Monday, July 18, 2011

Raya shopping

I've been doing a lot of Raya shopping lately (online mostly). Well not much for myself, but for my girls! It's SUPER fun shopping for girls' clothes but when you have 2 girls, it can be somewhat bewildering. I don't like to dress them up in identical clothes (except for baju kurung) so deciding which one to get for each of them was quite a task, especially when there are too many choices.

Which one should I get for Ayra?
This top is so cute but Ayra already has a few tops and Raina still doesn't have one.
Why is it so hard to find stripe dresses for babies?!
Raina dah ada turquoise shoes, now for Ayra....
Oh dang, Ayra still doesn't have orange dress/top!

I cannot imagine if I have 3 girls.

For Ayra

For Raina

And then there's baju kurung. I love Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller and Heather Bailey fabrics - I had a hard time choosing one. Suddenly I wish I knew how to sew clothes because I could be making lots of dresses and tops and skirts for my girls because the fabrics are all so darn cute!

But anyway, I settled for Robert Kaufman's Daisies and Dots fabric in turquoise (our Raya theme this year is shades of blue. What's yours?).

Tempah dengan Nilam Boutique.

I've been too engrossed in shopping for my girls that I forgot to shop for my own stuff!
No more shopping for the girls. SERIOUSLY.


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