Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to wear your Hotslings

One of the reasons why I like pouches is bcoz of its simplicity. It's like a piece of cloth that's about the size of a small swaddling blanket (when unfold) and it's extremely compact. Wearing it is easy-peasy; there's no rings and buckles and hooks and whatnot. If simplicity is your main concern, then pouch is for you! It's easy-in and easy-out. But make sure you get the right size bcoz sizing is very important when it comes to pouches.

Since some of you are unsure about how to wear Hotslings, here's a short video showing how I wear it (in the "front carry" way). It's really easy - just fold it, slip it on and put your baby in! This type of carrying position is suitable for babies from 2-8 months.

Other carrying positions include "cradle carry" (0-4 months) and "hip carry" (6+ months).


The sale at TLC store is about to end in 4 days' time! Hurry grab your Hotslings now, mommies!

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