Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's Outfit: Black and Gray

I've been wearing too many blacks lately.
Black blouse. Black tunic. Black t-shirt. Black cardigan.

Today I attended 2 events (which I will blog about later) and decided to wear black - again.
I can't help it! Perhaps it's because umm... black goes with anything?

I'm wearing a black cropped jacket from Forever21, gray asymmetrical top from Warehouse, maternity jeans from Funky Mama (I love it!), accessories from Forever21 and my favorite comfy heels from Eclipse. Even my sister is wearing black too. And don't you just love her military-inspired jacket?

I saw this exact chain braided bracelet for almost SGD$100 during my last trip to Singapore and nearly bought it. Glad I didn't because I found a similar one at Forever21 for only RM29! Gotta love Forever21. Especially the accessories.

I don't usually like pearls but this cascading pearl necklace, I like!

I have a few events to attend next month. Let's see if I could refrain myself from wearing black!


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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ayra uses the iPad for the first time

At only 1-ish year old, Ayra has already mastered using the iPhone. She knows how to unlock the screen, scroll through the pages, make a phone call to her Tok Ummi and even choose her favorite application of all the apps I have in it! (I recently downloaded a nursery rhyme app, "The Wheels On The Bus" and she loves it). I guess the iPhone user interface is so easy to use and appealing that even small children know how to use it.

But my husband and I would usually let her play with our iPhones as a last resort when she's super cranky and nothing else seems to work. It's a savior really, especially when we're at events and whatnot.

Anyway, my husband brought back his company's iPad earlier this week. We decided to let our little girl try it and she instantly know how to use it. Ahh well, it's not surprising. iPad is after all, like a big version of iPhone!

I love how she uses her finger to point and scroll the page. Macam orang besar jer!


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ayra Cullen

Ayra is going to be 17 months in about a week's time.

Believe it or not, she only started to have her first tooth (well 2 actually; they came out serentak) when she was 15 months old! I started to get really worried when she turned 1 because I heard most babies have at least 6 teeth by the time they hit 1 year old. My pediatrician assured me it's normal and there's nothing to worry about. But of course I was still worried. Isn't that what we moms do best? Semua benda risau.

I kept telling myself, maybe next month kot gigi dia start tumbuh. But still at 13 months old, there was no sign of tooth coming out. Same thing happened at 14 months old. I went back to see the pediatrician and was told the same thing. She told me that sometimes it's just because of genetics (I guess my husband dulu tumbuh gigi lambat kot sebab my mom cakap I had my first tooth before I was 1 year old) and would only advice to start doing x-ray if she still doesn't have any teeth by the time she's 2 years old. There was still another 10 months to go. I was at ease after hearing her explanation (and of course after doing some research online) and stopped worrying since then.

And what do you know, one month later her teeth started to come out! I was happy! Tapi dia keluar taring dulu. Ayra is a half vampire, don't play play! LOL.

She seems to go through the teething period with ease tho. No fever, no drooling, no chin rash, no cheek or ear pulling, and she sleeps well through the night. But she likes to suck her fingers (and hand) and is a little bit cranky at times. And she likes to bite and gnaws especially when breastfeeding. Argh!

Well I am not her main source of milk anymore (it has been a few months now and I'm not upset or anything about it because she's over a year now. I mean it would happen anyway, sooner or later). In fact, I don't think I have any milk left but she still likes loves to suck for comfort or saja nak manja-manja or lepak-lepak. I'm not even sure if that is considered as breastfeeding. Or is that breastsucking? LOL.

Anyway I'm happy with that until recently when she started having teeth. Sometimes I even screamed and cried because it hurts so much. Plus I'm pregnant so "my twins" are extra sensitive. A part of me wants to totally stop breastfeeding her because of the pain, but another part of me kesian kat dia. Is there any way to ease the pain during breastfeeding? Or should I just stop breastfeeding her? Tapi dia marah kalau tak kasi. Huhu.

How now brown cow?


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Shu Uemura Makeup Workshop

So my sister invited me to a beauty workshop by Shu Uemura last Saturday, at Shu Uemura boutique in Sunway Pyramid. Other bloggers who joined this workshop besides my 2 sisters were Leen, Fadd, Farah, Reena and Hanis' friend (whose name I've forgotten).

Just so you know, I've started wearing makeup more than 5 years ago and all these while I only learn makeup on my own through experiments - with the help of my sisters (that's the fun thing about having sisters!), beauty magazines, books and the internet. This is actually my very first time attending a makeup workshop so of course I was excited!

Besides learning about the right techniques, tips and tricks about makeup, we get to try out Shu Uemura products as well - from cleanser to (eyelash) curler.

First, we were asked to remove our makeup using one of their iconic products, the Cleansing Oil. It doubles as a makeup remover and a cleanser so even if you don't have your makeup on, you can still cleanse your face using the cleansing oil.

I like the cleansing oil as a cleanser but when it comes to removing makeup, I still prefer using my good ol' trusty Fasio makeup remover. I find it a bit hard to remove eye makeup using the Cleansing Oil, especially waterproof mascara.

I had to really take my time to massage my eye area until I accidentally rub the Cleansing Oil into my eyes! It was so red but it didn't sting. It was a little discomforting tho as I had my contact lens on but my eyes were fine after cleaning them with a solution.

My bare skin. It's so pale and hmm... colorless!

After cleansing, wipe off the face and onto the next step which is the skincare.

And we were then led to a room where the workshop is being held.

Each one of us had our own workstations with mirrors and makeups and tools and some (Japanese) snacks and drinks. Seronok!

Makeup tools provided

Some of the products used

And the makeup lessons began.

Shu Uemura makeup artist applying makeup on the model.
We just follow her!

Basically, I knew what are the step-by-step of applying makeup: base, foundation, concealer, loose powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara, brow, blusher and lip gloss/lipstick. But what I didn't know is that a base is like the most important thing. I always skip this step because I had never found a makeup base that I like (tried Stila and Chanel and I gave up). But when I tried Shu Uemura's new UV Under Base Mousse, I fell in love instantly! In fact I think everyone did. The product is just so incredible, you have to try it to believe it. It feels so light and gives a smooth canvas before applying makeup. It's also great if you wanna opt for light makeup. You can just wear this and skip the foundation!

I also learned how to use makeup sponge when applying makeup base and foundation. Let's just say, I'm not going to use my fingers after this! It was actually easier using a sponge. And smoother too. I also learned that the best way of applying loose powder is by using a puff instead of a brush. A puff gives a more even coverage, but you still need a face brush to brush off the excess powder on your face. (We get to keep the puff and sponge by the way!)

Then came my favorite part of makeup - the eyes.

We were told to choose any 3 colors we like, and I decided to try something different. Something I've never tried before - green! I actually kinda like it.

Wearing eyeliner and mascara make a HUGE difference!

These are the colors I used to create the look: gold, fern-ish green and white.

The end results...

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

I've always had this little wish of having a dramatic makeup look with bold fake eyelashes,
done by a professional makeup artist for a photo shoot or something. Tee hee!

Wanted to take a pic of myself, but I ended up taking a pic of my camera instead ;p

This is my favorite pic.
Suka la tengok perempuan-perempuan beratur kat dalam cermin!

We received a goodie bag each consisting of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, Depsea Water, brightening mask and the sponge and puff that we used earlier during the workshop.

And I couldn't resist getting my hands on their Under Base Mousse!

You know, besides diamond I really think (a good) makeup is a girl's best friend too! ;p


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Friday, April 23, 2010

When jeans are not allowed...

I'm not really into music. I mean, I do enjoy the occasional dose of music when I "just happened" to listen to them, like when I'm in the car or at an event or the mall, etc. But that's just it. I never bothered to look for the lyrics or the song name, even if it's a song I like. You will never see me plugging my ears with earphones or turning on the radio or play the music on CD. Heck, I don't even have any songs on my laptop and iPhone! I'm just... well, I guess I can live without (that much) music.

I used to be a "kipas-susah-nak-mati" (die-hard fan) of Backstreet Boys when I was a teenager. I loved N Sync and Westlife and Britney too. Come to think of it, I think I still err... like them. Or at least their songs (go on, laugh at me). But I do notice my interest in music has slowed down.

Anyways, I got an invitation to Lewis Pragasam's Asia Beat showcase at Petronas Philharmonic Hall from Nuffnang.

I have never heard of Lewis Pragasam before nor did I know what the showcase was all about, but decided to attend it because I've never been to Philharmonic Hall before. And honestly, I wasn't expecting to enjoy the show. But boy was I wrong!

There were performances by Natasha Patamapongs (Thailand), Zainal Abidin, Tengku Ryo (Indonesia), Caprice and John 'Kaizan Neptune. My favorite performance was by Tengku Ryo. He played the violin and my God he was just so good (I've always wanted to play the piano and violin when I was a kid)! He performed 3 songs I think, and all of them were inspired by his ancient culture - Irish, Scottish, Arabic, etc. It was SO interesting, especially the tango + zapin. Can you imagine how tango and zapin music sounds like when they're combined together? Best giler!

Zainal Abidin's perfomance was good too. Suara dia best. And I actually like the performance by Caprice and the gang! Sumpah comel giler with their dance moves and everything. Kind of reminded me of my brother. I was actually smiling throughout their performance like a silly girl! ;p And I was happy that I actually enjoyed myself that night.

By the way, Redmummy (and her husband), Timothy (Nuffnang's big boss) and Audrey (his girlfriend) were there too.

Pic taken from Audrey's phone

Oh, that reminds me...

Something quite funny happened before the show started. The dress code is smart casual so I thought wearing jeans and a jacket is considered as one, no? Well apparently, not for Philharmonic. All the 3 guys were wearing jeans so they had no choice but to change into slacks! (which were provided by them). Timothy couldn't find one that fits him so he and Audrey couldn't join us.

Pic courtesy of Redmummy. I forgot to bring my camera!

The slack was a bit tight for my hubby, tapi dia belasah saja. It was a mismatched outfit! Tak faham kenapa mereka sungguh gembira memakai seluar tak cantik! (oh, except for Timothy. Sirman punya not bad jugak)

I wore a purple top from Forever21, Zara cropped satin jacket and a (dark blue) jeans. Yes, jeans!
But thank God tak kena tukar seluar!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soft and Slinky

My favorite kind of tops are those made of soft slinky fabrics like viscose and silk, or any combination of both with other fabrics. I love how the fabric wraps the body and flows nicely and gives a touch of fab-ness to it. But if I were to choose, I'd go for viscose because they don't require dry cleaning! And they're usually cheaper than tops that are made of silk.

These tops from Topshop are so pretty, I especially love the details! I could already imagine the softness of the fabric on my body. And yes they're 100% viscose.

I wonder if they would look great on pregnant moms though. The cutting aren't really pregnant-friendly (not empire).


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eating on her own

Eating time is Ayra's most favorite time besides bathing. She likes it when she gets to feed herself. It's either that or she will refuse to eat at all.

She gets to hold the spoon, experiment the texture of food with her hand (sometimes both hands), play with the food and most importantly make a huge mess! She will splatter everything on the table, the floor, her clothes, her face, her hands, even her hair. It's fun to watch her but arghh I have to admit, I hate cleaning up!

But the other day at my cousin's wedding, she didn't make a mess. Well, just bits of rice on her table - which is normal - but that's it. I guess she's slowly starting to learn about table manners!


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in Kuantan

The last time I went for a holiday with my parents and siblings was waaaay back before I was married! It's pretty normal when you have a family of your own, no?

Anyway we stayed at Swiss Garden Resort. We ate a lot of (hotel) food. Went for a swim in the pool. Strolled along the beach. "Captured" a pink dolphin for my lil girl. Went for a quick shopping. Attended my cousin's wedding.

Overall it was a nice way to spend the weekend despite the hot whether (ahh, what else is new?).
Enjoy the pics!


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