Monday, October 09, 2006

Clothes Catastrophe

This is a story of The Copycat Dolls. I never expect this to happen, eventho we (my sisters and I) mmg byk benda2 yg sama, especially clothes (that's why we call ourselves, TCD). Anyway..

I went to Mandarin Orientel Hotel last Saturday to meet a chat friend of mine yg nak beli Herbalife. My boyfriend had a few meetings kat sana sampai malam so after meeting up with her, MZ dropped me off at KLCC. My sis Wani and I planned to break fast togeder2 at KLCC (both my parents and bro balik kampung) so while waiting for her to arrive from her college, aku pon jalan2 la dulu dlm Parkson.

Anyway, around 5pm my sis called and without saying hello, she said, "Don't tell me you're wearing the same baju as mine!!". And I went like "Haaa?? Ko pakai baju Riian London ni gak kerr?? Where are youu??" Then she asked me to turn around.

And so I did. And I saw her. Omigod. It's like looking in a mirror - the same top, the same pink tudung, the same Eclipse heels, except mine is black and hers is purple. Semua org yg lalu kat situ semua pandang kat kitorang. I repeat, SEMUA! Mana taknyer, mesti lah pelik tiba2 ada kembar tersesat dlm Parkson tgh argue2 pasal sape yg salah sbb pakai baju sama (we kindof look the same too, bcoz before this pon some ppl thought we're twins). Maluuu gilerr!!

We went out of Parkson and I told Wani to walk separately. Few moments later, Wani called. Dia tanya nanti nak berbuka macam mana, takkan nak makan asing2. So I had no choice but to hunt for a top ASAP, bcoz it was 6pm already. My sister on the other hand, went to reserve a place for us to dine.

I had never shopped like I did that day. Macam ribut! I went inside Zara, Topshop, MNG, Isetan. Nothing interesting. Elle and Marks & Spencer pun takde. I saw a shirt at NafNaf, but it's not pink (I was wearing a pink tudung, remember? So I need a top to match with it). So I went up, masuk Guess and Esprit. I saw a green EDC top with pink li'l flowers, but err... too dull. I don't like it. And then tiba2 teringat Parkson! So I hurried there. Thank God.

Tapi sampai sana, masalah lain plak dtg. I didn't know which top to buy. There are a few choices kat UCB, and a few others at Sisley. But then I saw a nice satin tube top at Warehouse and I froze. Lawaaa...
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Anyway, mannequin tu pakai cantek giler, I feel like I have to have it. I can wear it with a cropped cardigan or something. Tapi karang satu hal pulak nak cari crop cardy. And it was almost 6.30pm. So I walked off.

To cut the story short, I chose a retro-like floral top from Sisley (I was really close to buying a green-and-pink floral UCB shirt mcm Hanis nyer, tapi pk2 balik, Gawd no! Enough of copycats already).

I arrived at California Pizza Kitchen just on time - 6.55pm. My sister was already waiting for moi. Tapi sbb order lambat, so our orders pon sampai lambat (I had 4 glasses of ice lemon tea sementara menunggu and by the time my pasta arrived, I wasn't hungry anymore). Anyway, here are the pichas of the copycats.

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See the same tops and tudungs?? Hanis pon ada baju tu jugak..heee. Just so u know, we have like more than 10 baju yg sama! That doesn't include bags and shoes. I cannot imagine if all three of us ended up wearing the same tops. Pengsan! Next time if we were to go out together, kne bitau awal2 nak pakai baju apa supaya kes seperti ini tidak berulang lagi. LOL.

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