Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flu medicine makes me snappy

The horrid green lozenges. The color reminds me of The Incredible Hulk.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been on a sluggish mode lately bcoz I was and still am not in the pinkest of health. I have a lot of things to blog about, and not to mention my homeblogworks as well, but... is it just me or does your head gets stuffy and blocked when you have flu? It's almost impossible to think straight, let alone write... and the medications given by the doctor just makes me even more sluggish, and it's like I'm functioning on autopilot or something.

Speaking of doctor, I was told to avoid direct contact with my baby. Like how is that possible? I am the one who's looking after her - I do everything from feeding to diaper-changing to playing to everything. And I kiss her like a thousand times a day. I tried wearing a mask but I find it hard to breathe and almost suffocate in it. My baby finds it funny tho. She laughed at the sight of her mask-wearing mommy, and as much as I love seeing her laughing, I can only wear it for a good 10 minutes.

But looking after your baby when you're all drowsy and light-headed requires a high level of patience and I don't know any mommies who can do it without getting irritated and snappy. I took those medicines at 10am this morning, and at 3pm I was still drowsy! Imagine trying to soothe your cranky baby while you're "lalok". You end up being cranky as well. Not good. I'm sick of being sick. And if there's one reason why I want this sakit to go away, it would be for my baby. Bcoz I am not and can't be a good mother when I'm sick.



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