Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tickle Me

Whenever I'm not in the best of mood, there's only one thing that can totally cheer me up.
It's my baby (when she's not crying of course).

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching your baby doing all sorts of things. Smiling, laughing, jabbering, rolling over, toe-sucking (my favorite!), sleeping, even sucking on my iPhone. No wonder they're called "bundle of joy". They simply bring joy to life!

Ayra just turned 7 months. Altho I've started giving her baby food, she doesn't seem to be gaining much weight. But I am no longer worried bcoz the doctor said she is a healthy baby and has a strong and firm body. Berkat susu badan kot. She is showing early signs of crawling too - she can sit without support, she rocks back and forth on all four, and suka menyondol. And she is more active than ever! Diaper time especially after bathing is the most challenging time bcoz she would roll over the minute I placed her on the bed. Gerammm! And then the other day (well, a few weeks ago actually) I caught her grabbing the side-rail of her cot to stand up. It makes her so happy, like she's on top of the world or something, so I just let her be. Whatever makes you happy, baby. But now I have to watch her like a hawk.

p/s: Notice the new watermark stamping? ;p


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