Friday, October 13, 2006

Lose weight now, Ask me how!

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The pic on the left was me, earlier this year. I was about 54kg. Notice the extra chin? Tak comel, ok.

The middle pic was me on my sister's wedding day in June. I was nearly 56kg, gained weight sbb my boyfriend just got back from the States so apa lagi, melantak tak hengat masa dating. Yes I know, pipi aku macam kne pam jer. My mom said I looked like "muffin terlebih baking powder" - the tudung is the cupcake, my pipi is the muffin. Analogy yg sungguh tidak memberangsangkan! ;p

And the pic on the right is how I look like currently, pic taken about 5 days ago after consuming Herbalife for 1 month (tapi kalau dikira hari2 yg aku ada cheating tak amik HLF, ada la dlm 20+ hari jer kot yg aku btul2 consume). Pipi dah kecut sikit, dagu dah agak terbentuk dah takde bulat2 cam kne pam. Senyum nampak gigi pon pipi dah tak bulat cam dulu. I know I look great, coz I'm feeling great! haha (perasan sekejap). But really- you are what you eat, no? Now I weigh about 51kg, and my waist has gone from 29" to 26.2" sekian terima kasih! Another 3kgs to go to my dream weight, I can't wait!

And here are some feedbacks I got from my customers:

"5 hari minum Herbalife ni saya dah lose 6kg. Kulit pon rasa mcm licin je. =) Erm lg satu sebelum ni saya ada prob bila buang air besar mesti kuar darah. Mkn ubat doc masih tak kurang. Tapi 2 hari minum Herbalife ni terus tak kuar darah dah bila buang air besar. Byk perubahan yg baik sejak amik Herbalife ni :-)" and "Kalau mkn ubat diet lain, jgn harap lah nak turun cepat camni. Maunyer berbulan2. Saya byk minum herbal tea tu lepas buka puasa..." --- Jun, Graphic Designer.

"I lost 1.5 kg in 5 days. Sukeee" --- Aina, MMU student.

" 1 week has past for me... and I've lost 3 kilos!!! Ahaha... Wah bangganya... Hanis pun ilang 3 kilo..." --- My bro-in-law, Rahzz, Software Engineer (err, correct me if I'm wrong yer..hehe).

"I lost 6kgs in 2 weeks. Herbalife + workout" --- Leen, Lead Engineer.

Other bloggers I know who take Herbalife and have seen the results: Beckhamel, Kaezrin, Raja Iva, Leeds and Eyzzah.

Adakah anda teruja? Wondering how Herbalife works? Interested to get it? If you are REALLY serious about losing weight, please leave ur email and I will spill out the magic secret of Herbalife.
Trust me, this product really works - not only for losing weight, but for ur health too.


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