Monday, June 22, 2009

A Planet for Mom Bloggers

I started blogging somewhere around year 2002. A friend of mine introduced me to the blogging world and since then I was hooked. I knew nothing about blogging, so I had to learn everything on my own (with the help from my friend and the World Wide Web) on how to set up a blog, how to change blog layout, which coding does what, etc etc. It took me weeks just to set up a blog bcoz there were not that many resources to help me with (that, or I didn't know where to look for). Sometimes I would stay up until the wee hours of the mornings with my eyes glued to the laptop screen just to look for blogging-related info!

As years go by, blogging becomes bigger. It's a growing trend and almost everyone now has, or at least, reads a blog. More and more people joined the blogosphere, even moms! To be honest, I have never seen so many mom bloggers before as I have seen 'em now! That's why websites like Mom Bloggers Planet existed - it's a place for moms to unite!

Mom Bloggers Planet is actually a networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms and moms-to-be. You can find a lot of information about blogging here; it provides tips, tools, as well as tutorials. There's info on how to use Blogspot, where to get cool layouts for your blog, how to make money from blogging, and lots more - it's all here!

There are 2 main features in Mom Bloggers Planet. The first one is the BlogDirectory which is a place to get your blog listed. The blogs are listed according to your region (central, east coast, northern, southern, etc), and it's basically a way to get your blog known to others, meet new bloggers and yes, unite!

The other one is MarketPlace. The name says it all - it's a place to market your products. Or if you're looking for specific things, you might want to look for them here. There are various categories including baby kids apparel, toys & books, photo & video, cakes & cuppies, blog & web design, and handbag & jewelry just to name a few.

I already registered my sales blog under the Handbag & Jewelry category btw, but you can't see it yet bcoz it's yet to be approved.

Anyways, one of the exciting things at Mom Bloggers Planet is the Cutest Baby Photo Contest. The recent contest for the month of June is "Cutest Baby in RED".

Each month there will be different theme for the contest so there's something that we mommies can look forward to every month!

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