Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Worlds of Fantasy

Can you feel the love tonight..
The peace the evening brings..
The world, for once, in perfect harmony..
With all its living things...

That song (and a few other songs from The Lion King) has been stuck in my head for days ever since we went to watch Disney On Ice last weekend.

My dad got a few extra tickets and asked if we'd like to go. You bet we would! We left Raina with my mother-in-law because she's still too small and decided to take the LRT since Stadium Putra is just a few LRT stations away from our place - plus, Ayra had never been on a train before. She loves trains (and buses and cars) and gets really excited when she saw one!

"Oh look, another train!"

I had never been to any Disney On Ice shows before and for a moment, I felt like I was in Disneyland, seeing all those Disney characters came to life! It was a really good show - the elaborate sets, exquisite costumes, graceful skaters, the singing and dancing, everything!

Hosts of the day - Mickey Mouse and friends


The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

Ayra was sleepy while waiting for the second half of the show to start.

My sister, Hanis and her family were there too.

I enjoyed The Lion King and The Little Mermaid shows the most, probably because they are my favorite Disney cartoons since I was little. I could tell Ayra enjoyed the show too even tho she has never seen any of the Disney cartoons (Ooooh fish! Lion! Giraffe! Zebra!). But I have to say, Tinkerbell show was the most beautiful - lots of fairies and flowers and glitters and butterflies. It was like magical.


Ayra twirling around nak tiru gaya the ice skaters

My Thumbelina.
My BIL bought cotton candies that were stuffed inside that flower bud
and gave it to Ayra. It makes a super cute "hat", no?

There were some Disney goodies on sale too and I cannot resist this Tinkerbell mug. Mula-mula ingat nak bagi Ayra, but now I'm not sure coz... I want it too! ;p Share lah yer anak.

So. Freakin'. Cute.

Comes with this spoon cum straw.

p/s: I'm currently waiting for The Lion King and The Little Mermaid to finish download because I wanna watch them again, except this time I'm gonna watch with my daughter!


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