Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ayra uses the iPad for the first time

At only 1-ish year old, Ayra has already mastered using the iPhone. She knows how to unlock the screen, scroll through the pages, make a phone call to her Tok Ummi and even choose her favorite application of all the apps I have in it! (I recently downloaded a nursery rhyme app, "The Wheels On The Bus" and she loves it). I guess the iPhone user interface is so easy to use and appealing that even small children know how to use it.

But my husband and I would usually let her play with our iPhones as a last resort when she's super cranky and nothing else seems to work. It's a savior really, especially when we're at events and whatnot.

Anyway, my husband brought back his company's iPad earlier this week. We decided to let our little girl try it and she instantly know how to use it. Ahh well, it's not surprising. iPad is after all, like a big version of iPhone!

I love how she uses her finger to point and scroll the page. Macam orang besar jer!


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