Friday, July 31, 2009

Pretty Prints

Aren't baby girls clothing the cutest? They're like the human version of doll clothes that we used to play when we were little.

I'm loving these cutesies from Gap. Floral, stripes, polka-dot, embroidery, animal prints. I love the bold and vibrant patterns.

And these black-and-white are so chic, I wish they come in adult size as well!


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Cloud Nine

The other day I went to Alexis to satisfy my hankering for their Mixed Fruit Meringue, only to be told that it wasn't available. The sole reason why I went there was to have that particular dessert, so I was pretty much devastated. The waiter suggested Pavlova instead and I just said "okay" without bothering to ask what kind of dessert it was, like I always did. I guess I wasn't in the mood for desserts anymore. But the minute the waiter was gone, I went like "Wait a minute... Is Pavlova similar to Baklava? I don't like Baklava!" (Pavlova and Baklava kind of sound the same, no?).

The waiter was nowhere to be seen and a few minutes later, he appeared with a tray in hand, heading towards my table. I wanted to cancel my order but then I saw it. First I saw the red strawberries. Then I saw the whitish and creamy stuff. Why does it looks so familiar?

As the waiter puts down the plate in front of me, my eyes lit up. "Is this the Mixed Fruit Meringue? I thought dah habis?", I asked.

"No, this is Pavlova. It's almost the same like Meringue", said the waiter. I was as happy as a clam!

My favorite dessert in the world

I couldn't tell the difference between Pavlova and Meringue tho. They are so similar as Pavlova is actually a meringue dessert. It's a cake of meringue with crispy crust, whipping cream and soft pillowy base that's out of this world. Eating it reminds me of clouds... soft and fluffy. It's an enchanting dessert that literally melts in your mouth.

Some interesting fact about Pavlova: it is named after Anna Pavlova, a famous Russion ballet dancer. Isn't it flattering to have something named after you?

p/s: I wonder if Marc Jacobs is ever gonna name one of his line of bags as "Iza", like he did for MBMJ Faridah bag. LOL.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

I can't believe how time flies

My friend, Noreen, had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago. We attended her son's aqiqah ceremony yesterday and goshhh... now I only realized how small newborn babies are.

The beautiful babies

I can't believe how much my baby has grown from a tiny, helpless, sleep-all-day baby to the little rascal she is now! And she's turning 8 months in just a few days' time. 8 months! That's another 4 months before she hits her first birthday and turns into a toddler. Rasa macam baru lagi habis pantang!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Girl and Her Headband

My baby can only wear a headband no longer than 3 seconds. This is what usually happens...


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Milking time = Movie time

It is a routine of mine to pump my milk in the middle of the night while watching downloaded movies on my laptop. It helps me to stay awake and I need that bcoz my pumping session would sometimes take up to 2 hours to fill the bottles to the brim since my factory doesn't really produce that much milk. I get frustrated seeing the slow flow of my milk (which is not good bcoz you can't produce a lot of milk when you're stressed, no?) so I figured the only way to distract myself is by watching a movie. A non-stressing movie that is, so I'd usually go for romantic comedy or romance movies. It somehow worked.

So anyways, the other day while I was searching for more movies to be downloaded, I came across this awesome movie on Youtube (I usually watch the trailers first before downloading them). It's the The Time Traveler's Wife.

I don't know if it's bcoz of Rachel McAdams (love her!) but this movie kind of reminds me of The Notebook. I'm itching to watch it! It's based on a best-selling novel anyway and I am so gonna get the book! This movie will only be released here in October. Lambat lagi!

Anyway, what is the name of the song... Does anyone know?


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Be Fit with Be Yoga

Remember this post where I mentioned at the very last part about wanting to take up yoga class? Well I never did manage to get my lazy bum to go anywhere near a workout center. It was kind of like a wishful thinking bcoz... I don't know. Perhaps I was waiting for the opportunity to fall into my lap or something.

But guess what? It did! It fell literally into my lap. (Well I check my email using a laptop! ;p)

You see, the yoga instructor herself, Ninie Ahmad, who is also the Yoga Ambassador for adidas Malaysia, invited me along with other selected Bloggers for Bloggers' Special Yoga Session to experience yoga first-hand at Be Yoga - a state-of-the-art yoga sanctuary founded by her. Be Yoga is located at the heart of Damansara Perdana and altho it was quite far from my place, I couldn't let this opportunity to slip away!

So there I was with my sister, Wani, on a fine Sunday morning. Each of us were allowed to bring one guest by the way, so I brought her (ok it was actually the other way round coz she was the one driving ;p).

Upon entering Be Yoga, we were greeted by Ninie and her yoga partner - not in person, but in a silhouette-like carving of them in a yoga pose right in the middle of the entrance floor. I must say, it's one of the most unique logos I've ever seen!

Be Yoga's interior design is a mixture of zen and modern contemporary. It gives a calm and tranquility feeling in an industrial-minimalist ambiance and eco-friendly environment. Ninie told us that she picked all of the furniture herself. Nice!

I like this sofa set. Where did you get it again, Ninie? ;p

Even the candlestick is in a yoga-ish pose.

Be Yoga offers almost 50 classes of Yoga and Pilates weekly which include Yoga Dance, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yogilates. There are 3 spacious studios complete with Hot Yoga, restroom and wireless Internet facilities. Speaking of Internet, Be Yoga is a pioneer in online-booking classes thru their website in support of paperless environment.

The studio

The restroom

Ok, back to the yoga session. The session that we did is to help boost immunity system to fight airborne virus and common cold. There's a few sequence of poses and each pose has specific physical benefits. The restorative poses and forward bends for example, helps to calm the nervous system which helps to reduce all-over-body stress.

Some of the poses that we did were:

Sun Salutation (Image source)

Cobra Pose (Image source)

Table Pose (Image source)

Child Pose (Image source)

and the hardest of them all (at least to me)...

Shoulderstand Pose (Image source)

This pose actually helps to improve the flow of lymph and immune cells through the body. It increases the passive circulation of the lympathic system that's responsible for the production and circulation of the immune cells to defend the body from viruses and bacterias. Everyone seemed to be able to do the Shoulderstand Pose except for me and my sister. Buntot kami berat sangat kot! LOL.

I used to think yoga is a "lemah-lembut" physical activity and never thought one would be drenched in sweat after just 15 minutes of yoga-ing! But despite the painful and pretzel-looking poses, I learnt that yoga is simply about breathing right, keeping a correct posture and honouring our body. Most importantly, no chanting nor worshipping is involved in this yoga.

“Tanggalkan yang bertentangan sahaja, samada pergerakan, bacaan atau kepercayaan. Kekalkan pergerakan yoga yang baik untuk kesihatan.

Sekiranya ada kelebihan dari segi kesihatan dan ianya memanfaatkan, itu boleh dikekalkan.

Pergerakan manusia itu tidak semestinya berkaitan dengan agama. Sama seperti amalan judo, misalnya. Apa yang tidak sesuai, dihapuskan saja dan diambil manfaatnya. Kita kekalkan pergerakan yang memanfaatkan badan”.


I wonder how many yoga sessions it takes to be able to do that pose.

Refreshment - chicken and egg sandwiches

Group photo. See the guy in red?
That's Huai Bin. And yes, yoga is not only for women!

Nina, Chics, myself and Wani.

And here's a special pose with Ninie for my readers! Takde la special mana, but it took me a few attemps to finally be able to do it without wobbling (I was just too exhausted from pretzelling myself! ;p).

Be Yoga opens daily from 7am to 9.30pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 5pm on weekends and public holidays. It's the place to begin or resume your yoga practice with Malaysia's best yoga teachers!


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kota Kinabalu Trip: Day 3

(Continuation from Day 2)

We were totally knackered after spending the whole day at the beach, so the next day we just lazed around in our hotel room. The night before, we planned to go to the zoo but since we had to be at the airport by 2pm (our flight was at 4.15pm), we decided to cancel it bcoz takut rushing sangat. Plus, I need to get a good rest; my whole body was aching as a result of carrying Ayra. At only 6-ish kg I no longer larat to carry her lama-lama!

Around noon, we went out to have one final round at Warisan Square before having lunch. As I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, Warisan Square is located at the heart of the city - just opposite the Waterfront. I like Warisan Square more than 1Borneo tho bcoz of its "street mall" concept. Among the shops and boutiques available are Esprit, Quiksilver, Roxy, Charles & Keith, FOS, Sasa, as well as Starbucks and San Francisco Coffee.

Warisan Square at night (pics taken the night before).

We decided to have our lunch at Fish & Co and believe it or not, it was our first time there.

It's quite similar to Manhattan Fish Market and I'm not sure which one I like more... but I think I prefer Fish & Co bcoz their Seafood Platter For Two has more prawns. I love prawns!

And their Chocolate shake is yummehh too. I ordered Pink Passion mocktail bcoz I wanted something fruity (it's a fusion of pineapple, cranberry, orange and honey) but it wasn't as delectable as the name sounds. Juice Works punya Pink Passion lagi sedap.

Right after lunch, we checked out and took a cab to the airport. This is my least favorite part when traveling - the going-back part.


Colorful seats

This little girl refused to sit in the bassinet!

We were served Seafood Pasta on board. Yum!

Overall trip to KK was fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I wish our trip was longer tho. 3 days is definitely tak puas! Anyways if you want to go to KK, you can book your flight now bcoz the one-way ticket to KK is only RM99! And it's inclusive of everything! (for detailed info, click here).

Thank you MAS for sponsoring the tickets! It has always been a pleasure flying with you guys! :)


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flu medicine makes me snappy

The horrid green lozenges. The color reminds me of The Incredible Hulk.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been on a sluggish mode lately bcoz I was and still am not in the pinkest of health. I have a lot of things to blog about, and not to mention my homeblogworks as well, but... is it just me or does your head gets stuffy and blocked when you have flu? It's almost impossible to think straight, let alone write... and the medications given by the doctor just makes me even more sluggish, and it's like I'm functioning on autopilot or something.

Speaking of doctor, I was told to avoid direct contact with my baby. Like how is that possible? I am the one who's looking after her - I do everything from feeding to diaper-changing to playing to everything. And I kiss her like a thousand times a day. I tried wearing a mask but I find it hard to breathe and almost suffocate in it. My baby finds it funny tho. She laughed at the sight of her mask-wearing mommy, and as much as I love seeing her laughing, I can only wear it for a good 10 minutes.

But looking after your baby when you're all drowsy and light-headed requires a high level of patience and I don't know any mommies who can do it without getting irritated and snappy. I took those medicines at 10am this morning, and at 3pm I was still drowsy! Imagine trying to soothe your cranky baby while you're "lalok". You end up being cranky as well. Not good. I'm sick of being sick. And if there's one reason why I want this sakit to go away, it would be for my baby. Bcoz I am not and can't be a good mother when I'm sick.



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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tickle Me

Whenever I'm not in the best of mood, there's only one thing that can totally cheer me up.
It's my baby (when she's not crying of course).

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching your baby doing all sorts of things. Smiling, laughing, jabbering, rolling over, toe-sucking (my favorite!), sleeping, even sucking on my iPhone. No wonder they're called "bundle of joy". They simply bring joy to life!

Ayra just turned 7 months. Altho I've started giving her baby food, she doesn't seem to be gaining much weight. But I am no longer worried bcoz the doctor said she is a healthy baby and has a strong and firm body. Berkat susu badan kot. She is showing early signs of crawling too - she can sit without support, she rocks back and forth on all four, and suka menyondol. And she is more active than ever! Diaper time especially after bathing is the most challenging time bcoz she would roll over the minute I placed her on the bed. Gerammm! And then the other day (well, a few weeks ago actually) I caught her grabbing the side-rail of her cot to stand up. It makes her so happy, like she's on top of the world or something, so I just let her be. Whatever makes you happy, baby. But now I have to watch her like a hawk.

p/s: Notice the new watermark stamping? ;p


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