Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ayra Cullen

Ayra is going to be 17 months in about a week's time.

Believe it or not, she only started to have her first tooth (well 2 actually; they came out serentak) when she was 15 months old! I started to get really worried when she turned 1 because I heard most babies have at least 6 teeth by the time they hit 1 year old. My pediatrician assured me it's normal and there's nothing to worry about. But of course I was still worried. Isn't that what we moms do best? Semua benda risau.

I kept telling myself, maybe next month kot gigi dia start tumbuh. But still at 13 months old, there was no sign of tooth coming out. Same thing happened at 14 months old. I went back to see the pediatrician and was told the same thing. She told me that sometimes it's just because of genetics (I guess my husband dulu tumbuh gigi lambat kot sebab my mom cakap I had my first tooth before I was 1 year old) and would only advice to start doing x-ray if she still doesn't have any teeth by the time she's 2 years old. There was still another 10 months to go. I was at ease after hearing her explanation (and of course after doing some research online) and stopped worrying since then.

And what do you know, one month later her teeth started to come out! I was happy! Tapi dia keluar taring dulu. Ayra is a half vampire, don't play play! LOL.

She seems to go through the teething period with ease tho. No fever, no drooling, no chin rash, no cheek or ear pulling, and she sleeps well through the night. But she likes to suck her fingers (and hand) and is a little bit cranky at times. And she likes to bite and gnaws especially when breastfeeding. Argh!

Well I am not her main source of milk anymore (it has been a few months now and I'm not upset or anything about it because she's over a year now. I mean it would happen anyway, sooner or later). In fact, I don't think I have any milk left but she still likes loves to suck for comfort or saja nak manja-manja or lepak-lepak. I'm not even sure if that is considered as breastfeeding. Or is that breastsucking? LOL.

Anyway I'm happy with that until recently when she started having teeth. Sometimes I even screamed and cried because it hurts so much. Plus I'm pregnant so "my twins" are extra sensitive. A part of me wants to totally stop breastfeeding her because of the pain, but another part of me kesian kat dia. Is there any way to ease the pain during breastfeeding? Or should I just stop breastfeeding her? Tapi dia marah kalau tak kasi. Huhu.

How now brown cow?


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