Monday, October 02, 2006

My boyfriend is 'upgraded'. I spoilt my diet to a lamb's shoulder. WE are going abroad.

No, no. That's not what you think. We are not gonna get married. At least not till next year. muahaha (we're going abroad bukan togeder-geder la, if that's what u think).

Ok, first things first.

MZ is now a Herbalife World Team member. Which means, he's doing so gooooood (2 more levels to go to the Millionaire Team, then President Team, and thennn Chairman's Club! You can do it bebeh, ahak ahak! *bag Chanel tgh terngiang2 di depan mata I nihh* hihihi). Which also means that he's going to Korea this mid of October for the World Team School, where he'll be trained by a few powerful people (bukan Power Rangers kay), including Jim Rohn. I was so excited of his achievement and wanted to show that I'm really proud of him, so I decided to treat him a little; berbuka puasa at Chili's.

So we went there and I wasn't sure what to order (I had Lamb Shoulder and iced lemon tea in mind tho, but t'was only bcoz that's my usual order kalau kat Chili's), but when I saw the Ramadhan set which includes a soup of the day for starter, Lamb Shoulder for the main course (bole pilih antara 3 menu, and that was one of 'em) and a dessert of ice-cream with choosable toppings at a very reasonable price, we made up our minds within split seconds.

Ok, before that. Lemme tell you that since taking Herbalife, I've become somewhat health conscious. Most of the junk food yg dulu2 aku melantak sukati aku jer, skang ni dah tak bole nak telan. Macam dah takde perasaan. Kadang2 nak mkn benda2 yg tak tentu hala kesihatannyer, like nasi lemak, pizza, cheesy-wheezy and sweeeet things mcm rasa takut and tak sampai hati nak masukkan semua tu ke dlm bdn aku nih (I think Herbalife Tea Mix tu really calms my cravings la). So when I've eaten mknan2 yg tak sihat tu, you know I will definitely make a big deal about it.

Btw, I had:
- Broccoli-and-cheese soup (seriously, when the waiter said "broccoli and cheese", I thought broccoli dia potong2 tak hancur, and the cheese cam sekadar cukup syarat just like my mom used to make, but it turned out to be "cheese with invisible broccoli" soup instead. Cheese pekat sgt, urghh. MZ's chicken-and-mushroom soup on the other hand, tersgt lah sedapp. Kinda black-peppery)
- Lamb Shoulder with mashed potato, fresh veggies and garlic toast (baru skarang terperasan lamb tu mcm byk sgt minyak and lelemak. Adoii laa. Dah la susah giler nak potong lamb tu sbb liat.. And I think the mashed potato's gravy is some sort of mayonnaise+cheese gravy or something. Eeek, gemok!)
- Vanilla ice-cream topped with caramel (ice-cream and caramel, sheeeshh. Enuff said)

Balik rumah jer, tercirit sampai esok pagi nyer. That Herbalife tea that I'm consuming will detoxify apa2 yg tak patut ada dlm badan, especially food yg high cholesterol so usually when I berak2 camtu, I knew I ate smthing unhealthy. Which is great coz it's like a cholesterol-indicator.

Anddd lastly,

I'm going for a vacation. Abroad. With my family, minus my married sista (she's prolly going to the States ikut hubby dia). The flight tickets and hotels are booked, so insyaallah kalau takde aral melintang, we'll be going in November.

I can't wait!


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