Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shoe Addict

I think the wedding excitement + nervousness has somehow doubled up my appetite for "good" food and shoesss lately. I have to have pasta or pizza or donuts at least once everyday (I wish I could have shoes once a day too!). Sometimes all three in one day! I'm getting worried, especially bcoz I think my cheeks are a weebit plumper. And the days are getting nearer! I keep on telling myself (and MZ) that I will start a healthier diet tomorrow and stop eating "nonsense" foodies, but what happens is... "jom singgah J.Co jap nak".

Oh well, I hope I could get back to my normal eating habits after the wedding is over!

Here's a pic of me and my fiance (oooh I love calling him that! ;p) at Tony Roma last weekend. It was taken right after we had our lunch - Shrimp Scampi Pasta, something called Onion Loaf and Pina Colada. I was actually trying to hold my breath so that my tummy won't "stick out" ;p Sebaik tak nampak perut. Hee hee.

About an hour later, we had 3 Big Apple donuts each... So please people, stop saying that I don't eat or that I'm on a diet bcoz I am SO not! (btw, that's a Pucci-esque scarf I'm wearing. I bought it from Jakel and it looks exactly like Emilio Pucci's, except it's 1000 times cheaper. Love it!).

Anyway, Aldo is having a massive sale so as a normal lady who loves shoes, of course I was excited. I've been looking for a tan-colored patent shoes, and had actually found the perfect pair at Forever21 - 5-inch heels, platform, Louboutin-like, slingback, and it's less than RM100! - totally a steal and I was so close to buying it, but unfortunately it has p*g-skin lining.

So when I came across this shoes at Aldo, I bought it without thinking twice even though it's a pump (you know that I have an issue with pumps, right?).

So it isn't actually all tan colored, but I like it! Especially the mirror-metallic heel. I had my eyes on another gorgeous pair of white peep-toe slingbacks, but MZ won't let me buy it bcoz I've been buying shoes (5 pairs, to be exact) and have not worn any of them yet. But the white shoes keep on haunting me in my sleep, so 2 days later, after having 2 Glazzy donuts and an Iced Caffe Latte, I went back to the store and bought it. *bliss*

Now I can sleep happily ever after... ;p

And speaking of shoes, ladies... here's a must-read for all shoe lovers out there!


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

"IZ & MZ Wedding List"

Well, I wish we have that kind of services in Malaysia (or do we?) - you know, a wedding registry where the bride-and-groom-to-be could actually list down the items that they would like to receive in a certain store's system so that the guests would know what gift to get for the couple and elak from buying the same thing? I think it's brilliant! And I'm sure most of you would agree too. Whoever created it is a total genius!

You see, my sister received more than 5 kettles for her wedding present dulu. And there were more "duplicate" items that are still "new in box" (it's been 2 years now)! Now that's a waste, isn't it? Of course there are some items yg kalau dpt banyak2 lagi bagus, like bedsheet and quilt cover sets (oh, I'll be having a queen-sized mattress with a king-sized quilt btw *hint hint*), cutlery, pinggan mangkuk, glasses, tea sets and so forth, but what would you do with 5 identical kettles right? It may sound a bit demanding to state whatever items that we want, but if you look it in a different way, it could prevent from "excess/unusable gifts", no? And it could actually benefit the giver as well bcoz at least the money spent is not wasted and he/she knows for sure that the item will be put on a good use. At least that's what I think.

So to my dearest beloved guests and friends, if you have no idea what to give for my wedding present, or you want to give something different bcoz you're afraid that somebody else would've given the same item(s), or whatever the reason is, lemme make it easy for ya. Just go to Molecule or XZQT stores at Pavilion (they're in front of Aussino btw) and pick any of the items there. OR, to make it even more easier, I've listed the items from both stores that I would really really reaaaally love to receive! Haha, do I sound demanding? ;p

1) Funky clock from XZQT

2) Unique mirror from XZQT

3) Black stiletto door stopper from Molecule

4) Pink "Love" mirror with hooks from Molecule

5) Stripey mop from Molecule (cute giler!)

6) Cleaning brush (which I think is for the toilet. Or it could be for the kitchen sink) that has a daisy at the back (I know! And it's apple green and purple in color!) from Molecule

7) Dazzling diamond ice cube tray from Molecule

...or anything from anywhere that's cute and quirky and modern-contemporary!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures for the items from Molecule.

Saya dahului dengan ucapan terima kasih ;p

p/s: I wonder if I would get a plasma TV, just like what my sister got...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oww. Ouch!

The eruption of a wisdom tooth has always been associated with maturity, no? I guess I have finally reached the "maturity level" as I'm about to enter a new phase of life, which is why one of my wisdom teeth finally chose to 'come out' at the time I'm about to get hitched. (Oh wait, I think there's 2 of 'em!).

It's been 3 days now and I can no longer tahan the pain. And I think I have a slight fever, and the left side of my head aches a little. I'm going to see the dentist today - yikes! *nail biting*


So I went to the dentist just now (dentists actually - the first one hampeh jer!) and it turns out there's an infection. The dentist gave me 2 types of antibiotic and if I still experience the pain in 3-4 days' time, those teeth should be extracted. I asked him whether it's possible to do the extraction right away bcoz if possible I wanna settle everything before my wedding (and I'm worried if the pain gets worse by then), but he said if that's the case I have to wait until my wedding events are over bcoz the surgery would take about 2-3 weeks to heal.

2 to 3 weeks?!

Has anyone experienced wisdom tooth removal/extraction surgery? Is it really that bad?


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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Time is running, and we're getting busier and busier each day as the Big Day is getting nearer. It's less than a month now, so we can't afford to waste not even a single day.

Let's see what we've been up to last week...

Monday: ribbon-tying for Nikah cards
Tuesday: ditto + choose songs for the event and montage
Wednesday: 2nd fitting at Kapas
Thursday: ribbon-tying for Reception cards
Friday: ditto
Saturday: ribbon-tying for VIP gifts + lekat stamps on envelopes and RSVP cards
Sunday: Meet designer to discuss my other wedding dress + shoes (custom made) + fitting for bridesmaid and flower girls - which is today.

Now, for the shoes... It's actually for the Reception and initially, I wanted to buy it myself bcoz I don't want to wear wedding shoes that usually comes with the baju (you know, pointy, with lace/manik/etc detailing) - it's a bit too common, doncha think? I don't want my baju + shoes to look too matchy-matchy so I told my mom and MZ that I would look for the shoes myself for all 3 events (including MZ's).

I've found one for Nikah, but I haven't found one for the Reception. You see, I will be wearing white for Nikah, so that's not a problem to find white shoes. As for the Reception, I'll be wearing mainly off-white and it's really hard to find off-white/cream-ish colored shoesss. There's either white, silver or gold - nothing in between! Now let's not forget that I only want a peep-toe, sling back and 4-5 inch heels. So the quest to finding the perfect shoe gets even tougher, and I nearly gave up.

So when we met the designer the other day to discuss bajus for my pengapit/pengiring/etc, he said he can make shoes as well. Just pick any designs that we want - be it Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, Prada, etc etc - he will make exactly like that for a fraction of price! Of course I (and my sisters) agreed. We've picked our own designs - me, Louboutin, of course (God knows how deeply my heart is aching for the red-sole shoes!), Hanis chose err.. (what did you choose again?) and Wani chose Stuart Weitzman. I hope the shoes will be fab!

Okay I've gotta go now. Appointment's at 12 and I'm not ready yet!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

27 Dresses

No, that's not the number of dresses that I'm going to wear for my wedding events (I wish tho! heh).

It's a movie that I wanna watch at the moment. And guess what? It's about wedding! (or at least it's about a bridesmaid, but still...)

Watch the trailer here.

p/s: Check out this cute filofax too!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sneak Peek

I'm not sure if I could contain myself from not talking about the wedding, and I'm pretty sure the next few entries will mostly be about it so please bear with me, people. It is after all, my one and only wedding (InsyaAllah), and of course I'm allowed to be excited, aren't I? Heh heh...

Alright, enough talking. Let's move on with the piccies.

The wedding cards for both events are finally here, and currently my mom and I are busy with ribbon-tying. There are about 1000 cards need to be tied up with ribbons, and the only kakitangan to help us with that is just my cousin - which makes only the 3 of us. I sure hope we would be able to finish everything before end of this month!

MZ and I were so excited to see our names on the cards! *grin sheepishly*

I really want to have a hard-and-thick-cover card from Indonesia for the reception, just like my sister's last year, but my dad has been so busy these past few months (he has to travel abroad for like every 2 weeks now), so we decided to order locally. We were running out of time; I think it was end of November last year and we still haven't found the right card-maker but luckily, while my parents were in Dubai to look for bekas utk VIP gifts, they met my dad's cousin's daughter-in-law whose sister happened to run a card business. I like her card designs bcoz they're simple and contemporary. She does have the hard-and-thick-cover card as well, but it costs a bomb! Seploh hengget satu card.. aiyark!

I love my Nikah card the most, bcoz I "somehow" designed it (cilok2 from the webbie, that is ;p). The Nikah card costs more than the Reception card tho! As for the Reception card, I requested for calla lilies design bcoz it's my favorite flower.

Anyway, here's something made from Kapas.

Those are... hmm.
Cuba teka? ;p


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I can't think of a title

I've been wanting to update my blog, but something's wrong with my camera - it won't snap pictures! Can somebody troubleshoot it please? ;p


I went for dress fitting at Kapas today with MZ, my mom and my sis - and surprise surprise! I bumped into Noreen and her mom and her fiance! I didn't notice her at first. At a glance, I thought it was just one of Kapas' clients and God knows how shocked I was when suddenly a girl out of nowhere threw her arms around me when I entered the shop and jerit excitedly, "Kakakkk!". Only then I realized it was her! Bole tak aku ni? ;p

We're both brides-to-be and we both have our wedding dresses made by Kapas! Just so you know, Noreen is the one who introduced me to MZ (and MZ to me; whichever ways). Now that's something, huh! ;)

Anyway, selalunya dah nak dekat kawin bakal pengantin kena jaga makan kan.. But in my case, saya telah dilarang sama sekali oleh designer saya utk berdiet kerana both bajus for the wedding events suda teramat longgar. The first measurement was taken, I think about 2 months ago. Mr. A bising2 bcoz I've lost more weight and inches.

Here's our conversation during the 1st fitting.

Mr. A: Do you know you have a very small waist line?
Me : Err.. really?
Mr. A: Yes. My tailor ingat nak buat kain untuk budak kecik.
Me : (grin)
Mr. A: Come, let me take ur new measurement. I'm very sure you dah lost few cms..
(took my measurement)
Mr. A: Ha see! Ur waist is now 24". Before was 26". Aiyoo...2" is a lot you knowww... blablabla..

When I told him that I've lost 1kg from the last time we met, he was very concerned. It's not like I'm anorexic or something. Maybe he thinks I'm stressed out about the whole wedding thingy? Not sure. But something tells me not to tell him that I've lost a total of 11kg, the past 6-7 months.

It's a great news for me tho, bcoz it means I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want! But seriously, I'm not on a diet! Lately makan byk fast food ada la. And strangely enough, I think I'm starting to like coffee - or at least Starbucks' Iced Toffee Nut Latte. I've had it 4 times this week. And last week I ate ice-cream for 3 days in a row. Is this one of the bride-to-be syndromes? But then I noticed I farted a lot too. Maybe the fats keluar skali dgn kentut tu kot. Heee...


Hey, you know what? A digicam as an early wedding present sounds niceee! ;p


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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The little announcement

I’m not sure how to tell you this bcoz I’m actually not quite ready to announce the news just yet, plus I’m still in the I-couldn’t-believe-that-it’s-finally-going-to-happen state. I hope this isn’t just a dream (somebody pinch me please...).

Here goes... *deep breath*

Yours truly will be tying the knot with the love of her life... next month!

Well, some of you have probably heard about it though (news spread fast!), so yes, what you heard is true. I was actually planning to announce it exactly one month before the Big Day due to personal reasons, but since the news has already been spread, might as well I announce it now, huh? After all, it’s only like 10 more days to the actual announcing date.

Okay, what else now...

Ahh yes, the proposal. Heee... *blushing*

It’s nothing really out-of-the-ordinary kind of proposal, but it was sweet (at least for me, it is). It was on the 22nd of August 2007. We went out for a date at KLCC, and around 1ish he wanted to go to Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is just beside KLCC. I assumed he wanted to go for Zohor prayer at the hotel’s surau like we always did, so I followed him without suspecting anything.

Everything seemed normal until we entered the hotel lobby. I realized that we were heading straight instead of left, so I said, “The lift is on the left... Where are we going?” He said, “Saya rasa macam nak mkn sedap2 la hari ni..” and before I could think of any replies, we were already in front of Pacifica Grill & Bar. I was excited as that was my first time dining there (I love fine dining btw!). The waitress led us to a table at the corner and we ordered a 3-course meal each. The food was scrumptious! I can’t remember all the names, but all I know is that for starter, I ordered salad with pistachio dressing, for main course I had salmon with some pasta, and for dessert I ordered raspberry crème brulee. We also got complimentary chocolates, which is just so divine!

While waiting for the dessert, he suddenly said “We’ve been together for 3 years..” I seriously thought he wanted to chat, so I interrupted him by saying, “A’ah.. Macam baru jer lagi kannn.. Tiba2 dah 3 tahun” And then all of a sudden, he became serious and looked straight into my eyes, and I was like oh-ohh.. and then he said, “We’ve been together for 3 years now, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”. Only then I noticed the small silver box with a ring inside.

I wasn't sure whether to dance or jump up and down or shout yay (I wish I could) but instead I laughed! Haha. I know, I should be crying or something bcoz that was supposed to be a touching moment. And you must be thinking I am not a sentimental person, but I laughed bcoz I was so happy and I have been waiting for that moment for agesss! Well, maybe I am not that sentimental. I think I’m more erm, playful than romantic ;p But anyway, I said, “OF COURSE I WANT!!”

So that was the starting of it. It was kind of like all of a sudden, and a few days later, his family came to my house utk masuk meminang. I’m not sure if that is considered as engagement or merisik bcoz it was just a small ceremony (only about 30 people from both sides). The initial plan was to get married last December btw, but the dewan was fully booked and the only available date would be in February. So we had no choice but to postpone the date of marriage. But I'm glad we did. There's so much preparations to do! I mean, of course there is, right? Big day = big preparation!

And speaking of preparations, it's all being taken care of, thanx to my lovely mommy and also Kapas Couture as the wedding planner. I hope everything will go well as planned, InsyaAllah. Now I just need to find some time to pamper myself - have my legs waxed and go for facials and spa and massage and whatnot, bcoz so far that is the only thing in my preparation list that I haven't got the time to do yet (just so you know, the first wedding preparation I did and am still doing is lingerie hunting! That one counts as well right? ;p).

Ooooh... I'm getting married, people!!! ;D


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