Sunday, July 25, 2010

When Ayra is not around

The house feels so quiet and empty without my little girl. We left her at my in-laws' house since yesterday so that she could get used to sleeping with them. My due date is about a month's time from now and Ayra will be staying with them for a while when I'm at the hospital so this is like a "training" for her. It's also a chance for me to get a day's off. And we're planning to do it once a week.

Yes sometimes she drives me nuts; throwing tantrums, having meltdowns, turning the house upside down - I just wanted to be left alone! But when she's not around, I miss her terribly.

I spent the entire night looking at her pictures and watching videos of her, from the moment she was born until now. Among all of the videos, this is one of my favorites. It was during the early times when I introduced solid food and I just LOVE seeing baby's facial expression when given sour food!

I think that was pureed pear and apple. I remembered she didn't like it at all!

God, I miss her.


She slipped off her pink stilettos at 12:00 PM |