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My New York Skin Solutions facial experience

I cringe when people tell me how nice and flawless my skin looks.
It. is. NOT.

I may not have pimples but that doesn't make my skin flawless. If you look close enough, you can see chicken pox scars, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, dark circles, fine lines and my 7 moles! I used to be so rajin to take care of my skin - I never skipped the 4-step daily skincare routine (cleanse, tone, essence, moisturize), I scrubbed and masked twice a week and went for facials about once a month.

But nowadays?

Daily skincare routine pun kadang-kadang buat only once a day (too tired, no time, blah blah blah). Scrub and mask once a month. Facials? Umm....once in a blue moon. I guess when you have kids, you tend to forget to take care of yourself because you're busy taking care of the kids!

Anyway I was recently invited to try out the facial at New York Skin Solutions in Mid Valley. Clearly I was in need of one because the last time I had facial was 3 months ago!

It was my first time there and when I arrived, I was greeted cheerfully by the consultants (I think there were about 8 of them). I have never been greeted like that! The treatment comprises of computerized skin scan, personal skin consultation, followed by the facial treatment.

I was led to this room to do the skin scan and consultation

Had to fill in the form and answer some questions about health and lifestyle
since it was my first time there

The consultant asked what are my main concerns about my skin and I told her "dark circles, fine lines and uneven skin tone". She then took a pistol-like device and started scanning my skin.

The result was shown on the computer and OMG it looked scary! You can see every tiny detail of your skin that the naked eye can't see - even the fine bulu muka!

On the left is the external skin, and the right side is internal skin.
See those black dots? Those are my white/blackheads! T_T

I was told that my skin is dehydrated and that I have pigmentation near my eye area! *shocked*. The consultant asked me, "Do you wear sunscreen?". Uh-oh. I don't wear one. Must. Wear. Sunscreen. From now on!

Then the consultant briefed about their facial treatment. Each treatment at New York Skin Solutions is tailor-made to penetrate skin cells for internal skin repair, something that the usual skincare product can't do. There's also external skin renewal to reveal a clear, healthy-looking skin.

And then the facial began!

For my skin, the consultant opted for Collagen Treatment. There were the usual deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, facial massage, etc... and also a few extra steps - she applied vitamin E and collagen on my skin and used some kind of a device to help penetrate the collagen into my skin. There was skin softening involved in this facial too. It's something like steaming but it was way better because it was cooling and soothing. It's like someone sprayed a cool mist on your face. Then there were 3 types of masks applied in this facial - first was the hydrating sheet mask, then the Honey mask together with the Cold mask. Love the latter ones! My skin felt so moisturize and "clean". There were neck, shoulder and back massages too. It was so relaxing. Just what I needed!

Then once again after the facial, I did the skin scan to see the difference.

Right side is my skin before the treatment, and left side is after the treatment.
You can tell the difference straight away even if you're not a pro!

That's the scan result for my nose.
No more "black dots"!! :D

The overall treatment took 3 hours, by the way. I was given a little something before leaving.

Travel kit!

I did the facial at night and the next day, I woke up with a much better looking skin - it was all glowing and most importantly, my nose was licin from all those white and blackheads. It made applying makeup easier too! Check out New York Skin Solutions' website if you want more info about skin problems and treatments. They have a solution for every skin problem. You can also "Like" their Facebook fan page to get their latest news and updates on promotions and offers.

Now listen up!

Currently there's a MATCH & WIN online contest at There are 3 brands that you can choose from - Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management or New York Skin Solutions.

All you need to do is match the before and after pictures of their successful customers. THAT'S IT! I've entered the contest already. Easy-peasy. I chose Yun Nam by the way, because of my post-natal hair loss problem.

The best part is, every NEW customer who participates will be guaranteed an Entry Prize worth RM668 which includes 1 treatment, 1 set of products and RM300 treatment voucher (upon signing up a new course)! There are also 10 Grand Prizes to be won which include a Treatment package and Makeover package valued at RM80,000!

So go join the contest at now to win these awesome prizes!

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