Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Burp-day Dinner

Yes, yours truly is another year older today (but why do I feel a lot younger? ;p).

We had a quiet dinner at Alexis; just me, my husband and our little bundle of joy...

...with her signature pose! ;p

This entry is not entirely about my birthday anyway. It's about the food we had (so no pictures of the birthday girl).

Seared Scallops

I remembered how I craved for scallops when I was heavily pregnant, but didn't get the chance bcoz I didn't know where to find one. I only get to satisfy my scallop hankering now, after months of being un-pregnant! Nasib baik tak kempunan. The scallops were good btw - juicy and somewhat springy. It's like sinking my teeth in a pillow. A latex pillow, I mean.

Chicken Escalope

My usual order when eating out would be pasta, but I decided to skip pasta and have something else. So I had Chicken Escalope, which doesn't taste like chicken at all. It tastes like... I don't know - biscuits? A softer version of biscuit, but a keras version of chicken. Am I making any sense here? Whatever. It's not that bad tho, but I guess I'll stick to pasta next time.

Pepperoni and Pallo Pizza

If I am a pasta person, my husband is a pizza person. While I am devoted to linguini and carbonara, he likes just about any pizza - fast food pizza, pizza buns, homemade pizza, pizza tepi jalan - just name it! I like pizza that doesn't taste too tomato-ish. And the crust must not be too thick. And the topping must have lots of meat. Just like this pizza.

Mixed Fruit Meringue

My definition of sinful is something that tastes so creamy and "tebal". The kind that gives you goosebumps (in a good way) when it glides down your throat. This fluffy meringue fits the bill. I like the sweet crispy bits. Macam high jer bila makan. Tapi jangan sampai tersasul and pronounce it as "mereng" sudah, bcoz I did. Haha. Maluuu!

p/s: Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)


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