Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need some advice

Even tho I am not a first-time mom, I still have tons of things that I don't know.

1) How do I know when to discard bottle sterilizer? I have been using Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer everyday for the past 1.7 year and the inside (the bottom part) has turned yellowish, which is kind of gross. The yellowish thing won't go away no matter how hard I scrubbed it off (yea I know you should just descale it but it didn't really work). It still sterilizes just fine tho. Should I continue using it or should I get a new one for my new baby?

2) Is it necessary to get My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow? I never used one before (I just use normal pillow) and didn't seem to have much problem with my breastfeeding position except during the early days, so I'm not sure if I should get one this time. I heard/read a lot of great reviews about it so I'm intrigued. How long can you use it before the baby outgrows it?

3) What's the best cream/ointment for cracked or sore nipples? I used Natural Nipple Butter before and it was fine. I mean, my cracked nipples healed after 2 days of using it. Is that good or is there better ones out there that heals faster?

4) What sort of jamu did you take when you're in confinement? Does it affect your breastfed baby? When I was in confinement, my confinement nanny made the jamu herself using lengkuas, manjakani, something called "kunci" ke apa entah, and other herbs and ingredients which I've forgotten. It tasted quite nice - pedas-pedas manis. She also made me drink air kapur + garam + limau nipis and OMG it was SO awful! It was the most horrible thing I've ever tasted!

Jamu sedap vs. Jamu tak sedap

I'm not sure which one of those drinks affected my baby tho - Ayra had diarrhea and according to my other confinement nanny who was also my midwife (I had 3 confinement nannies btw), jamu tu panas causing Ayra to have diarrhea. I stopped after a week and took DCL Bidadari as recommended by my midwife and Alhamdulillah, it didn't affect my baby. Now I don't know if I should try those set bersalin like Nona Roguy, etc or just take DCL Bidadari like before. What's your take on this?

5) ......

Forgot what else to ask already. Will add more if I could remember.


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amazing Skin with Vaseline

They say the hands (and neck) are the tell-tale sign of a person's age. If so, then how old does my hand tells you?

Please just say my hand looks more "pregnant" than old. ;p

But to be honest, the only skin I've been taking care of is my facial skin. The rest - hands, body, feet - is often neglected. It never occurred to me that facial skin is only a tiny percent from the overall skin that covers our body, yet a lot of women (especially me) seemed to care less about the "bigger" part of the skin. I guess the number one reason would be MALAS, kan? I mean, it's easier to take care of the face since it's only a small part of the skin. The only thing I put on my body is body wash. Of course it's not enough. That's like cleansing your face and not bothering to put on a moisturizer.

I'm glad I was invited to attend Vaseline Amazing Skin event at Villa Manja a few weeks ago because ever since that day, I've been religiously slathering Vaseline lotions (notice the plural) all over my body at least once a day. I want to make it a daily routine, just like my facial skincare. Somebody once told me that if you want to make something a habit, you have to do it everyday for 21 days straight. Lepas tu Insyaallah jadi habit.

Anyways, the event started out with a healthy brunch. They even served drinks that represent each of Vaseline lotions!

So there's yogurt drink which represent the Healthy White lotion, oat + fruit + soy = Total Moisture lotion, apple with aloe and cucumber as the Aloe Cool & Fresh lotion and err I guess the mineral water represent the Intensive Rescue lotion as it has no scent? Heh. Pandai-pandai jer.

My sister, Wani was there too. Yay!
(She ain't taller than me by the way. Dia jengkit! ;p)

Jojo Struys was the emcee of the day.

Then came the most interesting part of the event which was the panel discussion on "Your Skin, Your Story, Your Life". Three panelists from different walks of life were brought together to discuss about the topic.

The panelists were: working mom Zalina Markisan Mecja, TV personality Daphne Iking and blogger Kimberly Cun.

Damn, Daphne Iking is beautiful! I can't take my eyes off her! ;p

From their discussion, I realized how important it is to start caring for our skin as early as possible because we can't turn back time. As we get older, our skin changes and needs more moisturising to retain its elasticity. All you need is a good moisturiser that provides adequate hydration all day long.

Vaseline, a brand that is famous for its petroleum jelly, has been around for over a century. And now they have amazing skin care range designed to meet different skin care needs:

Total Moisture - Ensures ten times more moisturization and protection that is customed for dry skin. This moisturizing lotion is equipped with Vitamin E, soy and oats to infuse sufficient moisture across all layers of skin.

Healthy White - Contains yogurt serum and Vitamin B3 with triple sunscreen protection to replenish skin with a sheer burst of hydration, bringing out the healthy fairness and natural radiance of skin.

Intensive Rescue - Contains Glycerin which instantly triples moisture and Occlusives, which helps to lock moisture in all day. This advanced formula specifically designed to provide prescription strength moisturisation to help heal dry skin.

Aloe Cool & Fresh - Enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extract to deliver refreshing hydration. Its light formula ensures skin is smooth and silky while staying nourished. This is perfect for hot sunny days!

Of all 4 lotions, I noticed I would always reach out for either the Total Moisture or Intensive Rescue. Must be the extra moisturisation thing. I even apply the lotion on my belly because unlike my previous pregnancy, I am now so malas to buy specific oil/lotion for stretchmarks. Sometimes when the weather is too hot, I would apply the Aloe Cool & Fresh lotion. Love the scent!

The event ended with a little pampering session - 15 minutes neck and shoulder massage. Just what I needed!

And a pic with Daphne Iking.
Did I mention she's beautiful and has amazing skin?

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Monday, July 26, 2010

A note to you lovely people

Dear blog readers whose emails I haven't replied to,

I am truly very sorry for not replying your sweet and kind emails. It's not that I don't want to; I just couldn't find the time to reply to each and every email that I received. I did "mark as unread" all the emails that I haven't replied yet and there are 22 emails altogether. I don't know when can I reply to all of those, given my current situation (being heavily pregnant with a toddler and a house to take care of among other things) but I will try my best to find some time to sit down and reply to all of you. I hope you guys understand.

Please know that I love receiving your emails because they really made my day and I appreciate the time you've spent to drop me an email.

The Pink Stilettos.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

When Ayra is not around

The house feels so quiet and empty without my little girl. We left her at my in-laws' house since yesterday so that she could get used to sleeping with them. My due date is about a month's time from now and Ayra will be staying with them for a while when I'm at the hospital so this is like a "training" for her. It's also a chance for me to get a day's off. And we're planning to do it once a week.

Yes sometimes she drives me nuts; throwing tantrums, having meltdowns, turning the house upside down - I just wanted to be left alone! But when she's not around, I miss her terribly.

I spent the entire night looking at her pictures and watching videos of her, from the moment she was born until now. Among all of the videos, this is one of my favorites. It was during the early times when I introduced solid food and I just LOVE seeing baby's facial expression when given sour food!

I think that was pureed pear and apple. I remembered she didn't like it at all!

God, I miss her.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peach-Mango Baked Custard

A couple of weeks ago while waiting for my turn at the clinic for my pregnancy check up, I browsed through Health & Beauty magazine and came across a really simple dessert recipe. I snapped a pic of the recipe with my iPhone (gotta love technology, huh) and decided to try it the next day.

It's actually Baked Orange Custard but I don't have orange juice (nor the fruit), so I substituted it with mango juice instead and changed the name to Peach-Mango Baked Custard. Why peach? You'll see...

3 eggs
1/4 cup caster sugar
1/4 cup mango juice
400g Nestle Set Yogurt
2 1/2 tbsp plain flour

Beat eggs and sugar until thick. Whisk in mango juice, Nestle Set Yogurt and plain flour.
Then transfer the mixture into a pie dish (or you can use ramekins).

Bake for about an hour at 150 degrees Celsius. You know it's ready when you insert a knife at the edge of the custard and it comes out clean.

The baked custard didn't look that appealing tho. It was so plain and looks more like a pizza base than a dessert so I decided to give it a little "makeover".

I spread some whipped cream on top...

Err...can anyone tell me why my whipped cream is not so smooth?
Or is it supposed to be like that?

I also happened to have a can of sliced peaches and decided to arrange them. It was a little comot tho. Maybe I should really drain the peaches first. Oh well.

But it looks a lot better now. And it's yummier when served chilled!


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gymboree, anyone?

I'm thinking of opening another Gymboree order as some of you have missed it previously and had been asking me to announce it here if I want to shop at again. They are still having sale (yay!) - this time up to 60% and there's a buy 1 get 1 50% off jeans promotion (which I'm not sure until when tho). Have a look-see at

If you're interested to shop with me, do drop me an email at with necessary info (please refer to this entry). I will use a different shipping address this time, hoping to avoid getting taxed and whatnot.

I'm not gonna take as many orders as previously so once it has reached my limit, I will close the order right away (will update anything here). Thanks!



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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Road Signs

I wonder what it's like if there were road signs and signboards like these on the streets.

SHOP instead of STOP ;p

Saw this at Cotton On Pavilion while queuing up at the cashier and couldn't help myself from smiling.


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Crab in a Mussel

A couple of days ago, I met up with a dear friend of mine and we decided to have lunch at Dome Cafe. I ordered my favorite Spicy Olio Pasta, and recommended my other favorite pasta, the Creamy Seafood Pasta to my friend.

We chatted and laughed, and soon our food arrived. We dug in our plates like hungry piranhas - or at least I did. My friend makan dengan penuh sopan-santun!

Halfway through our meals, I saw my friend "digging" something out of the mussel...

and she took out a baby crab! I was like, whoa!! How did it get in there?

It was almost like the mussel was pregnant with a baby crab - which of course didn't make any sense. I was jakun for a minute. I have never seen a crab that small! And especially one that came out of a mussel!

At first I thought the mussel must have eaten the crab, which is why it was found in its stomach (or whatever it is called). The poor baby crab! But it turned out that the crab actually "lives" inside the mussel and gets food, oxygen, "shelter" and everything from the mussel. It's a parasite! (I googled that). And no, it's not a baby crab. It's called a 'Pea Crab' because of the obvious reason: it's just the size of a pea.

So maybe that explains why some mussels taste a bit weird and slightly crunchy.
Must be the pea crabs! Eww.


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2nd Batch is Up!

New and pre-loved items on sale - clutches, belts, necklaces, bangles and yes, a few more clothes.

Visit my blogshop at now!
(Please email me directly to place your orders).


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I were a cat, I'd be a Persian

Took this quiz on iVillage just for the fun of it. Wasn't surprised with the result. I've always known I would be a Persian if I were a cat... because I'm shy and "pendiam" just like them! Meow~ ;p

"The Persian is a relaxed observer. She quietly takes in the details of her surroundings and is happiest in her role as a spectator. The Persian will gladly accept affection, but does not often seek it out. Her loving and patient nature makes her an ideal housemate while her stress-free nature will allow her to make friends with whoever stops by. The Persian's greatest pastime is grooming her thick, tangle-prone fur, but it's worth the effort, because she always looks fabulous".

(ok except for the last part because I don't always look fabulous).

My husband is a cat-lover. He used to have a cat named Abby. She died almost a decade ago. Every now and then my husband would talk about Abby - Abby itu, Abby ini... It's almost like Abby was his girlfriend. It's a good thing I like cats too (and used to have cats). And I like guys who like cats. I read in a magazine; it says guys who like cats are romantic/penyayang. Betul kot (but hey, what about girls who like cats ha?).

Earlier today, we dropped by Ijai's house to visit his new feline babies. Ok, a little bit intro about Ijai. Ijai adalah kekasih gelap suamiku yang sangat obses dengan kucing. He has like, I don't know... 20 cats maybe? (We went to support him and his cats at the International Cat Show 2 years ago, and also just recently). Oh, and he blogs. If you have never read his blog, go read. His blog is like the funniest blog I've ever read (hoh lepas ni Ijai makin femes. Sila bagi royalty ;p). If my husband suddenly bursts into laughter in the middle of the night, I know he's reading his blog.

Anyways, these are his new kittens. And they are Persians!
Comel sangat tolongggg...

Meet Lil Megatron!

And his other cat who doesn't have a name yet.
But let's call him Jacob Black, shall we? ;D
(I so want a pet wolf!)

Tapi Jacob ni pemalu ya rabbi. Asyik menyorok jer.

Walaupon Ayra takut dengan Uncle Ijai, tapi Ayra suka kucing-kucing dia.

Dan juga suka tarik telinga kucing.

I used to really want a cat of my own. But that changes after having babies.
Now I want a wolf as a pet. Boleh tak? Comel lagi gagah perkasa (eh eh I'm not talking about Jacob Twilight ok).


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shortest Holiday Trip

We took a short trip down south to Johor Bahru last weekend. My husband had a meeting with a client of his and I decided to tag along because it would be my only chance to go on "holiday" before the baby pops out. It was the shortest holiday ever!

Hubby will always let me choose which hotel to stay in sebab dia tak mahu bertanggungjawab kalau hotel yg dipilih turned out tak best. Dia tukang reserve dan bayar. I'm not really fussy when it comes to choosing hotel tho. I mean, it doesn't need to be a lavish 5-star hotel (although that would be really nice). I just want a nice hotel with nice deco and interior (modern contemporary would be a bonus) and a tub. And preferably a king-sized bed since the three of us are bedmates now. You know, somewhere nicer than my own room.

Ok so maybe I am a little bit fussy when it comes to that. Are you?

Anyways, we stayed at Thistle Hotel (formerly Hyatt Regency Hotel). It's a fully refurbished hotel with nice interior and everything...

But they don't have WiFi! There is high-speed internet access but you have to pay for it.

The first thing we did when we reached JB was... finding a place to have lunch! I asked for suggestions on twitter and most of my followers suggested Restoran Singgah Selalu, so we decided to give it a try (gotta love Twitter!).

There were a lot of choices of lauk-pauk.

And like, 20 kinds of fish!
Ok I'm exaggerating. But it was a lot. Rambang mata.

Had kuah masak lemak, ikan keli bakar, kerabu mangga,
sayur apa entah (but I love it) and sambal belacan.

Hubby went for his meeting after lunch, leaving the both of us at the hotel and I was thinking of resting and taking a nap since I didn't get enough sleep the night before. But Ayra was too busy exploring the hotel room; lari sana sini, masuk keluar bathroom, checking out the closet, tong sampah and drawers, testing out the phone, main langsir, bed runner, etc. Ahh kids!

She took the hotel bed runner and draped herself in it.

At last she managed to sit still watching some cartoons on the telly.

But not long after that, hubby was back and it was already 6pm. So off we went for a swim!

I didn't want to bring my bag because I was afraid it would get wet so I wore my Marshmallow Envirosax bag to the pool. I told you it's useful not only for groceries!

In case you're wondering why I looked kinda pale, it's because I wasn't wearing any makeup.
And I didn't get enough sleep, remember? ;p

Back at the hotel, Ayra had bubble bath with me
(and she had a taste of the bubbles!)

She used to call bubble, "bubba bubba".
But now she knows how to pronounce it right: Babel.

Then came the next mission to find food for dinner. We went to Danga Bay street mall... but there was nothing interesting. Spent almost an hour there, looking for some place to eat.

It was 9-ish pm and I was tired and famished and almost cranky (I hate to be cranky on holiday) so we went to Restoran Singgah Selalu again sebab malas dah nak cari and because it was quite near to our hotel. The place is more happening at night.

And we discovered a play room! How genius!

I think all restaurants should have a play room/area for kids supaya tak kacau parents nak makan. It's really challenging to bring Ayra to any makan place now coz she can only sit at the table for a good 5 minutes. Lepas tu mula throw tantrums (and throw everything else that she could get her hands on).

So while Ayra was happily playing, we had our dinner in peace. We opted for the 3-4 persons meal set because I wanted sotong goreng and sayur kailan. I was too hungry to choose the lauk from the long list of menus. Amik set terus senang. Hee.

The food was okay. It would have been better if the Sup Rumpai Laut
is replaced with Tom Yam.

The next day we checked out, went to Jusco Tebrau City, did a bit of shopping and head back to KL (didn't wanna miss the Maybank Treats Fair at MV ;p).


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