Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stila stuff

When it comes to buying makeup, I will always prefer the ones that come in a set bcoz you'll get lotsa stuff in one go and actually save lots too, so when I came across this Color Festival set from Stila's website, I'm totally hooked. Especially bcoz this set comes in everything that I'm currently planning to get from Stila - smudge pots, mascara, eyeshadow palette (except, I was planning to try the Fall In Love Eyeshadow Trio instead but nvm, this one will do bcoz it's in brown shades) and a lipstick. It's like a sweet dream come true.

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This boxed set includes all the items I mentioned above and a convertible color (for cheeks and lips) that comes in a plush brown velvet box. It would be even better if the box is replaced with a train case like the one for this set bcoz I've been wanting a nice vanity case (preferably Stila or any girly brand, like Lulu Guinness) for traveling purposes.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this set is already available at Stila counters in Malaysia, but if it is and it's less than RM250, I'm gonna get my hands on it!


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Friday, October 27, 2006

Dear kawan-kawan,

Apa khabar kalian semua? Bagaimana dgn sambutan hari raya? Banyak mkn tak? Saya sudah semestinya la byk makan. Walaupun begitu, saya tidak pernah melupakan Herbalife shake di pagi raya utk menjamin kemantapan body ai. hee hee.

Pada hari raya pertama, kami sekeluarga pergi beraya di rumah makcik2 sedara sebelah mak saya. Dan semasa di rumah Mak Lang saya, iaitu rumah yg ketiga pergi beraya, saya ternampak alat penimbang di bawah tangga berdekatan dgn meja makan lalu saya pon menaiki penimbang itu kerana sudah berkurun lamanya saya tidak menimbang berat badan saya semenjak 2 minggu terakhir puasa yg lalu. Alangkah terkejut nya saya melihat berat badan saya! Saya bertanya pada Mak Lang saya, penimbang ini rosak kah? Dia kata tak. Lalu saya naik dan turun lagi alat penimbang itu untuk mengesahkan bahawa saya tidak rabun atau tuli. Dan memang sah penglihatan saya masih di tahap normal walaupun saya mempunyai rabun jarak dekat sebanyak 100, kerana jarum penimbang itu masih di bacaan yg sama seperti sebelumnya.

Ai kenot bilif I'm 49 kg! Woot woot! Amat menakjubkan, kerana saya mmg la tak control makan pon. Mana2 rumah yg ada hidangkan chocolate chip cookies, mmg la saya rembat banyak2. Cuma saya tidak menyentuh lemang langsung kerana peristiwa ia dimasak dgn santan itu amatlah menyeramkan organ2 badanku. Saya gantikan dgn ketupat dan lontong dan nasi impit. Ai laik!

Walaupun berat saya kini sudah kurang dari 50kg, saya masih tidak merasakan bahawa saya sudah betul2 kurus, oleh yg demikian, berat badan idaman saya kini telah bertukar daripada 48kg kepada 45kg. Teman lelaki saya merasakan saya sudah obses hendak kurus, tapi saya rasa dia jer yg berperasaan begitu. Masakan tidak, dia kan lelaki. Mana nak paham kalau pompuan kata tak kurus lagi, betul tak? Jadi tidak perlu risau yer wahai teman lelaki ku, badan papan lapis-berjalan seperti Nicole Richie mahupun Paris Hilton bukan lah idaman kalbu ku. Kalbu ku nak badan seperti Alyssa Milano. Arrrr...

Kawan2 seangkatan Herbalife dgn saya juga sudah nampak perubahan yg positif. Aina, Eleena, Jun, Hunny, dan lain2. Hidup Herbalife! :D

Sekian sahaja coretan saya pada kali ini. Plis ekskius mai bahasa yer kengkawan. Terlebih mkn kuih raya la ni kot..

Selamat hari raya!

Yang ikhlas nak duit raya,
Gadis berkasut tumit tinggi kaler pink


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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Losing weight is always a good excuse for shopping!

I realized I'm in a desperate need for new clothes when I couldn't find any clothes in my closet that fit me nicely. Most of my clothes are too loose and droopy since my body has shifted to one size smaller. Which is fine, bcoz it means one thing: SHOPPING! :D

So these are what I managed to get the other day:

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- a sheer wrap-around polkadot chiffon top from NafNaf (it's an L size but it's the last one, I just had to get it! I'll figure out how to wear it later. Perhaps alter ke apa)
- a plain black NafNaf LS tshirt
- a retro-like babydoll top from NafNaf
- a dark brown cropped cardigan from Motivi
- a polkadot sleeveless top from MNG
- a taupe halterneck top with belt from Forever21
- a red floral satin tube top with bandeau from Forever21

No pinks at all, that's a record! ;)

I know I did say that I was going to get the floral satin tube top from Warehouse, but I found one that looks somewhat the same as Forever21 but at a much cheaper price! I've never really given so much interest for the clothes at Forever21, but today I saw at least 5 tops that caught my eyes! And most of 'em are under RM150 so that's really cool.

I'm not really done with my clothes-shopping yet. I just need a black cropped cardigan and perhaps 2,3 more tops just for variety. And oh yes, something animal-printed bcoz that's this season's hottest trend (besides stripes). I saw one at Forever21 just now, but the look on MZ's face made me put it back. It's either enuff-shopping-save-ur-money look or are-you-really-gonna-wear-that-cheetah-printed-top-that-looks-like-lingerie look. I don't like any of the looks anyway. Bah!

Next time, I'm going shopping with my sister!


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Psst... Psst...

Dad gave me more $, right before he and mom pergi umrah. Yay! It was like deja vu - I was *chicken-sleeping in my room when suddenly Dad knocked on my door and handed me the cash and said, "Ni duit utk awak". I thought I was dreaming (tgh mamai giler masetu bcoz I couldn't sleep the night before.

So yesterday, after meeting up with another internet friend of mine for the Herbalife thingy, I did a li'l bit of shopping with MZ. I bought a lacey little-something from Miss Selfridge, lingerie from Women'Secret that was really really cheappp, andddd a pair of Levi's Lady Style jean with cute embroidered detail at the back pocket!

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I know, I did say about wanting to wait until I can fit a size 26 Levi's baru nak gi beli, but when I slipped on this pair of jeans smalam, I was utterly in love with it and I can't wait no more (I'm getting bored of having to wear the same old black pants sbb jeans lain tak bole nak pakai dah)! MZ even said I looked hot in the jeans so I had to get it bcoz I wanna look hot. hahaha. Lagipon, 27 sounds 'small' enough too, isn't it? At least that's what I think ;p Plus, both my sisters have the Levi's Lady Style jeans so I think it would be so cute if all three of us wear the jeans when we go out together, each with different patterns at the back of our bums. Heh heh.

I didn't shop for any other stuff tho; one, bcoz macam sayang plak nak mengirai duit (I know that doesn't really sound like me, but trust me, I've changed a bit ok. In terms of delayed gratification n stuff. ngeehee). And two, bcoz there's nothing much kat MV. I've yet to go splurging at KLCC with my sisters a.k.a TCD.

Anyway, my boyfriend got me these cute-sy pink li'l stuff from Korea - a compact mirror with a magnifying mirror at one of the sides, which is great to zoomify my face (I know why he got me this. Sbb everytime naik kete dia, pasti aku akan guna cermin yg kat tpt pelindung panas tu dgn jarak yg amat dekat skali seolah2 mcm nak gamkan muka aku kat situ, eventho I have a compact powder in my bag), and a cute pink brooch that adds up to my collection of dragonfly brooches (I think it's a dragonfly, but he said it's a butterfly. Whatever, asalkan bukan brooch bentuk lembu). Thanx, sweetheart. I love 'em! Jimat duit takyah beli brooch tudung utk hari raya....

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*chicken-sleeping = tidur2 ayam


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Monday, October 16, 2006

The pink-ified Nokia L'amour

The urge to trade-in my Pink Motorazr berada pada tahap paling maksimum di kala terlihat ini:
The new collection of Nokia L'amour phones in Powder Pink!

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Now thattt, is so ME. The pink is in the right 'Iza' shade, and so is the size. The girly-look of the phone is absolutely to-die for! Anddd, it's a Nokia (I love Nokia phones, fullstop). If I were to choose, I'd go for the stunning Nokia 7373 eventhough the last time I went phone-hunting with MZ, the salesguy did not recommend this phone (the gold version) becoz of it's limited functions. Oh heck, like I care!

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The pinky Nokia 7373 phone comes with a matching phone charm, headset and casing. Ooohhh la laa~ more reasons to have it!

The only thing is, I'm not sure if the phone is currently available in Malaysia. Does anyone knows?


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Lose weight now, Ask me how!

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The pic on the left was me, earlier this year. I was about 54kg. Notice the extra chin? Tak comel, ok.

The middle pic was me on my sister's wedding day in June. I was nearly 56kg, gained weight sbb my boyfriend just got back from the States so apa lagi, melantak tak hengat masa dating. Yes I know, pipi aku macam kne pam jer. My mom said I looked like "muffin terlebih baking powder" - the tudung is the cupcake, my pipi is the muffin. Analogy yg sungguh tidak memberangsangkan! ;p

And the pic on the right is how I look like currently, pic taken about 5 days ago after consuming Herbalife for 1 month (tapi kalau dikira hari2 yg aku ada cheating tak amik HLF, ada la dlm 20+ hari jer kot yg aku btul2 consume). Pipi dah kecut sikit, dagu dah agak terbentuk dah takde bulat2 cam kne pam. Senyum nampak gigi pon pipi dah tak bulat cam dulu. I know I look great, coz I'm feeling great! haha (perasan sekejap). But really- you are what you eat, no? Now I weigh about 51kg, and my waist has gone from 29" to 26.2" sekian terima kasih! Another 3kgs to go to my dream weight, I can't wait!

And here are some feedbacks I got from my customers:

"5 hari minum Herbalife ni saya dah lose 6kg. Kulit pon rasa mcm licin je. =) Erm lg satu sebelum ni saya ada prob bila buang air besar mesti kuar darah. Mkn ubat doc masih tak kurang. Tapi 2 hari minum Herbalife ni terus tak kuar darah dah bila buang air besar. Byk perubahan yg baik sejak amik Herbalife ni :-)" and "Kalau mkn ubat diet lain, jgn harap lah nak turun cepat camni. Maunyer berbulan2. Saya byk minum herbal tea tu lepas buka puasa..." --- Jun, Graphic Designer.

"I lost 1.5 kg in 5 days. Sukeee" --- Aina, MMU student.

" 1 week has past for me... and I've lost 3 kilos!!! Ahaha... Wah bangganya... Hanis pun ilang 3 kilo..." --- My bro-in-law, Rahzz, Software Engineer (err, correct me if I'm wrong yer..hehe).

"I lost 6kgs in 2 weeks. Herbalife + workout" --- Leen, Lead Engineer.

Other bloggers I know who take Herbalife and have seen the results: Beckhamel, Kaezrin, Raja Iva, Leeds and Eyzzah.

Adakah anda teruja? Wondering how Herbalife works? Interested to get it? If you are REALLY serious about losing weight, please leave ur email and I will spill out the magic secret of Herbalife.
Trust me, this product really works - not only for losing weight, but for ur health too.


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Clothes Catastrophe

This is a story of The Copycat Dolls. I never expect this to happen, eventho we (my sisters and I) mmg byk benda2 yg sama, especially clothes (that's why we call ourselves, TCD). Anyway..

I went to Mandarin Orientel Hotel last Saturday to meet a chat friend of mine yg nak beli Herbalife. My boyfriend had a few meetings kat sana sampai malam so after meeting up with her, MZ dropped me off at KLCC. My sis Wani and I planned to break fast togeder2 at KLCC (both my parents and bro balik kampung) so while waiting for her to arrive from her college, aku pon jalan2 la dulu dlm Parkson.

Anyway, around 5pm my sis called and without saying hello, she said, "Don't tell me you're wearing the same baju as mine!!". And I went like "Haaa?? Ko pakai baju Riian London ni gak kerr?? Where are youu??" Then she asked me to turn around.

And so I did. And I saw her. Omigod. It's like looking in a mirror - the same top, the same pink tudung, the same Eclipse heels, except mine is black and hers is purple. Semua org yg lalu kat situ semua pandang kat kitorang. I repeat, SEMUA! Mana taknyer, mesti lah pelik tiba2 ada kembar tersesat dlm Parkson tgh argue2 pasal sape yg salah sbb pakai baju sama (we kindof look the same too, bcoz before this pon some ppl thought we're twins). Maluuu gilerr!!

We went out of Parkson and I told Wani to walk separately. Few moments later, Wani called. Dia tanya nanti nak berbuka macam mana, takkan nak makan asing2. So I had no choice but to hunt for a top ASAP, bcoz it was 6pm already. My sister on the other hand, went to reserve a place for us to dine.

I had never shopped like I did that day. Macam ribut! I went inside Zara, Topshop, MNG, Isetan. Nothing interesting. Elle and Marks & Spencer pun takde. I saw a shirt at NafNaf, but it's not pink (I was wearing a pink tudung, remember? So I need a top to match with it). So I went up, masuk Guess and Esprit. I saw a green EDC top with pink li'l flowers, but err... too dull. I don't like it. And then tiba2 teringat Parkson! So I hurried there. Thank God.

Tapi sampai sana, masalah lain plak dtg. I didn't know which top to buy. There are a few choices kat UCB, and a few others at Sisley. But then I saw a nice satin tube top at Warehouse and I froze. Lawaaa...
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Anyway, mannequin tu pakai cantek giler, I feel like I have to have it. I can wear it with a cropped cardigan or something. Tapi karang satu hal pulak nak cari crop cardy. And it was almost 6.30pm. So I walked off.

To cut the story short, I chose a retro-like floral top from Sisley (I was really close to buying a green-and-pink floral UCB shirt mcm Hanis nyer, tapi pk2 balik, Gawd no! Enough of copycats already).

I arrived at California Pizza Kitchen just on time - 6.55pm. My sister was already waiting for moi. Tapi sbb order lambat, so our orders pon sampai lambat (I had 4 glasses of ice lemon tea sementara menunggu and by the time my pasta arrived, I wasn't hungry anymore). Anyway, here are the pichas of the copycats.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See the same tops and tudungs?? Hanis pon ada baju tu jugak..heee. Just so u know, we have like more than 10 baju yg sama! That doesn't include bags and shoes. I cannot imagine if all three of us ended up wearing the same tops. Pengsan! Next time if we were to go out together, kne bitau awal2 nak pakai baju apa supaya kes seperti ini tidak berulang lagi. LOL.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Of Prada and Coach!

I know I did say that I kind of planned to watch The Devil Wears Prada with my gurlfriends (which would be this Sunday), buttttttt I just can't wait. Nak tunggu lagi seminggu lama sangat! And plus my boyfriend wanted to see the movie too, so we went to watch this movie last Monday.

It's my favorite! Everything is so fab. It's a fun and hilarious movie, I enjoyed every minute of it (I believe my boyfriend did too). Seriously, I don't mind watching this movie over and over again.

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Anne Hathaway is really gorgeous in that movie. She looks like a doll with the fringe and her big dolly eyess. Loved everything she wears (after the transformation, of course). Annnddd, I was excited when I saw Emily wore one of my dream-bags; the Fendi Spy Bag except the one I like is the denim one. Just so u know, my list of dream-bags is quite a long list and all of them are designer brands. That's why it's called 'dream' bags. hee hee.

Speaking of bags, Coach is celebrating its 65th anniversary. Among the bags from the anniversary line, the one I'm drooling over is this babe:
Coach New Mandy Leather Courier in white. I think it's a new version of the Legacy Hobo Bag.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

My boyfriend is 'upgraded'. I spoilt my diet to a lamb's shoulder. WE are going abroad.

No, no. That's not what you think. We are not gonna get married. At least not till next year. muahaha (we're going abroad bukan togeder-geder la, if that's what u think).

Ok, first things first.

MZ is now a Herbalife World Team member. Which means, he's doing so gooooood (2 more levels to go to the Millionaire Team, then President Team, and thennn Chairman's Club! You can do it bebeh, ahak ahak! *bag Chanel tgh terngiang2 di depan mata I nihh* hihihi). Which also means that he's going to Korea this mid of October for the World Team School, where he'll be trained by a few powerful people (bukan Power Rangers kay), including Jim Rohn. I was so excited of his achievement and wanted to show that I'm really proud of him, so I decided to treat him a little; berbuka puasa at Chili's.

So we went there and I wasn't sure what to order (I had Lamb Shoulder and iced lemon tea in mind tho, but t'was only bcoz that's my usual order kalau kat Chili's), but when I saw the Ramadhan set which includes a soup of the day for starter, Lamb Shoulder for the main course (bole pilih antara 3 menu, and that was one of 'em) and a dessert of ice-cream with choosable toppings at a very reasonable price, we made up our minds within split seconds.

Ok, before that. Lemme tell you that since taking Herbalife, I've become somewhat health conscious. Most of the junk food yg dulu2 aku melantak sukati aku jer, skang ni dah tak bole nak telan. Macam dah takde perasaan. Kadang2 nak mkn benda2 yg tak tentu hala kesihatannyer, like nasi lemak, pizza, cheesy-wheezy and sweeeet things mcm rasa takut and tak sampai hati nak masukkan semua tu ke dlm bdn aku nih (I think Herbalife Tea Mix tu really calms my cravings la). So when I've eaten mknan2 yg tak sihat tu, you know I will definitely make a big deal about it.

Btw, I had:
- Broccoli-and-cheese soup (seriously, when the waiter said "broccoli and cheese", I thought broccoli dia potong2 tak hancur, and the cheese cam sekadar cukup syarat just like my mom used to make, but it turned out to be "cheese with invisible broccoli" soup instead. Cheese pekat sgt, urghh. MZ's chicken-and-mushroom soup on the other hand, tersgt lah sedapp. Kinda black-peppery)
- Lamb Shoulder with mashed potato, fresh veggies and garlic toast (baru skarang terperasan lamb tu mcm byk sgt minyak and lelemak. Adoii laa. Dah la susah giler nak potong lamb tu sbb liat.. And I think the mashed potato's gravy is some sort of mayonnaise+cheese gravy or something. Eeek, gemok!)
- Vanilla ice-cream topped with caramel (ice-cream and caramel, sheeeshh. Enuff said)

Balik rumah jer, tercirit sampai esok pagi nyer. That Herbalife tea that I'm consuming will detoxify apa2 yg tak patut ada dlm badan, especially food yg high cholesterol so usually when I berak2 camtu, I knew I ate smthing unhealthy. Which is great coz it's like a cholesterol-indicator.

Anddd lastly,

I'm going for a vacation. Abroad. With my family, minus my married sista (she's prolly going to the States ikut hubby dia). The flight tickets and hotels are booked, so insyaallah kalau takde aral melintang, we'll be going in November.

I can't wait!


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