Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kota Kinabalu Trip: Day 3

(Continuation from Day 2)

We were totally knackered after spending the whole day at the beach, so the next day we just lazed around in our hotel room. The night before, we planned to go to the zoo but since we had to be at the airport by 2pm (our flight was at 4.15pm), we decided to cancel it bcoz takut rushing sangat. Plus, I need to get a good rest; my whole body was aching as a result of carrying Ayra. At only 6-ish kg I no longer larat to carry her lama-lama!

Around noon, we went out to have one final round at Warisan Square before having lunch. As I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, Warisan Square is located at the heart of the city - just opposite the Waterfront. I like Warisan Square more than 1Borneo tho bcoz of its "street mall" concept. Among the shops and boutiques available are Esprit, Quiksilver, Roxy, Charles & Keith, FOS, Sasa, as well as Starbucks and San Francisco Coffee.

Warisan Square at night (pics taken the night before).

We decided to have our lunch at Fish & Co and believe it or not, it was our first time there.

It's quite similar to Manhattan Fish Market and I'm not sure which one I like more... but I think I prefer Fish & Co bcoz their Seafood Platter For Two has more prawns. I love prawns!

And their Chocolate shake is yummehh too. I ordered Pink Passion mocktail bcoz I wanted something fruity (it's a fusion of pineapple, cranberry, orange and honey) but it wasn't as delectable as the name sounds. Juice Works punya Pink Passion lagi sedap.

Right after lunch, we checked out and took a cab to the airport. This is my least favorite part when traveling - the going-back part.


Colorful seats

This little girl refused to sit in the bassinet!

We were served Seafood Pasta on board. Yum!

Overall trip to KK was fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I wish our trip was longer tho. 3 days is definitely tak puas! Anyways if you want to go to KK, you can book your flight now bcoz the one-way ticket to KK is only RM99! And it's inclusive of everything! (for detailed info, click here).

Thank you MAS for sponsoring the tickets! It has always been a pleasure flying with you guys! :)


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