Saturday, June 06, 2009

Birth Control

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I felt a few subtle kicks in my tummy just a few days ago. Yes, kicks - as in more than once! At first I thought it was just gas. A day later, I felt it again and I was sure it didn't feel like gas, so I sat quietly trying to concentrate on it. I felt the "kick" again. I was stunned. Could I be pregnant? Then all of a sudden, I noticed the pregnancy symptoms. Or at least, I thought they were bcoz lately I am so easily hungry, I gained some weight, I got headaches and just the other night I was nauseous. Sounds like pregnancy symptoms, no?

I haven't had my period since giving birth, but I've heard people get pregnant a few months after giving birth, even without their periods. My mom was pregnant with my sister when I was about 8 months old. But my baby is just turning 6 months, I can't get pregnant now! I just can't! Now don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I really do. And of course I want to have more than one kid, InsyaAllah. But now is just not the right time to get pregnant again after just a few months of having a baby. I am so not ready for a second one.

The only birth control method that I do is breastfeeding and err... this. I didn't opt for IUD or using pills or injections or whatever it is bcoz I wanted the "natural" way (no drugs whatsoever). My husband was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant, but he bought a pregnancy test kit for me anyways. Anddd....

...I'm NOT pregnant, yay!

Okay, so I suppose the "kicks" were just gas. And my weight gain could be bcoz I drink 4-5 glasses of Wyeth Mama with fresh milk daily when the recommended dosage is only 2 glasses a day. Sedap sangat, tu yang sampai bantai 5 gelas sehari! Mana badan tak macam kena pam! ;p
And those headaches must be bcoz I don't get enough sleep. And I'm usually nauseous when I am too hungry. So that explains it.

Anyway, is it advisable to opt for other than the "natural" birth control? Does breastfeeding alone really helps to prevent pregnancy? I'm really concerned bcoz I want my pregnancies to be planned - at least jarak umur 2 tahun.


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