Monday, June 27, 2011

Oreo Daddy Dunk

Went to Oreo Daddy Dunk event at One Utama to celebrate Father's Day two Sundays ago.

The first thing I saw was this massive queue. I was like, what's happening? Why are they queuing? I tried to have a closer look and.... of course.

Aaron Aziz was on the stage! People (or rather, girls) were queuing up for his autograph and pictures. I bet most of them were fans of Nora Elena, the TV series kot. I didn't join the queue tho. Ramai sangat! Plus, it was hot and I was thirsty.

I was more interested with this:

Oreo Milkshake!

Oreo Milkshake is my favorite! 1 small cup was not enough so I had 3. One of these days, I'm gonna try to make my own Oreo Milkshake using the recipe.

While enjoying the cups of Oreo Milkshake, I had a look around. There were several games for dads, kids and even moms.

These dads had to eat the Oreo cookie from their forehead without using their hands.
Macam susah jer.

The kid who can lick the cream in the Oreo cookie the fastest would win this game.
Can you guess who won?

The comel-est kid! ;D
But each of them received a prize.

This is a game for dads and their kids.
The kids randomly picked out a card with a word on it, handed it to their dads
and they have to build as many simpulan bahasa as they can.

But the most interesting game was the Daddy Dunk, where you literally dunk your dad in it!

But it wasn't just for dads la. Anyone who wants to be dunked can play it.

1 2 3.... whooosh!

Into the pool of balls!

Oreo cookies were sold cheaper than retail price that day - RM2.99!
I bought 4 packets.

Remember the Facebook app where you can create a personalized t-shirt for dads? There's an online code when you want to redeem it at the event and I forgot about it. Dang! So instead of the personalized t-shirt, dapat the normal white one. Takpe la ;p

At the counter to redeem the t-shirt

Some of the customized t-shirt designs.

At 3.30pm, Aaron Aziz appeared once again on stage with some of the game participants (ladies of course). Did you know he's the new ambassador for Oreo?

"Handsome la Aaron Aziz ni!", I said.

Hubby rolled his eyes. Then he said, "Kenapa dorang tak panggil Lisa Surihani ker, Siti Saleha ker. Baru lah adil".

Uhh hello, this is Father's Day event. Mereka takde kena-mengena langsung! ;p

Anyway, hope y'all had a great father's day celebration!

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