Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I were a cat, I'd be a Persian

Took this quiz on iVillage just for the fun of it. Wasn't surprised with the result. I've always known I would be a Persian if I were a cat... because I'm shy and "pendiam" just like them! Meow~ ;p

"The Persian is a relaxed observer. She quietly takes in the details of her surroundings and is happiest in her role as a spectator. The Persian will gladly accept affection, but does not often seek it out. Her loving and patient nature makes her an ideal housemate while her stress-free nature will allow her to make friends with whoever stops by. The Persian's greatest pastime is grooming her thick, tangle-prone fur, but it's worth the effort, because she always looks fabulous".

(ok except for the last part because I don't always look fabulous).

My husband is a cat-lover. He used to have a cat named Abby. She died almost a decade ago. Every now and then my husband would talk about Abby - Abby itu, Abby ini... It's almost like Abby was his girlfriend. It's a good thing I like cats too (and used to have cats). And I like guys who like cats. I read in a magazine; it says guys who like cats are romantic/penyayang. Betul kot (but hey, what about girls who like cats ha?).

Earlier today, we dropped by Ijai's house to visit his new feline babies. Ok, a little bit intro about Ijai. Ijai adalah kekasih gelap suamiku yang sangat obses dengan kucing. He has like, I don't know... 20 cats maybe? (We went to support him and his cats at the International Cat Show 2 years ago, and also just recently). Oh, and he blogs. If you have never read his blog, go read. His blog is like the funniest blog I've ever read (hoh lepas ni Ijai makin femes. Sila bagi royalty ;p). If my husband suddenly bursts into laughter in the middle of the night, I know he's reading his blog.

Anyways, these are his new kittens. And they are Persians!
Comel sangat tolongggg...

Meet Lil Megatron!

And his other cat who doesn't have a name yet.
But let's call him Jacob Black, shall we? ;D
(I so want a pet wolf!)

Tapi Jacob ni pemalu ya rabbi. Asyik menyorok jer.

Walaupon Ayra takut dengan Uncle Ijai, tapi Ayra suka kucing-kucing dia.

Dan juga suka tarik telinga kucing.

I used to really want a cat of my own. But that changes after having babies.
Now I want a wolf as a pet. Boleh tak? Comel lagi gagah perkasa (eh eh I'm not talking about Jacob Twilight ok).


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