbour City... and best of all, the Citygate Outlets. There are over 60 international brands at Citygate Outlets alone, with all-year-round discount of up to 70%! If you're a shopaholic, you'll definitely love Hong Kong!

The more "serious" sale season in Hong Kong is actually in the summer, which is around July-August every year. I can't imagine how crazy shopping during that time would be!

You know, if you're planning to go to Hong Kong this year, you can actually get your one-way ticket for only RM428! Malaysia Airlines is currently having Travel Fair which can only mean one thing: affordable tickets! The travel period must be between 29th June - 15th December 2009 btw so start planning your holiday now, people! The Travel Fair has already started a few days ago on the 22nd of June, and will end on the 5th of July 2009.

Of course Hong Kong is not the only available destination; there are lots more! Here are some of the list of destinations with all-inclusive fares from Kuala Lumpur (KUL):

Singapore (SIN) = RM118
Bangkok (BKK) = RM228
Phuket (HKT) = RM228
Jakarta (JKT) = RM228
Surabaya (SUB) = RM198
Medan (MES) = RM198
Ho Chi Minh (SGN) = RM228
Manila (MNL) = RM278
Hanoi (HAN) = RM228

You can check out the booking details and whatnot at Malaysia Airlines website.

Btw, yours truly is in the middle of hasuting her husband to grab this deal! ;p

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of my favorite shops is finally here!

There's this one shop in UK that I really reaally love. It's the shop that Becky Bloomwood gets her Denny & George substitutes. The shop where I would easily make a purchase whenever the "I-want-to-buy-something-but-I-don't-know-what-to-buy" mood strikes.

That shop is Accessorize.

Yesterday after stepping outside of MNG at KLCC, my heart leaped with excitement. There, right in front of me is Accessorize. Accessorize! Could I be dreaming? How (or rather, when) on earth does Accessorize arrives here? I haven't been to KLCC for months and when I came across a new shop in town - and not just any new shop, but my favorite - I was over the moon!

You know the giddy feeling when you step inside your favorite shop? It's like stepping into a wonderland filled with pretty things. Accessorize is a highstreet shop selling... well, accessories! There's necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, scarves, hats, hair pieces, purses, bags, sunglasses, sandals, beachwear, even lingerie. It's impossible not to find something that would satisfy your shopping craving here.

After spending almost half an hour feasting my eyes and hands lusting over the stuff, I picked up a little something for myself.

A set of 3 vintage sequin flower brooches in gold-tone...

And this cute purse with bead and sequin detail, which is perfect to stash inside my handbag bcoz it holds my tiny essentials so I don't have to fumble when looking for them.

I wonder when H&M is coming to Malaysia....


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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Planet for Mom Bloggers

I started blogging somewhere around year 2002. A friend of mine introduced me to the blogging world and since then I was hooked. I knew nothing about blogging, so I had to learn everything on my own (with the help from my friend and the World Wide Web) on how to set up a blog, how to change blog layout, which coding does what, etc etc. It took me weeks just to set up a blog bcoz there were not that many resources to help me with (that, or I didn't know where to look for). Sometimes I would stay up until the wee hours of the mornings with my eyes glued to the laptop screen just to look for blogging-related info!

As years go by, blogging becomes bigger. It's a growing trend and almost everyone now has, or at least, reads a blog. More and more people joined the blogosphere, even moms! To be honest, I have never seen so many mom bloggers before as I have seen 'em now! That's why websites like Mom Bloggers Planet existed - it's a place for moms to unite!

Mom Bloggers Planet is actually a networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms and moms-to-be. You can find a lot of information about blogging here; it provides tips, tools, as well as tutorials. There's info on how to use Blogspot, where to get cool layouts for your blog, how to make money from blogging, and lots more - it's all here!

There are 2 main features in Mom Bloggers Planet. The first one is the BlogDirectory which is a place to get your blog listed. The blogs are listed according to your region (central, east coast, northern, southern, etc), and it's basically a way to get your blog known to others, meet new bloggers and yes, unite!

The other one is MarketPlace. The name says it all - it's a place to market your products. Or if you're looking for specific things, you might want to look for them here. There are various categories including baby kids apparel, toys & books, photo & video, cakes & cuppies, blog & web design, and handbag & jewelry just to name a few.

I already registered my sales blog under the Handbag & Jewelry category btw, but you can't see it yet bcoz it's yet to be approved.

Anyways, one of the exciting things at Mom Bloggers Planet is the Cutest Baby Photo Contest. The recent contest for the month of June is "Cutest Baby in RED".

Each month there will be different theme for the contest so there's something that we mommies can look forward to every month!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Feeling Mushy

"'s not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me? 30 years from now, 40 years from now? What's it look like?..."

Quote from one of my favorite scenes in my most favorite (and only) love movie, The Notebook.

What's your most favorite love movie of all time?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fish 'n' Corntoz

(This is a 48-hour sticky post, scroll down for updates!)

Corntoz is having a competition called "Express Yourself", which is a competition that gives you the opportunity to share with the world how you snack on Corntoz in your own unique way. It may be bizarre or even ugly, but who cares when the rewards for the Top 3 videos are RM8000, RM5000 and RM2000!!

What you need to do is, get your Corntoz in 60g pack from any supermarket or convenient store, go to and record a video of yourself enjoying Corntoz in your own way, or you can upload your pre-recorded video in YouTube and submit the link to your video at

So anyways...

Yours truly thinks the ordinary chips that accompanied the deep-fried fillets of Fish 'n' Chips which she ordered from a room service menu no longer appeals to her, so she decided to give it a twist by replacing the chips with Corntoz.

She chose the Chilli Cheese flavor.
Why?? Bcoz she loves cheese, that's why!

And who would've thought the combination of the crispy Corntoz and creamy mayonnaise are like a match made in heaven?! Yum!

Watch my video and vote for me!

If you too have a unique way of eating Corntoz, start recording your video and upload it at now. Who knows that weird eating style of yours could win you some cash rewards!!!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products

Sometimes great products with great results don't need to cost a fortune. Here are my most favorite drugstore deals, each with a price tag of less than RM30!

1) Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream
This is hands down the best foot cream ever! This cream works like a water magnet that attracts and keeps moisture in the skin. It also contains a rich natural plant source of Essential Fatty Acid which helps to seal in the moisture, and it makes your feet feels as smooth as satin! Altho it says for heel, I use it on my entire foot and it works so great. Apply it before bedtime (if you want greater result, wear socks) and wake up to baby-soft feet!

2) Eubos Hand Repair & Care
I got a sample of this hand cream from a local magazine a few years ago, tried it, and fell in love with it. I like the scent - it reminds me of a perfume I used to have - and most importantly, it moisturizes without so much stickiness.

3) Fasio Point Make-Up Remover
I really love this makeup remover! It works great to remove waterproof mascara and stubborn makeup, and I love the mild floral-like scent. But above all, I love that it doesn't leave the skin feeling oily like most makeup removers do. This is a new version from the one that contains water lily extract - it contains almond oil, safflower seed oil and sunflower seed oil instead. It doesn't sting your eyes as the pH is the same as tears, so that's a bonus!

4) Clean & Clear Oil Control Film
I never touch up my face with powder. Instead, I use this to blot away the oil and shine. It's my savior!

5) Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry (not in the picture)
Moisturizes well, with a hint of color. Love, love the scent - I could almost eat it. Makes kissing more enjoyable too! ;p

What's your favorite drugstore beauty products?


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

MAS Blogger Travel Program

We are going for a holiday trip to The Land Below The Wind next week. MAS offered free tickets for me and my family (as well as some $$$$ to spend there) and I'm so excited! It's gonna be our first ever holiday trip with Ayra. Another reason for the excitement is bcoz I have never been to Sabah before - that's the only place in Malaysia that I've never set my foot in (besides Perlis).

We went to MAS office today to sign some agreements btw, and everything's confirmed. Can't wait! We'll be staying there for 3D2N at a hotel that I've yet to book, and will be departing from KLIA... next Monday! :)

On another different note...

I was invited to attend a special media preview of the movie "Buih-buih Cinta" at Sheraton Imperial Hotel today, but we were caught in a traffic jam for more than 2 hours somewhere nearby KLCC. The event starts at 6pm tapi pukul 7.30 still tak sampai-sampai lagi and there's no way we could make it, so last2 hubby and I decided to go to Pavilion and watch Terminator Salvation instead! It's a good movie, but my husband keeps on mimicking the "This is John Connor" line for a zillion time and it's driving me crazyyy! I thought he wanted me to respond or something, so I said "Hi John", dengan harapan he would stop berlakon jadi John Connor. But no. He laughed for a while and 5 seconds later, he's chanting that line again. I gave up!

I hope he won't be sleep-talking tonight.


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Delectably Cute Cupcakes

I have a little weakness for cute and pretty stuff. Yesterday I finally got the chance to drop by this adorable little cake shop, Delectable, at The Gardens while my husband gets his haircut. I was amazed at the sight of beautiful cakes on display bcoz they don't look like cakes; they're like a piece of art.

Upon entering the shop, a cheery lady greeted me (and my baby) and introduced me to Teddy and Lulu, the cupcakes! Yes, she named her cupcakes - Teddy the teddy bear chocolate cupcake and Lulu the lamb vanilla cupcake. How cute is that? There's another fella, Joe (a rabbit which is a ginger-flavored cupcake), but they were sold out. The cupcakes are selling at RM28 for a box of 3, and altho it is a little pricey for a cupcake, I couldn't resist! Supposedly, each box can only have one 3D cupcake, but since they were closing and I was the last customer of the day, the lady, Su, who is actually the owner of Delectable, gave me two 3D cupcakes (bcoz I asked for them! ;p).

To be honest, I never liked anything fondant and was actually a little reluctant to eat the fondant part of the cupcakes. The first time I tasted fondant was a fondant "Shah Alam Blue Mosque" cake which my dad got as a Hari Raya gift about a decade ago. I still remember the icky taste of it and just the thought makes me shudder.

But Delectable's version of fondant is different. I was ready for whatever the taste was going to be like and was surprised by it. The fondant is soft and not sickeningly sweet; it complements the cake just right. I've tasted something far sweeter than this. As for the cakes, each of them has 3 layers (fondant, cream, cake) with hidden fillings in the center. Now Teddy is a rich and dense chocolatey cake with ganache filling; so rich that it's like stuffing your mouth with chocolates! Well I am a chocoholic, so I like it. The cream layer has a slight coffee-ish taste (if I'm not mistaken, it's Espresso) that you won't even notice it. Lulu is nice too, with vanilla cream and lemon filling inside. I didn't have the heart to eat the 3D Teddy and Lulu tho (I just nibbled one of Teddy's ears) bcoz they're too cute to be eaten, so I'm planning to keep them as my sugary pets ;p

I also bought this cute little pot with ice-cream stick which if I'm not mistaken is called Pots (RM18). It's a melted chocolate which you can eat with cakes, breads, biscuits or even on its own. I prefer to eat it on its own after refrigerating it bcoz it kinda make it tastes like a cross between chocolate pudding and mousse. My husband said it reminds him of Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice-cream tho. Well doesn't really matter how it tastes like, all I know is it is sinfully sedap!

Anyway, Delectable is actually Malaysia's first Designer Cake Studio and they make really beautiful cakes for any occasion - but be ready to fork out a hefty amount of money on one!


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair Salon for Muslimah

The other day while we were heading to Radix Fried Chicken in Sungai Petani to have our lunch, I spotted this one hair salon - De' Touch. It's a nice hair salon with modern-contemporary interior and everything, but what attracted me the most is the mini billboards that say "Kami menyediakan tempat khas untuk Muslimah".

It's like a sign from above! You see, I was in a desperate need of a haircut but the reason why I haven't had one is bcoz it is crazy hard to find a nice decent hair salon for Muslimah in KL, or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. I've cut my hair at an all-female Malay hair salon before and suffice to say that I will never get a haircut at that kind of place ever again. So when I saw it, I decided to get a haircut right then and there.

De' Touch is a 2-storey hair salon and the upper level is reserved specially for Muslimah. There's even a curtain at the entrance which gives more privacy. When I first saw De' Touch, I thought it was owned by Malay bcoz of the Muslimah thingy. But nope, it is owned by Chinese! How considerate is that to provide a place for Muslimah? And the staff (or at least my hairstylist) was nice and friendly too. She didn't insult me when commenting about my hair problem like most hairstylist would.

Like many hair salons, De' Touch uses L'oreal Professional and Kerastase haircare products. The rate is very affordable too; wash and cut with normal shampoo by a Junior Stylist is only RM20. I opted for wash and cut with treatment shampoo by a Senior Stylist for only RM38. After 2 hours of cutting, washing, blow-drying and styling, I was a new woman! The hairstylist gave me almost the exact hairstyle that I wanted (I pointed at a L'oreal Majibrown hair color ads that was in front of me when the hairstylist asked me what kind of hairstyle I wanted - the ads featured a woman with beautiful shoulder-length slightly layered hair with soft locks).

However, there's only one De' Touch Hair Salon and it's in Kedah - that's like 5-6 hours' drive from KL! Nampak gaya kena balik Kedah la everytime nak potong rambut! ;p Or do you know any decent hair salon for Muslimah in KL? Do share!


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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Baby Sitter

We now have a baby sitter for Ayra! And I mean it literally.

Ayra is able to sit with support now and demands to be held in an upright position almost all the time, so my husband and I decided to get Bumbo Baby Seat for her. It's a brilliant infant chair designed according to baby's posture and are suitable for babies who can support their own heads (suggested age: 6 weeks - 14 months). It's made of foam material so it's lightweight and portable - it's one of the things we must bring when traveling!

My baby loves it! She always seemed so happy in there. And it's cute too. Bumbo Baby Seat comes in cute colors including pink, purple, yellow, blue and green. Most importantly, this baby seat is made with the highest safety standards and is approved by Pediatric and Orthopedic, so it's not just some nonsense cute stuff. Some key features of Bumbo Baby Seat:
  • The seat is at a lower level than the leg openings which provides correct support for the lumber area of the vertebral column.
  • Has a favorable orthopedic effect that is important to assist in the correct spinal development of an infant.
  • The Bumbo Sitters' raised leg spaces result in an increased flexibility of the baby's hip and knee joints, which has the benefit of decreasing stress on the baby's spine.
  • The front support won't push the baby's groin but prevent baby from sliding forward.

Anyway, we never put Ayra in a high chair before bcoz we were afraid that she could slipped down or something. But we tried it yesterday and was surprised she can sit up properly!


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The Unplanned Holiday

Guess where I am right now?

At Syuen Hotel, in Ipoh!

The 3 of us and my family in-law had another wedding to attend in Alor Setar on Saturday, so we stayed there for 2 nights. We were supposed to go back to KL today (I mean, on Sunday), but instead of Alor Setar - KL, the route changed to Alor Setar - Sungai Petani (we tried Radix Fried Chicken) - Ipoh. At least for the 3 of us. We could've went back to KL after stopping by at Ipoh, but I had an advertorial to submit by 7th June, which was today (I mean, on Sunday. Whatever - you get what I mean), but there was a massive traffic jam and it was already 10pm. I had less than 2 hours to submit it! There's no way we could reach KL before midnight, so my husband suggested we spend the night in Ipoh. It was an impromptu decision and I did not hesitate eventho I don't have extra clothing (in fact I was pretty excited). Nasib baik ada bilik kosong. My family in-law went back to KL after helping me with my "work".

And so here I am, blogging away at almost 4 o'clock in the morning.
But I've got to go now. I don't want to miss breakfast! ;p

p/s: we have another wedding to attend next weekend, and then the weekend after that. Musim cuti sekolah = musim kawin!


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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Birth Control

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I felt a few subtle kicks in my tummy just a few days ago. Yes, kicks - as in more than once! At first I thought it was just gas. A day later, I felt it again and I was sure it didn't feel like gas, so I sat quietly trying to concentrate on it. I felt the "kick" again. I was stunned. Could I be pregnant? Then all of a sudden, I noticed the pregnancy symptoms. Or at least, I thought they were bcoz lately I am so easily hungry, I gained some weight, I got headaches and just the other night I was nauseous. Sounds like pregnancy symptoms, no?

I haven't had my period since giving birth, but I've heard people get pregnant a few months after giving birth, even without their periods. My mom was pregnant with my sister when I was about 8 months old. But my baby is just turning 6 months, I can't get pregnant now! I just can't! Now don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I really do. And of course I want to have more than one kid, InsyaAllah. But now is just not the right time to get pregnant again after just a few months of having a baby. I am so not ready for a second one.

The only birth control method that I do is breastfeeding and err... this. I didn't opt for IUD or using pills or injections or whatever it is bcoz I wanted the "natural" way (no drugs whatsoever). My husband was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant, but he bought a pregnancy test kit for me anyways. Anddd....

...I'm NOT pregnant, yay!

Okay, so I suppose the "kicks" were just gas. And my weight gain could be bcoz I drink 4-5 glasses of Wyeth Mama with fresh milk daily when the recommended dosage is only 2 glasses a day. Sedap sangat, tu yang sampai bantai 5 gelas sehari! Mana badan tak macam kena pam! ;p
And those headaches must be bcoz I don't get enough sleep. And I'm usually nauseous when I am too hungry. So that explains it.

Anyway, is it advisable to opt for other than the "natural" birth control? Does breastfeeding alone really helps to prevent pregnancy? I'm really concerned bcoz I want my pregnancies to be planned - at least jarak umur 2 tahun.


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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fun In The Sun

It was a bright and cheery Saturday morning. All three of us woke up early to get ready for the Johnson's baby powder 'Jom Main! Family Day'. Nicholas from Nuffnang told me to be there by 10 o'clock, and we arrived there right on the dot.

After registering at the Media Registration counter, I met the other Nuffnang Bloggers who were invited as well - RedMummy and Foxy Farah. I've met RedMummy before, but didn't notice dia ni kecik comel jer orangnya.

I am so fat. Bagai di pump-pump! Blearghh...

And Farah? When I first saw her, I thought to myself "Eh I thought event ni are for those with children..." bcoz she doesn't look like a mom - she looks so young! Turned out, she's one of the Top 10 finalists for the Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award too! I knew I've seen her somewhere before. And she's also a mommy to a 5-going-to-be-6-month-old baby!

So anyways, the Johnson's baby powder 'Jom Main! Family Day' started off with a welcome speech by the Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson, Stanford Guo, followed by the official opening - with bands and balloons and ohh... is that Susan Menon on stage? She's so gorgeous! Anak ramai tapi body still maintain. Haihh...bila body aku nak maintain macam dulu balik nihh... ;p

Ayra tengah mamai bcoz it's her nap time...

...and she finally doze off on her daddy's comfy chest!

I was quite famished by then as I had an early breakfast, so right after the opening ceremony, we dashed to the F&B zone to grab something to eat. One of the great things about being an invited guest is that everything is being sponsored. We got RM20 worth of food and beverage coupons and it was more than enough. There were bihun goreng, nasi goreng, burger, hotdog, french fries, nuggets, popcorn, cotton candy and canned drinks.

Now here comes the most interesting part - the activities and fun zones! There are a few zones, which are:

#1: Bouncing Zone

This is the place for kids to bounce to their hearts' desire on those huge bouncy inflated structures. There are four of those; I wish I could bounce on at least one! Tapi segan sebab semua budak-budak. Kalau Ayra dah besar sikit, boleh join konon-konon nak temankan dia... ;p

Sharifah Shahira was there too, with her kids. And she's pregnant! And guess what, anak dia pun sorang nama Ayra. But not sure which one bcoz macam ramai jer anak dia.

She's so friendly and funny - macam mana kat TV, macam tu la dia. She told us that she's going to Erra Fazira's house later sebab ada cukur jambul anak Erra. Speaking of which, has anyone of you seen Erra's baby pic? I haven't! Mesti comel kan?!

Sharifah Shahira and Sharifah Ayra (still sleeping)

#2: Kite Flying Zone

The kids are each given a piece of thin paper to cut, decorate and turn it into a kite. Once done, they can fly their own kites, up up in the air!

Now this man is fishing...

...for a bee!

#3: Cool Zone

It was getting hot, Ayra has awakened so I put on her sunhat, and off we went to the Cool Zone.

It's only natural and healthy for kids to sweat during playtime, especially in our hot climate. But if the build-up of sweat is left to dry on the skin, it may cause several problems like rashes, body odour, irritable and discomfort. Johnson's baby powder functions like a towel since it absorbs sweat from the body, leaving the skin feeling dry, fresh and comfortable. It's clinically proven safe, gentle and mild to your child's skin. That's why there's the Cool Zone - it's a place to cool down and powder up when you're sweating like nobody's business after rounds of activities. It's actually my favorite zone of all sebab sejuk dan wangi!

There were tables with four different types of Johnson's baby powder to choose from. I tried the new Nourishing with Milk and it smells yummy - like milk! How cool!

#4: Malaysian Games Zone

I was thinking to get one of my hands painted but I didn't see any grown-up with a painted hand or face or even waiting in line, so I gave up the idea of having one. But it looks fun. It's like a makeover. I think I spent the longest time at this zone, watching the kids' faces being painted.

#5: eZone

Right in the middle of the field (okay so it wasn't exactly in the middle, but you get what I mean), there was a tent with tables, chairs anddd... computers! At last, a place for grown-ups to 'play'! ;p

I signed up as a member at Johnson's baby powder 'Jom Main!' website - it's a cute website with lots of info about parenting and kids, updates on latest and upcoming events, and Johnson's baby powder promos. Most importantly, it provides a lot of DIY ideas on how to get your little ones occupied and active during the weekends and school holidays. There's even games for your kids to play online too!

One of the great things about being a member of Johnson's baby powder 'Jom Main!' is you can enjoy great rewards, simply by interacting on the website to collect points for redemption of any of the Johnson's baby products for free! Don't you just love free stuff? :D Well you can check it out yourself at

Speaking of free stuff, I get to choose two out of four Johnson's baby powders for signing up that day, and I chose my favorite Bedtime powder and the new Nourishing Milk powder.

#6: Kids' Challenge Zone

Of all the activity zones, I think this is the most adventurous and not to mention, the most colorful zone! It's an obstacle course where the kids would have to walk, hop and crawl through them before getting to the finishing line.

Meanwhile, these roaming balloon clowns and stilt walkers a.k.a "orang galah" were seen walking around the field. I was quite surprised that my baby didn't cry when they came closer to her. Instead, dia just pandang dengan muka pelik!

This Jom Main! Family Day by Johnson's baby powder is really a great way for children to engage in physical activites, especially since sedentary lifestyle habits in Malaysian children are starting to set in. Parents are getting busier, and children are left with lots of TV and video games. This kind of family event not only lets the children to get physical, but it also gives opportunities for parents to spend more time with them.

It's time to go home. Bye-bye!

By the way, yours truly managed to get a total of 5 Johnson's baby powders and a Johnson's baby shampoo. Thank you Johnson's baby and also Nuffnang for inviting me to this event!

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