Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need some advice

Even tho I am not a first-time mom, I still have tons of things that I don't know.

1) How do I know when to discard bottle sterilizer? I have been using Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer everyday for the past 1.7 year and the inside (the bottom part) has turned yellowish, which is kind of gross. The yellowish thing won't go away no matter how hard I scrubbed it off (yea I know you should just descale it but it didn't really work). It still sterilizes just fine tho. Should I continue using it or should I get a new one for my new baby?

2) Is it necessary to get My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow? I never used one before (I just use normal pillow) and didn't seem to have much problem with my breastfeeding position except during the early days, so I'm not sure if I should get one this time. I heard/read a lot of great reviews about it so I'm intrigued. How long can you use it before the baby outgrows it?

3) What's the best cream/ointment for cracked or sore nipples? I used Natural Nipple Butter before and it was fine. I mean, my cracked nipples healed after 2 days of using it. Is that good or is there better ones out there that heals faster?

4) What sort of jamu did you take when you're in confinement? Does it affect your breastfed baby? When I was in confinement, my confinement nanny made the jamu herself using lengkuas, manjakani, something called "kunci" ke apa entah, and other herbs and ingredients which I've forgotten. It tasted quite nice - pedas-pedas manis. She also made me drink air kapur + garam + limau nipis and OMG it was SO awful! It was the most horrible thing I've ever tasted!

Jamu sedap vs. Jamu tak sedap

I'm not sure which one of those drinks affected my baby tho - Ayra had diarrhea and according to my other confinement nanny who was also my midwife (I had 3 confinement nannies btw), jamu tu panas causing Ayra to have diarrhea. I stopped after a week and took DCL Bidadari as recommended by my midwife and Alhamdulillah, it didn't affect my baby. Now I don't know if I should try those set bersalin like Nona Roguy, etc or just take DCL Bidadari like before. What's your take on this?

5) ......

Forgot what else to ask already. Will add more if I could remember.


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