Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tongue Talk

My baby doesn't cry when she pooped. Instead dia merengek macam bunyi kucing (sambil terjelir lidah), like this:

The other day I overheard my husband saying, "I know, I know. But it's okay to shit in your pants at this age" masa Ayra merengek sbb poo-poo. I couldn't help but laugh at his words.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sugar High

Have you ever eaten something so sickly sweet that each bite makes you shudders with goosebumps and almost gives you a headache?

That's what I had when I took the first few bites of Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday. My husband, who had tasted Krispy Kreme when he was in the States years ago, had warned me about the sweetness.

These donuts are crispy yet soft, but they are TOO sweet. The Original Glazed is like 3 times sweeter than J.Co's Glazzy - I said 3 bcoz I can gorge 3 Glazzy donuts without feeling sick, but I had a hard time finishing just one Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed bcoz it's overbearingly sweet. And same goes to their other flavors. They are all coated with that icky glazy stuff, original or not. Even the chocolate ones taste more sugary than chocolatey! I feel like having something really pahit (like Espresso), or something really pedas after eating those donuts. It's really that sweet.

To me, Krispy Kreme is just a slightly better version of Dunkin Donuts - they are softer and that's just it. I'd go for soft and yummy ones from J.Co and Big Apple. But that's just me (and my husband). Which donut is your favorite?


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Donuts too, have babies

Babies in any form are cute (well, mostly) - baby humans, baby animals, baby shoes... even baby donuts!

These cuties are J.Co's J.Pops, which comes in a box of 24 bite-sized donuts in 12 different flavors. Good thing they have most of my favorite flavors like Oreology, Mona Pisa, Da Vin Cheez, Tira Miss U and Heaven Berry. And it's even better that you don't have to join the long queue just to get a box of this babies.

Price: RM18 per box.

p/s: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Berjaya Times Square has finally opened today. I wonder who won the 1-year supply of dougnuts!


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to wear your Hotslings

One of the reasons why I like pouches is bcoz of its simplicity. It's like a piece of cloth that's about the size of a small swaddling blanket (when unfold) and it's extremely compact. Wearing it is easy-peasy; there's no rings and buckles and hooks and whatnot. If simplicity is your main concern, then pouch is for you! It's easy-in and easy-out. But make sure you get the right size bcoz sizing is very important when it comes to pouches.

Since some of you are unsure about how to wear Hotslings, here's a short video showing how I wear it (in the "front carry" way). It's really easy - just fold it, slip it on and put your baby in! This type of carrying position is suitable for babies from 2-8 months.

Other carrying positions include "cradle carry" (0-4 months) and "hip carry" (6+ months).


The sale at TLC store is about to end in 4 days' time! Hurry grab your Hotslings now, mommies!

Pictures and video courtesy of

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the luscious lips of them all?

After a few months of being a mommy, I have finally mastered the techniques of applying makeup under 5 minutes. Being a new mommy to a small baby does not allow me to take my own sweet time getting ready like I used to. Everything must be done in a flash! But just bcoz you're busy being a mommy doesn't mean you have to totally ditch everything and look like a drab! You can still look fabulous even without a whole lot of makeup. My simple way to achieve an au naturel look is loose powder, eyeliner, LIPICE Colour Lipbalm, and I'm good to go! The LIPICE Colour Lipbalm is like a lipstick and a lipbalm in one stick; it moisturizes and gives a hint of color so just one glide is all you need to get luscious rosey lips - like Lisa Surihani, the ambassador for LIPICE!

Speaking of which, LIPICE is having "Peraduan Bibir Menawan" which runs from 1st April to 31st May. The Grand Prize Winner will get the chance to be the cover girl of Remaja magazine with Lisa Surihani (plus loads of cash and LIPICE products)! All you need to do to join the contest is purchase any LIPICE product (LIPICE fruity, LIPICE Lip Pot, LIPICE Sheer Color, LIPICE Colour Gloss or LIPICE Colour Lipbalm), snap a photo of you with the LIPICE product and submit your photo at I've already submitted mine, and here it is:

Me with LIPICE Colour Lipbalm in Peachy Cream

Do vote for me if you think I have what it takes to be a cover girl! ;p
To vote, just log on to LIPICE website, click on the 'Contest' button, then click on 'Gallery' and enter my email: in the search bar.

Ok, kalau tak dapat jadi cover girl pon takpe bcoz there are other cool prizes to be won!
For example, if you won Miss Popular - you will be featured in Remaja magazine and you'll get RM1000 cash prize plus 12 free issues of Remaja magazines and free Lipice products worth RM300! Besides, if you happen to be the 10 finalist - you will also be featured in Remaja magazine + RM500 cash prize + 6 free issues of Remaja magazine + free Lipice products worth RM300! If you don't get all the above, there are 50 consolation winners also! For this you'll get free Lipice gift set consisting of 1 hand mirror and 2 variants of Lipice Fruity.

So what're you waiting for?!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her (First) Pink Stilettos

When one of my readers informed me about Heelarious, I was excited. They're high heels for babies! Who would've thought such thing exists? It's the cutest thing I've ever seen - I just couldn't resist!

These shoes are not made for walking anyways. They are crib shoes that are designed to look like high heels and they are super soft (even the heels). In fact, they're softer than some crib shoes. The insole is softly padded to give a cushion-like comfort for little feet and yes, they're squishy. You can bend and twist 'em very easily. I chose satin instead of patent for the obvious reason: they are more flexible - an important feature to consider in baby shoes.

And don't you just love the purse-like packaging with rhinestone? Totally fab.

"I love my shoes..."

"...and they are good enough to eat!"

A girl can never have too many shoes, can't they? ;p Which is why I asked a favor from a friend to get another pair in this adorable satin peep-toe with bows!


p/s: buat as a car dangler pun comel gak ;p


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Smart vs. Street Smart

A lot of parenting books and online websites I read stress about the importance of play for babies. It's a part of growing up process. In fact, playing is a vital way for them to learn and grow. But play time is not only crucial for babies and small kids, it's the same for school-age children too. It's easy to neglect play time and many parents see it as something frivolous, but playing actually allows children to achieve important social, physical, emotional and cognitive development milestones.

Yes, bringing up a child is a whole lot of responsibility. Not only we as parents have to provide good education, we also have to ensure that our kids get enough play time to ensure a healthy development. "Book smart" is not the only way to succeed in life. One has to be "street smart" as well, especially now in the fast-paced world. Children are children; they are not 'mini adults' and therefore should not be burdened with too much of studying - what with homeworks, extra classes, tuitions and whatnot. There should be ample time for playing as well. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Parents can encourage their children to play sports, as sports provide a good platform for children to learn great values, such as teamwork, determination, friendship, confidence, etc... Qualities that will last a life-time!

When I was 9 years old, I went to a school in London for about half a year. I'm not sure their current educational system, but back then, play-time is included in the daily school timetable. Classes start at 9 o'clock in the morning and ends at 3pm. Unlike here, we did not just study throughout the whole school period! There were like 2 or 3 break sessions in between subjects. And the best part is, during that break sessions, we were allowed to do sports and play games outdoor! School was fun bcoz there were no pressure and we were allowed to be just kids!

Parents should really encourage their children to play and involve in sports activities just like they would in academic areas. Children can learn a lot through playing and it will help them prepare for their future as they learn great things that are not thought in subjects, like
teamwork, confidence and respect.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby When The Lights Go Out

Watch how my baby's eyes widen (in shock, I guess) when in the dark.

You can't really see it in the video - dia bulatkan mata dia macam ni:



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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mari Baca Buku

One of the activities I enjoy doing with my baby is reading her a book (or in my case - singing - bcoz it's a nursery rhyme book). We would lay on the bed, side by side, and I would hold the book horizontally above us. I love how she would listen and stare animatedly at the pictures. Sometimes she would coo along as I sing.

But this time, I let her 'read' on her own. She seemed so into it that she didn't even bother looking at the camera like she always does!

Well that book is actually for 3 years old, but it's a pop-up book - I can't resist!


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The SALE is back!

After the numerous "when-are-you-going-to-update-your-sales-blog" inquiries, I have finally have the rajin-ness to update it. Go and have a looksie at my sales blog.

There will be more, so stay tuned!


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mellow Yellow

I am slowly starting to like colors. And by color, I mean other than pink. In fact I don't really like to wear pink (which is ironic bcoz I like pink). Magenta and fuchsia are different.

The other day I bought an electric blue top. And then turquoise and green tops. Green! Mom commented I look nice in green, altho I honestly feel I look like a walking tree.

I want to add some yellows in my wardrobe next, but haven't found any. I want something like these yummy yellows - minus the price tag and the sexiness ;p

Karen Millen Safari Cardigan

Oscar de la Renta Silk Bow blouse

MNG dress

(if this dress is a long-sleeve, I would have bought it)


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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Babywearing Show

One of the slots during the Bumps & Mums Weekend is "Wearing Babies". I have never seen so many babywearers before. It was fun and cute seeing babies all wrapped up to their mommies in various ways! It's bundle of joy - like, literally.

This slot is basically like a fashion show, except instead of modeling clothes, this show featured mommies with babies in different types of baby carriers - pouches, ring slings, wraps, etc. The mini stage is the catwalk, and each one of us had to model it as if we were on a fashion show! ;p There were 2 models for Hotslings anyway, and yours truly is one of them.

The pouch style

Models in various baby carriers

Hotslings models

Anyways, if you're thinking of getting Hotslings for yourself or as a baby shower gift, now is a great time! TLC online store is currently having a pre-anniversary sale, and all Hotslings are discounted at 15%. But that's not just it...

My dear readers can get an additional 10% off! ;) Simply enter the code "thepinkstilettos" at checkout under Discount Coupon, and you'll get your Hotslings at a total of 25% discount! This offer is valid until 30th of April only, so hurry! There are a lot of fab designs to choose from - you can view them here.

I am wearing Hotslings in Pink Ecru Paisley

My little girl is about to doze off...

Pictures courtesy of

P/S: Somebody from Nuffnang called me a few weeks ago, asking if I want to go for the Malaysian Dreamgirl audition. I said no of course! I don't have the height (and body) to be a catwalk model laa ;p

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Birthday Wishlist

I've been asked what do I want for my birthday, so here goes (in no particular order)...

1) Dior Eyeshadow in Stylish Move
2) MNG Ruffle Silk Blouse
3) CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G casing
4) Emilio Pucci Vivara perfume
5) Rock & Republic Kasandra bootcut jeans
6) Eclipse metallic heels
7) Emilio Pucci Vivara Silver Edition perfume
8) Holiday in Europe
9) Warehouse Corset Button Waist belt
10) Hotslings in Everyday Solstice
11) The Yummy Mummy Manifesto by Anna Johnson
12) More Tie Rack scarves in every color
13) Nine West KWest Platform Heels
14) Sony Vaio Cosmopolitan Pink Laptop
15) Banana Republic snake flat clutch
16) Viva La Juicy perfume
17) Fine dining at The C.Club
18) MNG peacock bangle
19) Dior Eyeshadow in Twilight
20) The Key by Joe Vitale
21) Rings with big stones
22) Aussino "Beautiful Couple" King-size quilt cover set
23) Coach Legacy perfume
24) Anya Hindmarch Twin Loose Pocket
25) Nine West Jenicca bronze heels

Tapi yang asked nyer takde la sampai 25 orang! hee hee


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Burp-day Dinner

Yes, yours truly is another year older today (but why do I feel a lot younger? ;p).

We had a quiet dinner at Alexis; just me, my husband and our little bundle of joy...

...with her signature pose! ;p

This entry is not entirely about my birthday anyway. It's about the food we had (so no pictures of the birthday girl).

Seared Scallops

I remembered how I craved for scallops when I was heavily pregnant, but didn't get the chance bcoz I didn't know where to find one. I only get to satisfy my scallop hankering now, after months of being un-pregnant! Nasib baik tak kempunan. The scallops were good btw - juicy and somewhat springy. It's like sinking my teeth in a pillow. A latex pillow, I mean.

Chicken Escalope

My usual order when eating out would be pasta, but I decided to skip pasta and have something else. So I had Chicken Escalope, which doesn't taste like chicken at all. It tastes like... I don't know - biscuits? A softer version of biscuit, but a keras version of chicken. Am I making any sense here? Whatever. It's not that bad tho, but I guess I'll stick to pasta next time.

Pepperoni and Pallo Pizza

If I am a pasta person, my husband is a pizza person. While I am devoted to linguini and carbonara, he likes just about any pizza - fast food pizza, pizza buns, homemade pizza, pizza tepi jalan - just name it! I like pizza that doesn't taste too tomato-ish. And the crust must not be too thick. And the topping must have lots of meat. Just like this pizza.

Mixed Fruit Meringue

My definition of sinful is something that tastes so creamy and "tebal". The kind that gives you goosebumps (in a good way) when it glides down your throat. This fluffy meringue fits the bill. I like the sweet crispy bits. Macam high jer bila makan. Tapi jangan sampai tersasul and pronounce it as "mereng" sudah, bcoz I did. Haha. Maluuu!

p/s: Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)


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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bonnie Bags

If I am allowed to splurge on a baby bag, I think I would choose any one of these Bonnie bags from Coach. They're not baby bags, but the cuteness and those quirky little details would make a fun baby bag!

But I doubt if my husband wants to be seen carrying it. After all, he's the one in charge of carrying the baby bag.


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Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Weekend for Bumps & Mums

Yours truly will be participating in one of the slots during the Bumps & Mums event tomorrow. I won't tell what it is; if you want to know, come! All mommies and mommies-to-be are invited! :D

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Friday, April 03, 2009

A Tour to MAS In-Flight Kitchen

My very first airplane ride was to London, when I was 5 years old. I couldn't remember much of the experience, but I remembered thinking that the air-stewardess cooked our meals (from scratch) on the plane bcoz the food arrived on our trays were piping hot. I actually thought there's a real kitchen somewhere at the back of the plane, complete with stoves and everything!

But of course there isn't. And of course the food are not prepared by air-stewardess! ;p

Do you know how airline meals are being prepared? I don't - which is why I jumped at the chance when Fleishman-Hillard and Malaysia Airlines invited me for an exclusive tour to MAS' in-flight kitchen and food tasting session.

The day started off with some refreshments and a brief presentation by MAS' Culinary Manager - which we missed 3/4 of it bcoz we arrived late, bcoz my baby decided to poo again right before we headed to my PIL's house, bcoz she had diarrhea. My poor baby!

Anyway, the kitchen touring began right after the presentation. A few hygienic procedures were required, including wearing a coat that made us look like doctors and hairnet, and washing our hands with anti-bacterial soap before entering the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a high-security and restricted area, no pictures were allowed.

Pictures from Malaysia Airlines Travel Facebook

The kitchen is a HEE-UGE area which comprises of several sections and storage rooms - there's a freezer room for seafood, a chiller room for dairy product, a pastry room with big machines and giant mixing bowls that could fit 2 grown-ups inside, there's even a huge weighing scale that's the size of a king-size bed! That's what you need when you're serving more than 30, 000 meals a day - big equipments!

When the food are ready, the trays are placed in the airline food trolleys which are then kept in a special chiller room, 4 hours before the flight departures. This is to ensure its freshness when being served on the plane. The food are then reheated in the aircraft galley before serving.

Now here comes the part where you can feast your eyes!

The food for First Class flight are served on a plate like this:

From left: Country Style Beef Rib, Lamb Shank, and Lobster.
The Lamb Shank is so sedappp... I have never taste anything like it!

This is a specially imported rice from Japan
which is accompanied with the Salmon dish for flights to Japan.

The famous satay

Abalone, Steamed Pomfret and Rice with Chicken

This tray is for Business Class

Assorted rolls

The Economy Class tray

Desserts: Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta

Fresh fruits

Some interesting fact that I learned on this tour: At an altitude of 30, 000 feet, our taste buds are decreased by 30-40%, which explains why we think airplane food tastes bland. It's not the food, it's your taste bud. The First Class and Business Class passengers are given this pink salt which are taken before eating any food to stimulate salivation and enhance taste buds.

Although we didn't get to tapau some of the food, each one of us were given a box of Apple Crumble and some chocolates. The Apple Crumble is so scrumptious, I wonder if they serve that as well on the plane.

Anyway, we had to leave early, so we didn't manage to snap some pics with other Bloggers who joined this tour, which includes Kenny Sia, KampungBoyCityGirl and Simon. But we had a fantabulous time, and I would really like to thank Fleishman-Hillard and MAS for this invitation! :)

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