Monday, June 27, 2011

Oreo Daddy Dunk

Went to Oreo Daddy Dunk event at One Utama to celebrate Father's Day two Sundays ago.

The first thing I saw was this massive queue. I was like, what's happening? Why are they queuing? I tried to have a closer look and.... of course.

Aaron Aziz was on the stage! People (or rather, girls) were queuing up for his autograph and pictures. I bet most of them were fans of Nora Elena, the TV series kot. I didn't join the queue tho. Ramai sangat! Plus, it was hot and I was thirsty.

I was more interested with this:

Oreo Milkshake!

Oreo Milkshake is my favorite! 1 small cup was not enough so I had 3. One of these days, I'm gonna try to make my own Oreo Milkshake using the recipe.

While enjoying the cups of Oreo Milkshake, I had a look around. There were several games for dads, kids and even moms.

These dads had to eat the Oreo cookie from their forehead without using their hands.
Macam susah jer.

The kid who can lick the cream in the Oreo cookie the fastest would win this game.
Can you guess who won?

The comel-est kid! ;D
But each of them received a prize.

This is a game for dads and their kids.
The kids randomly picked out a card with a word on it, handed it to their dads
and they have to build as many simpulan bahasa as they can.

But the most interesting game was the Daddy Dunk, where you literally dunk your dad in it!

But it wasn't just for dads la. Anyone who wants to be dunked can play it.

1 2 3.... whooosh!

Into the pool of balls!

Oreo cookies were sold cheaper than retail price that day - RM2.99!
I bought 4 packets.

Remember the Facebook app where you can create a personalized t-shirt for dads? There's an online code when you want to redeem it at the event and I forgot about it. Dang! So instead of the personalized t-shirt, dapat the normal white one. Takpe la ;p

At the counter to redeem the t-shirt

Some of the customized t-shirt designs.

At 3.30pm, Aaron Aziz appeared once again on stage with some of the game participants (ladies of course). Did you know he's the new ambassador for Oreo?

"Handsome la Aaron Aziz ni!", I said.

Hubby rolled his eyes. Then he said, "Kenapa dorang tak panggil Lisa Surihani ker, Siti Saleha ker. Baru lah adil".

Uhh hello, this is Father's Day event. Mereka takde kena-mengena langsung! ;p

Anyway, hope y'all had a great father's day celebration!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raina's Caricature


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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fact about Sugars in Children's Milk

I don't know if you mommies notice that there has been a lot of different information in digital space regarding sugars in children's growing up milk, ever since the no added sugars campaign started.

I find it confusing at first - some milk brands say that the added sugars in their milk are from natural plant source, hence making it ok for children to drink. But it got me thinking; sugars, no matter what it is called - natural sugars, added sugars, natural plant sugars, corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids - they are still basically SUGARS right? Is there really a "good" sugar; sugar that is better than other types of sugars?

I did a little bit of research and found this:

"Corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and high fructose corn syrup (as well as crystalline fructose) are all made from corn, and bottom line, all are sugar. So, first off, because they’re sugar, my opinion is that they are all damaging to your health, just because sugar is so damaging.

Each of these ingredients will give you cravings for more sugar, and foods that list high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, or fructose as one of their top 4 ingredients are overeating traps. These ingredients actually interfere with a hormone that tells your brain that you’re full!" (taken from this website).

The last sentence caught my attention, "...interfere with a hormone that tells your brain that you're full". No wonder Ayra doesn't want anything but milk! (I did mention she drinks 5-7 bottles of 7oz milk a day, right? *gasps*)

Yes I know not all sugars are bad. In fact milk contains some natural sugars too, which is lactose. Sugar gives energy and we all know children need energy. What is bad is when there's excessive level of added sugars in growing up milk because it can increase the risk of health problems in children - now and in the future. The natural healthy level of sugar in a glass of regular milk is approximately 11-12 grams per serving so anything higher than that is actually added sugars and it does not align with any local or international recommendations.

Image googled

While it's true that all sugars are carbs but not all carbs are sugars (as there can be fibres as well), under Malaysian food labeling regulations, fibre is declared separately and it's not included in the total carbohydrate level in the nutrition label. I think it's important for parents to know this because it's our children's milk we're talking about here! The number of carbohydrate per serving in the milk label is only made up of 2 things: naturally present sugar (lactose) and added sugars (corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids). So do check the label carefully when choosing the right milk for your child yea.

Of course the easiest way to tell is to taste your child's milk. Kalau manis melampau tu maknanya there's excessive level of added sugars la. You don't need to be a dietician to know that!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trudy & Teddy Dress Up Party

Ayra had her first fashion show at Trudy & Teddy tea party last weekend! It was a private event, held at Parkson Alamanda, and it was heaps of fun! There were afternoon tea cocktail, clay art workshop, as well as caricature service.

Decorating door signs with the DIY kit

Raina, having her caricature drawn

The main highlight of this event was the dress up contest. Parents can choose their favorite apparels with matching accessories and shoes for their little models at Trudy & Teddy counter worth RM300. There were a lot of cute dresses and skirts and I was having a hard time choosing! There are basic wear, special occasion outfits, everyday wear and of course accessories.

At first I was thinking to have both my girls participate in the contest but the total outfits for both of them exceeded RM300. It's either both of them participate with no shoes OR only one of them participate. Mana boleh model without shoes kan, so I let kakak to be the model!

Everyone was busy choosing outfits

We were given about 30 minutes to choose the outfits and dress up our little ones so everyone was kelam kabut. It was madness! If you must know, I usually spend hours belek-belek all the clothes and shoes first to see which one matches before deciding which ones to get. 30 minutes seemed not enough!

But I managed to find the ones I like at the very last minute:
a white blouse, a plaid skirt, black tights, a hat and a pair of cap-toe shoes

All dressed up and ready to go!

All of the participants must parade according to the route given that ended on a mini stage for them to strike a pose for the camera. Of course parents can lead or carry their kids especially if their model is a baby. So here we go!

Ceera and her baby Keisha, were contestants number 2

Our turn is next!

I was worried that Ayra would refuse to parade in front of a crowd because she is usually VERY shy (just like moi ;p) and just wants to be held sambil tutup muka. But thank God she did not! She paraded hand in hand with me and when people clapped, she clapped her hands as well. I bet because there were other kids as well; kalau tak, jangan harap!

There was a mini fashion show too, to showcase Trudy & Teddy's collection. Their clothing line is inspired by classic European style with a twist of modernity yet simple and comfy in lots of subtle colors like ivory, white, brown, khaki, pink, grey and black. I noticed all of their apparels are made of cotton. They are high quality cotton fabrics from Japan with superior workmanship like cotton mini twill with satin finishing, fully combed cotton dobby, etc so they are no doubt comfortable for babies.

And then it was time to announce the winner. The judging were based on 30% parade skills and 70% on overall image.

The "Little Best Dresser" goes to....


I knew he would win - he was the only contestant who paraded on his own. Such a cute little fella! He won a prize worth RM500 (RM300 worth of Trudy & Teddy products and RM200 cash). His parents must be so proud of him!

With the mother of the Little Best Dresser, Merryn

I also had the chance to meet the designer of Trudy & Teddy!

It was such a fun event, we all had a good time.
And you know what's the best part?


I have been eyeing on this plaid skirt and the shoes especially!
(the shoes remind me of Chanel cap-toe ballet flats, except without the straps)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rainbows of Color

I just love this season's color trend - fun bright colors!

I couldn't resist picking up a few tops to add to my wardrobe - cobalt blue (my favorite of all), yellow, orange, green, purple, pink. ZARA is my favorite brand to shop at the moment. Stepping inside the store is like stepping inside Candyland. Everything is so fun and colorful - rows and rows of bright colored tops and pants and skirts and shoes. I just want to stay there forever!

There's this plain simple top I love so much that I bought one in every color!

You've seen me wearing the blue, white and purple before. Then last weekend, I went to check out ZARA again and saw it in green. Of course I grabbed it right away!

Here are some of my other favorite (online) purchases.

Topshop chiffon twist front blouse in brick
(I had been looking for this blouse for ages. Love it!)

ASOS Pintucked Top in yellow

ASOS Belted Tunic in magenta
(Love the color but unfortunately, the sleeves are too tight for my flabby arms! Pffft.
Let's see if it's alterable)

The Poplook Henley Tunic in orange

The Poplook Slinky Pleat Maxi Dress in mustard


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