Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shortest Holiday Trip

We took a short trip down south to Johor Bahru last weekend. My husband had a meeting with a client of his and I decided to tag along because it would be my only chance to go on "holiday" before the baby pops out. It was the shortest holiday ever!

Hubby will always let me choose which hotel to stay in sebab dia tak mahu bertanggungjawab kalau hotel yg dipilih turned out tak best. Dia tukang reserve dan bayar. I'm not really fussy when it comes to choosing hotel tho. I mean, it doesn't need to be a lavish 5-star hotel (although that would be really nice). I just want a nice hotel with nice deco and interior (modern contemporary would be a bonus) and a tub. And preferably a king-sized bed since the three of us are bedmates now. You know, somewhere nicer than my own room.

Ok so maybe I am a little bit fussy when it comes to that. Are you?

Anyways, we stayed at Thistle Hotel (formerly Hyatt Regency Hotel). It's a fully refurbished hotel with nice interior and everything...

But they don't have WiFi! There is high-speed internet access but you have to pay for it.

The first thing we did when we reached JB was... finding a place to have lunch! I asked for suggestions on twitter and most of my followers suggested Restoran Singgah Selalu, so we decided to give it a try (gotta love Twitter!).

There were a lot of choices of lauk-pauk.

And like, 20 kinds of fish!
Ok I'm exaggerating. But it was a lot. Rambang mata.

Had kuah masak lemak, ikan keli bakar, kerabu mangga,
sayur apa entah (but I love it) and sambal belacan.

Hubby went for his meeting after lunch, leaving the both of us at the hotel and I was thinking of resting and taking a nap since I didn't get enough sleep the night before. But Ayra was too busy exploring the hotel room; lari sana sini, masuk keluar bathroom, checking out the closet, tong sampah and drawers, testing out the phone, main langsir, bed runner, etc. Ahh kids!

She took the hotel bed runner and draped herself in it.

At last she managed to sit still watching some cartoons on the telly.

But not long after that, hubby was back and it was already 6pm. So off we went for a swim!

I didn't want to bring my bag because I was afraid it would get wet so I wore my Marshmallow Envirosax bag to the pool. I told you it's useful not only for groceries!

In case you're wondering why I looked kinda pale, it's because I wasn't wearing any makeup.
And I didn't get enough sleep, remember? ;p

Back at the hotel, Ayra had bubble bath with me
(and she had a taste of the bubbles!)

She used to call bubble, "bubba bubba".
But now she knows how to pronounce it right: Babel.

Then came the next mission to find food for dinner. We went to Danga Bay street mall... but there was nothing interesting. Spent almost an hour there, looking for some place to eat.

It was 9-ish pm and I was tired and famished and almost cranky (I hate to be cranky on holiday) so we went to Restoran Singgah Selalu again sebab malas dah nak cari and because it was quite near to our hotel. The place is more happening at night.

And we discovered a play room! How genius!

I think all restaurants should have a play room/area for kids supaya tak kacau parents nak makan. It's really challenging to bring Ayra to any makan place now coz she can only sit at the table for a good 5 minutes. Lepas tu mula throw tantrums (and throw everything else that she could get her hands on).

So while Ayra was happily playing, we had our dinner in peace. We opted for the 3-4 persons meal set because I wanted sotong goreng and sayur kailan. I was too hungry to choose the lauk from the long list of menus. Amik set terus senang. Hee.

The food was okay. It would have been better if the Sup Rumpai Laut
is replaced with Tom Yam.

The next day we checked out, went to Jusco Tebrau City, did a bit of shopping and head back to KL (didn't wanna miss the Maybank Treats Fair at MV ;p).


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