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Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session

So my husband and I went to the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session last Saturday at Fullhouse, Sunway Giza Mall (my first time there!).

Cutest car ever. Would be perfect for my girls!

It was a one-day program and there were 20 chosen couples including married couples, siblings and also friends - all who had the chance to discover more about Proton Exora and explore the advantages of the first national MPV.

We all had nasi lemak for breakfast, and then we were ushered to Level 2 for the talks and presentations. Mind you, this isn't like any other regular test drive session. The activities were pretty unique and they revolved around the features of Exora which is S.P.A.C.E - Safety, Performance, Advance Styling, Comfort and Economical. There were talks and presentations on safety, investment, child development, relationship and even image consultancy!

Dr. Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Clinical Psychologist, giving a talk on child development.
Notice his tie? ;)

We were briefed about the safety features of Exora and how it is designed to protect children on-board with its driver door unlock system which only allows the driver's door to be opened while the others are locked. This is one of the important features that every family-car must have! Exora also has speed auto lock function, Auto Block car locks function, as well as the pretensioner seatbelts. Dr. Alvin also gave some tips when traveling long distance with small children, which include bringing lots of snacks and toys to play with so the kids won't get bored. Also, make a few stops (if traveling by car) every couple hours because kids can get very restless.

After the safety and child development talks, we had the performance test drive.

Each couple were given our own Exora to drive and we convoyed to Desa Park City where the test drive activities were held.

We were given instructions and directions via this walkie-talkie

Wouldn't it be cooler if all Exoras come with this GPS Navigator? ;D

Here's something we just discovered that day: integrated Bluetooth feature, which allows you to speak on your mobile phone safely when driving. Pretty cool, huh?

At Desa Park City

There were some contests and activities during the Exora performance test drive session.

Arranging all these luggage neatly into the boot.

The fastest couple to arrange wins!

Next, side-parking while blindfolded.

This challenge requires one person to be blindfolded and park the Exora within the cone parking area (side-parking), while his/her partner gives directions. The purpose is to build and strengthen trust among each other. My husband and I participated. I wasn't sure if I could direct my husband to do side-parking because I myself don't know how to do it, tiba-tiba nak direct orang lain! *panic*

We managed to complete it within 3 minutes tho. Ok la kan for someone who
doesn't know how to do side-parking and give directions! I thought it'd be more than 5 minutes.

The fastest couple managed to complete it in just one minute by the way! They sure have a high level of trust with each other, huh.

We also get to test out the Proton Lotus Ride & Handling, emergency ABS and EBD brake on the driving circuit. Again, we were given instructions by Proton Exora driving instructor via the walkie-talkie on when to accelerate, when to brake hard and when to do a steep turn to avoid obstacles on the road - things that I had never actually experienced in real life. It was like a driving lesson, only fun-ner because we really get to test out the Exora and push it to the limit!

At around 2pm, we went back to Fullhouse to have our lunch before proceeding with the next talk on relationship, image, product wrap up and investment.

This bread butter pudding is sooo nice!
I wanna try make one soon.

One of the interesting talks was a topic on image. Cherrise Tan, Adamaya Image Consultant, gave a talk about the importance of style and image to boost self-confidence. And style could be attributed with Exora because it is stylish and has an attractive exterior!

The event ended with prize giving and again, makan! It was tea time la.

Each participant was given a goodie bag and a complimentary
1-hour massage at Thann Sanctuary, One World Hotel.

That was actually my first time going to a test drive session and I learned quite a lot about how to choose an MPV, the safety features of Exora including the ABS & EBS brake system (never knew what those were before!), and also the tips and guidance on the important aspects in building a harmonious family. It was, overall, a great experience!

Anyway, there's an upcoming VIP test-drive session on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Penang. If you're interested, go register yourself at

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