Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know what sucks?

When the shoes you've been eyeing for are on sale BUT they're not available in your size.



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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend in Goldcoast

Imagine my excitement when my husband suddenly told me that we'll be spending the weekend in Gold Coast.

"Gold Coast? REALLY??".

Uhh no, not really. Not the one in Australia, at least.

He actually meant the one in Sepang. Pfft. I mean, that's like saying, "Let's have KFC for dinner tonight" when he actually meant Kelantan Fried Chicken instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken. -_-

But anyways, we stayed at the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas in Sepang Goldcoast a few weekends ago and I was amazed! The view was breathtaking and the sea villas are built in the shape of a palm tree that stretches out almost one kilometer into the sheltered waters of the Straits of Malacca. It looks somewhat like the one in Dubai, isn't it?

Image googled

Villa atas air!

The villas are located far away from the main lobby and
there were buggies to take you right to your villa's doorstep

The sun was scorching hot...

We stayed in the Travelers Palm Villa which is a 1-bedroom villa.

You know the thing I love most about hotels?
The bathroom!

There were lots of fun activities including land sports, water sports and fitness.

Since it was only a short getaway, I only packed our stuff at the very last minute - right before nak bertolak. And I forgot to bring so many stuff including our iPhone charger, the kids' bottle brush, bottle cleanser, contact lens solution and my scarves! So yeah, I wore the same scarf pagi petang siang malam masa kat sana, with my brown, yellow and pink top. Can you imagine that? And can you imagine how I washed my kids' bottles? With a toothbrush (thank God I always pack a hotel toothbrush in my luggage)!

I am never gonna do last-minute packing ever again.

The infinity pool. Or at least, it looks like one.
Oh wait. It is, isn't it?

My kids had a lot of fun in the water.
I feel like joining them but I didn't bring extra scarf, remember?

We had buffet dinner at Bila-bila later that night, which was located at the Resort Club House. It was a major disappointment! We were there at about 8.45pm and the food was almost finished. There were not many choices too. And not only that, the service was poor. The waiter didn't bother to clear up the plates on our table. I wasn't expecting that, especially from a 5-star resort. It's the worse buffet I've ever been to.

The only food yang sedap is the grilled beef with black pepper sauce.

But thank God breakfast was a lot better.

Waiting for the buggy ride

We wanted to watch the sunset but the kids were so tired, we decided to stay in.

Overall it was a great getaway, except for the buffet dinner. It's a perfect place for a holiday retreat to relax and unwind or a quiet romantic getaway with your spouse. I feel like I was in an island, far far away - like in Maldives or something!


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Because moms need time-outs too

"To be a good mom, you need to be a happy woman first".

Hot stone massage. Facial. Sushi. Movie. Desserts. Girlfriends.

Hope y'all had a great weekend too! :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chocolate covered face

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when you see these ingredients on my kitchen counter would be,
"Oh, you're making a dessert"

Well... yeah. Kinda.

I'm making a dessert for my face. I'm making chocolate mask!
Sounds yummy, right?


I've been making my own facial scrubs and masks but this chocolate mask is my absolute favorite so far. I mean it's chocolate - how can anyone not love it?

Remember the Lymphatic Facial deal I bought online some time ago? I was really looking forward to it because of the "edible chocolate and honey used in the facial" but was disappointed when no chocolate was used in my facial. Bummer. That was when I decided to make my own.

There are a few variations of chocolate face mask recipes I found on the internet - using dark chocolate bar mixed with salt, heavy cream or whipping cream; some even mixed it with cream cheese and cottage cheese!

I made my chocolate mask using 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder (sifted), 1 tablespoon of oats (grounded), 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Mix them well until it becomes a paste.

Leave it to thicken a bit for about 5 minutes. Then apply the mask generously on your clean and dry face, avoiding the eye and lip areas. It's a really messy process so do it in the bathroom!

It's a lot easier to apply the mask with a brush and less messy too!

Couldn't tahan the chocolatey smell, I had to lick some.

I don't think I have ever smelled and looked so good enough to eat! Haha. When my baby saw me with my face covered in chocolate, I think she wasn't sure who or what I was. It was so cute seeing her confused expression, I could almost see the thought bubble over her head... "Is this my mom or is this a big bar of chocolate?".

Anyway, you should leave the mask on for 15 minutes and gently exfoliate your face before rinsing. I swear my skin was glowing and felt so soft right after using this mask! Cocoa is known as a powerful antioxidant that helps to reverse the effects of aging and it helps to tighten the skin. It is said that with constant usage of this mask, you'll get glowing skin, soft and firm with reduced signs of aging and sagging. Wow. I'm loving chocolates even more!

And then I saw this deal on Milkadeal. Premium Gold Cocoa Chocolate Mask Pack, 2 Handmade Facial Soaps (one of them is cocoa) and free delivery for only RM45. Ready-made chocolate mask that comes in a tube! Now that would make my life easier.

This Gold Cacao Pack is made of aloe extract, cacao extract, collagen and.... GOLD POWDER! It doesn't get any better, does it? Apparently this product is so famous in Korea so it must be good.

After reading the reviews and seeing these testimonials, I was sold. I stocked up 2 for myself! There's still 3 days left to purchase this deal on so you'd better hurry before this deal ends.

I'm gonna leave you with my delicious chocolate covered face for you to drool ;p



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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Muesli with grated apple

I LOVE oats. It's one of the foods that I eat everyday.

I mix them in my Herbalife shake. I eat them with my cereal. I mix them in my hot cup of Milo. I mix them in Horlicks. I just love how it makes my food and drinks thick and creamy. Mmmmm!

Anyway, I've been on a muesli binge lately. I've been eating muesli all week, mostly for snacking - mid-morning, tea time and even for supper!

Oats, as we all know, are rich in dietary fiber and they're a heart-healthy food so that's just awesome. And what's even more awesome is that this muesli with grated apple recipe that I got from my mom is super yummy and healthy. It's made of rolled oats, pure fruit juice, natural yogurt, apple, raisins, almonds and honey.

Mom's recipe uses orange juice but I used my favorite juice,
Ceres' Whispers Of Summer.

Soak the rolled oats in juice overnight in the fridge (not too much juice - just enough to cover the oats). Or you can just soak for 1-2 hours in the fridge until the oats are soft.

The next morning (or whenever you wanna eat it), take out the bowl of rolled oats and stir it all up. Add yogurt, grated apples, raisins, drizzle with a little bit of honey and top off with almond flakes.

This muesli tastes somewhat like a cross between a cereal and something desserty. It's nice and creamy, and it has the sweetness from the honey, crunchiness from the almonds, crisp and juiciness from the apple. Yum!

Too bad my husband doesn't fancy it. Hmmph.

But that's okay because it means I can have it ALL to myself!


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Raya shopping

I've been doing a lot of Raya shopping lately (online mostly). Well not much for myself, but for my girls! It's SUPER fun shopping for girls' clothes but when you have 2 girls, it can be somewhat bewildering. I don't like to dress them up in identical clothes (except for baju kurung) so deciding which one to get for each of them was quite a task, especially when there are too many choices.

Which one should I get for Ayra?
This top is so cute but Ayra already has a few tops and Raina still doesn't have one.
Why is it so hard to find stripe dresses for babies?!
Raina dah ada turquoise shoes, now for Ayra....
Oh dang, Ayra still doesn't have orange dress/top!

I cannot imagine if I have 3 girls.

For Ayra

For Raina

And then there's baju kurung. I love Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller and Heather Bailey fabrics - I had a hard time choosing one. Suddenly I wish I knew how to sew clothes because I could be making lots of dresses and tops and skirts for my girls because the fabrics are all so darn cute!

But anyway, I settled for Robert Kaufman's Daisies and Dots fabric in turquoise (our Raya theme this year is shades of blue. What's yours?).

Tempah dengan Nilam Boutique.

I've been too engrossed in shopping for my girls that I forgot to shop for my own stuff!
No more shopping for the girls. SERIOUSLY.


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Friday, July 15, 2011

My New York Skin Solutions facial experience

I cringe when people tell me how nice and flawless my skin looks.
It. is. NOT.

I may not have pimples but that doesn't make my skin flawless. If you look close enough, you can see chicken pox scars, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, dark circles, fine lines and my 7 moles! I used to be so rajin to take care of my skin - I never skipped the 4-step daily skincare routine (cleanse, tone, essence, moisturize), I scrubbed and masked twice a week and went for facials about once a month.

But nowadays?

Daily skincare routine pun kadang-kadang buat only once a day (too tired, no time, blah blah blah). Scrub and mask once a month. Facials? Umm....once in a blue moon. I guess when you have kids, you tend to forget to take care of yourself because you're busy taking care of the kids!

Anyway I was recently invited to try out the facial at New York Skin Solutions in Mid Valley. Clearly I was in need of one because the last time I had facial was 3 months ago!

It was my first time there and when I arrived, I was greeted cheerfully by the consultants (I think there were about 8 of them). I have never been greeted like that! The treatment comprises of computerized skin scan, personal skin consultation, followed by the facial treatment.

I was led to this room to do the skin scan and consultation

Had to fill in the form and answer some questions about health and lifestyle
since it was my first time there

The consultant asked what are my main concerns about my skin and I told her "dark circles, fine lines and uneven skin tone". She then took a pistol-like device and started scanning my skin.

The result was shown on the computer and OMG it looked scary! You can see every tiny detail of your skin that the naked eye can't see - even the fine bulu muka!

On the left is the external skin, and the right side is internal skin.
See those black dots? Those are my white/blackheads! T_T

I was told that my skin is dehydrated and that I have pigmentation near my eye area! *shocked*. The consultant asked me, "Do you wear sunscreen?". Uh-oh. I don't wear one. Must. Wear. Sunscreen. From now on!

Then the consultant briefed about their facial treatment. Each treatment at New York Skin Solutions is tailor-made to penetrate skin cells for internal skin repair, something that the usual skincare product can't do. There's also external skin renewal to reveal a clear, healthy-looking skin.

And then the facial began!

For my skin, the consultant opted for Collagen Treatment. There were the usual deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, facial massage, etc... and also a few extra steps - she applied vitamin E and collagen on my skin and used some kind of a device to help penetrate the collagen into my skin. There was skin softening involved in this facial too. It's something like steaming but it was way better because it was cooling and soothing. It's like someone sprayed a cool mist on your face. Then there were 3 types of masks applied in this facial - first was the hydrating sheet mask, then the Honey mask together with the Cold mask. Love the latter ones! My skin felt so moisturize and "clean". There were neck, shoulder and back massages too. It was so relaxing. Just what I needed!

Then once again after the facial, I did the skin scan to see the difference.

Right side is my skin before the treatment, and left side is after the treatment.
You can tell the difference straight away even if you're not a pro!

That's the scan result for my nose.
No more "black dots"!! :D

The overall treatment took 3 hours, by the way. I was given a little something before leaving.

Travel kit!

I did the facial at night and the next day, I woke up with a much better looking skin - it was all glowing and most importantly, my nose was licin from all those white and blackheads. It made applying makeup easier too! Check out New York Skin Solutions' website if you want more info about skin problems and treatments. They have a solution for every skin problem. You can also "Like" their Facebook fan page to get their latest news and updates on promotions and offers.

Now listen up!

Currently there's a MATCH & WIN online contest at There are 3 brands that you can choose from - Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management or New York Skin Solutions.

All you need to do is match the before and after pictures of their successful customers. THAT'S IT! I've entered the contest already. Easy-peasy. I chose Yun Nam by the way, because of my post-natal hair loss problem.

The best part is, every NEW customer who participates will be guaranteed an Entry Prize worth RM668 which includes 1 treatment, 1 set of products and RM300 treatment voucher (upon signing up a new course)! There are also 10 Grand Prizes to be won which include a Treatment package and Makeover package valued at RM80,000!

So go join the contest at now to win these awesome prizes!

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