Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Psst... Psst...

Dad gave me more $, right before he and mom pergi umrah. Yay! It was like deja vu - I was *chicken-sleeping in my room when suddenly Dad knocked on my door and handed me the cash and said, "Ni duit utk awak". I thought I was dreaming (tgh mamai giler masetu bcoz I couldn't sleep the night before.

So yesterday, after meeting up with another internet friend of mine for the Herbalife thingy, I did a li'l bit of shopping with MZ. I bought a lacey little-something from Miss Selfridge, lingerie from Women'Secret that was really really cheappp, andddd a pair of Levi's Lady Style jean with cute embroidered detail at the back pocket!

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I know, I did say about wanting to wait until I can fit a size 26 Levi's baru nak gi beli, but when I slipped on this pair of jeans smalam, I was utterly in love with it and I can't wait no more (I'm getting bored of having to wear the same old black pants sbb jeans lain tak bole nak pakai dah)! MZ even said I looked hot in the jeans so I had to get it bcoz I wanna look hot. hahaha. Lagipon, 27 sounds 'small' enough too, isn't it? At least that's what I think ;p Plus, both my sisters have the Levi's Lady Style jeans so I think it would be so cute if all three of us wear the jeans when we go out together, each with different patterns at the back of our bums. Heh heh.

I didn't shop for any other stuff tho; one, bcoz macam sayang plak nak mengirai duit (I know that doesn't really sound like me, but trust me, I've changed a bit ok. In terms of delayed gratification n stuff. ngeehee). And two, bcoz there's nothing much kat MV. I've yet to go splurging at KLCC with my sisters a.k.a TCD.

Anyway, my boyfriend got me these cute-sy pink li'l stuff from Korea - a compact mirror with a magnifying mirror at one of the sides, which is great to zoomify my face (I know why he got me this. Sbb everytime naik kete dia, pasti aku akan guna cermin yg kat tpt pelindung panas tu dgn jarak yg amat dekat skali seolah2 mcm nak gamkan muka aku kat situ, eventho I have a compact powder in my bag), and a cute pink brooch that adds up to my collection of dragonfly brooches (I think it's a dragonfly, but he said it's a butterfly. Whatever, asalkan bukan brooch bentuk lembu). Thanx, sweetheart. I love 'em! Jimat duit takyah beli brooch tudung utk hari raya....

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*chicken-sleeping = tidur2 ayam


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