Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Facial Scrubs

I was touching my baby's skin and comparing it with mine the other day, when I noticed how rough my skin felt especially my nose. Eeek! Must be the whiteheads. And then I remembered. The last time I scrubbed my face was probably err... months ago! *gasp*

That night I went to the bathroom to look for my facial scrub, only to find that it has expired. But thank God for homemade beauty treatments! I could just easily whip up some natural ingredients and it'd work just as great as the commercial ones.

Here's a facial scrub recipe for dry skin which I've made some days ago:

1 teaspoon honey + 2 teaspoons brown sugar + 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 teaspoon grounded oats

Honey has a lot of beauty benefits.
It's a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and absorbs impurities from pores.

Put a few drops of water and mix them well.
Then apply on your face and scrub scrub scrub!

Leave it on for 5-10 minutes (it doubles as a mask!).
And while you're at it, apply soaked teabags on your eyes.
Then rinse off with water.

I also made another mask using only brown sugar, honey and a few drops of water. Love it!

My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth after that!

The great thing about homemade beauty products is that it's loaded with wholesome goodness and not to mention, super cheap! There are a lot of natural ingredients you can use to make your own facial scrubs and masks including plain yogurt, avocado, banana, strawberry, lemon juice, ground almond, baking soda and cucumber, besides the ones I used.

Speaking of which... When I was about 12 (yes I started to become somewhat obsessed with skincare at a young age), I tried to make my own facial scrub after watching a show on TV - if I'm not mistaken, it was Nona. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the ingredients that the TV show used to make the facial scrub so I just invented my own using all the herbs and spices that I could find in my mom's kitchen. Black pepper, oregano, salt, cumin and God knows what else I put. I'm not kidding!

Lepas tu sapu kat muka. Lepas tu muka rasa pijar. Lepas tu menangis. Haha. Nak cantik la konon! Nasib baik tak letak serbuk kunyit or worse, serbuk cili. But at least I learned my lesson. Black pepper, cumin, oregano and whatnot go on chicken. Not on the face!


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