Monday, July 30, 2007

Shoe Treat

When it comes to GUESS, I fancy the shoes more than their bags. So when they're on sale, it's only sensible to grab it right away especially when the very shoes that you've been eyeing for was the last pair and it's of your size.

Those are the reasons why my sis and I couldn't resist these...

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The bronze peep-toe wedges is mine, and the zebra-printed peep-toe slingback is Wani's (altho it could still considered mine coz she hasn't paid for it yet ;p). It's fab, isn't it? I wanted that one too, but 6 1/2 was the last pair. Caittt! I could already imagined the whole outfit to team it up with - a plain black top and jeans, and accessorize with matching black-and-white bangle and a ring, which could be easily found at Diva or Topshop (the bangle is from Stylehive btw, but I saw one at Topshop which is quite similar to that).

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Anyway, I'm actually a size 6 for GUESS shoes, but 5 1/2 seems okay - it's only 1/2 size different, no? I mean, I could still fit in the shoes although it hurts a little...


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apple Crumble A la Mode

I was in need of a sugar rush due to my PMS (what else is new now?), so I decided to make my favorite sweet treat - Apple Crumble. I found the recipe at videojug and couldn't believed that something so scrumptious was SUPER easy to make!

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Here's what you need:

6 Granny Smith apples
250g sugar (but I think next time I'm gonna reduce it to 200-220g bcoz I find it too sweet)
200g flour
120g butter
1 cinnamon stick (or clove)

That's it!

And here's how...

First peel the apples and cut 'em into chunks. Then put the chunked apples into a pan, add 3/4 of the sugar, cinnamon stick and cover the pan. Let it stew gently for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Lightly mashed the apples; they should be soft by then.

Put the apples into a serving dish and allow to cool.

To make the crumble, mix flour, the remaining sugar and butter with your fingers until it becomes like the consistency of breadcrumbs. Cover the entire surface of the stewed apples with the crumble toppings. Bake for 30-40 minutes until it's golden brown, and serve it with ice-cream (or cream).

Yes, that's it! Told ya it was so easy.

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It's best served when it's still hot. The crumble was the yummiest of all. Sgt crunchy, almost like cookies. The combination of hot apple and cold ice-cream is simply divineee. Oh btw, I added ground almond for the crumble. You can add in oats as well.

My family and MZ loves it!
Next time I'm gonna try with pears.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Mini Library

Do you know that the choice of books you read reveals your predominant thoughts, desires and values? Well, I didn't really realized that until I read Jim Rohn's book quite recently; 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness. According to the America's Most Foremost Business Philosopher..

"I find out more by looking through someone's book or tape collection than I do through idle conversation. Mostly, a library, or lack of one, tells me what a person is thinking or if he or she is thinking at all."

Somehow, it does make sense. You are what you read.

So what does my library says about me?
A health-and-beauty-conscious shopaholic who wants to be wealthy and successful! :D

I do love books, so very much, aside from bags and shoes and rings. Every time when I go to the malls and if I couldn't find anything interesting to splurge on, I'll buy a book or two instead to cheer me up. I just have to have that feeling of buying something, so books are just perfect - they actually count as an investment for my personal growth without wasting money on unnecessary stuff just for the sake of 'buying things' (actually it was MZ's idea in the first place). I don't have a special room or library to store my book collection tho (plus my books aren't that many yet), so I just store 'em in a drawer like this:

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Sometimes when I have nothing to do or when I'm alone in my room, I love to pull out the drawer and feast my eyes on the colorful sight of the books. It's like an instant mood-lifter, really.

I've added these 2 books to my collection recently, and now there ain't no space left for 'em.

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I need a bigger drawer now. Or even better, a cute bookcase like the one below. Now where do I find one - any idea?

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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Shoes and Bag Hunt

It's black.
It's patent.
It's cuute.
It's Anya Hindmarch shoes...

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...but it's not mine. It's my mum's (but hey, it fits me too! ;p)

Mama has this award function thingy next week so as her daughters-cum-Personal Shoppers, we helped her to hunt for a black pair of shoes and a bag to match her outfit last Saturday. The rule is that all three of us must agree on the selected shoes and bag; and if either one or two of us doesn't agree, we must look for the next one. We scoured nearly all the high-end boutiques in KLCC looking for "The Ones" and I, on the other hand, managed to try on many pairs of designer shoes and bags (and 8 Escada sunnies as well). It was heaps of fun - even much more fun than going shopping for myself!

So anyway, it's a morning function and mum wants something that's not too flashy but not too serious either. She wants something that's wearable not only for events and functions, so when I saw this pair of black patent pumps at Anya Hindmarch, I knew it would be The One. It's really chic and cute (I love the back bow details), and mum said it's of the perfect height, so mission accomplished.

The bag-hunt however, wasn't as easy as the shoe-hunt anyway, bcoz... do you know that there are more gorgeous white bags than blacks? Seriously. Every time we saw one, we'd go like "...does it comes in black as well?". And if it does, it ain't as gorgeous as the white ones. I wonder why.

But in the end, we managed to find one. It's a black Louis Vuitton bag from the Suhali line. Mind you, we had to inspect like more than 15 bags at LV alone, before finding the perfect one. And at last when the Sales Assistant took out the Suhali L'Ingénieux bag (how do u pronounce it again?), all three of us exclaimed, "Haa!!!" serentak. It's The One. Finaaaallyy! *phew*
I can see the relieved face of the SA too!

And while I'm still on bag subject, here are some of the bags that I've fallen in love during the bag-hunting session:

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(clockwise from top: Louis Vuitton Lambskin Rivets bag, Tod's Treccia bag, Anya Hindmarch Marlie bag)


Pictures courtesy of eLuxury and Anya Hindmarch.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

I want PEACE!!

I don't fancy teddy bears or stuffed animals anymore...
but thissss I want!

Her name is Peace. I saw her on Animal Planet and she reminded me of my very first teddy bear when I was little - white and fluffy, just like her (except my teddy wore a red vest, instead of a red collar).


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Let's shop!

I have a few more tops and accessories (some new, never worn) to let go.
Do check out my sales blog, ladies. As usual, first come first serve, so hurrryy!


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Ugly Muffins

I've tried cooking yet another 2 recipes - Poached Eggs with Spinach toast and Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Muffins - BUT they turned out to be horrendous, especially the latter one!

I don't know what went wrong; I followed exactly step by step from the recipe (except the tiny part where I put 2 cups of marshmallows instead of 3/4 cup as mentioned, bcoz the more, the yummier - or so I thought. Does it really matter anyway?).

The first 10 minutes of baking, I was excited to see my marshmallows are popping out beautifully - all white and bubbly-looking. And then after 20 minutes- poof! The marshmallows were 'gone', leaving my muffins looking like volcano eruptions. I'm not sure if they're supposed to look like that but it's really a revolting sight that I didn't want to snap a picture. They look like one of those Halloween creatures, seriously. And they're as hard as a rock. Perhaps it's bcoz of the expired baking soda? Oh I really don't know. Why don't y'all try it and let me know what did I do wrong.

And the taste? Well... okay laa utk org tak berapa pandai masak. Heee... Hey I'm still a novice, so credits should go for my efforts, no? :D

Anddd.. what happened to my Poached eggs with Spinach toast, you may wonder?
My eggs didn't poached beautifully. The egg whites were all scattered in the boiling water seperti 'Gerakan Brown' (the asap, remember?) pastu bila angkat, hancusss. And I forgot to add garlic for the spinach. And I must've put in too much salt in it coz my bro said it was so masin. Ooops.

Oh well, things happen. I'm onto my next cooking experiment, which would be the...
Actually, better not say it yet.


Since some of you were dying to see how my "Halloween" muffins looked like, I have snapped a pic. Luckily I haven't throw them away yet.

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They look pretty spooky, aren't they?


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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Baked Fish with Honey, Mustard, Herbs and err.. dead bugs

Yeah, dead bugs!

I wanted to make baked fish fillet with side dishes for dinner, so I went fish-shopping and chose a fish called "Sebelah". I don't have the slightest idea what Ikan Sebelah is, but that's the cheapest I could find at Jusco Supermarket and it looks perfect for oven-baking. Plus, it's my first time so I don't wanna risk a salmon or a cod!

Back at home, I gathered the necessary herbs and spices that I could find to marinate the fish, which is pretty much everything! Mom has lots of cooking stuff in her kitchens so it's really hard to decide what not to put in bcoz they all look essential to me (just so u know, there are 3 kitchens in my house - dry, wet, super wet. You can imagine finding all sorts of herbs and spices and sauces in there). I was so excited mixing in the herbs and spices for the marinade that I didn't realize that one of the ingredients I used (ground ginger) has dead bugs. Lots of them! They looked like sesame seed.. but after smothering the fish with the marinade baru terperasan. And it took me a whole day to decide what to do with the fish (in other words, I let the fish to marinate with the dead bugs for one day).

After discussing the matter with my sis and MZ, we all came up with our own solutions:

MZ: Throw away the fish. Beli ikan baru...
Sis: What the heck..masak jer. Bacteria sumer nanti mati bila dah masak.
Me: Wash away the marinade, and start over.

(obviously my solution is the best, doncha think? ;p)

So I made a new marinade for the fish, which consists of black pepper sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, honey, mustard, rosemary, mint, oregano, black pepper, and salt.

And here it is!

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My very first baked fish fillet with side dishes of baked potato with cheese and black pepper toppings, baked tomato, and fresh broccoli and carrots - served with Pink Cocktail drink.

I'm so proud of myself, despite the dead-bug thingy! ;p


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good News to Fellow Shoppers!

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Do you know that you could burn loads of calories while shopping?
Yes oh yes, especially if you're in heels and carrying shopping bags!

According to Female mag from one of last year's issues,

Shopping one hour in flats burns 155 calories.
Shopping one hour in heels burns 240 calories (more reasons to wear high-heels!).
One round at the beauty hall of Isetan KLCC in flats burns 60 calories.
One round at the beauty hall of Isetan KLCC in heels burns 94 calories.

Btw, if you are carrying shopping bags, you're burning 20-30 calories MORE.
Now is that grrreat news or what? I've always known shopping is somekind of a good cardio activity, which is why I do it quite a lot - like 2-3 times a week! heh heh.

And here's to prove it.

Last week, I spent the whole weekdays going to shopping malls for 5 days straight and as usual in my high-heels (either the 4-inch or 5-inch), and while I'm still on Herbalife shakes and tea for breakfast and sometimes dinner, I did treat myself with gooood food - lots of pasta, that is.

I must've burned loads of calories (what with the heel-walking and Herbalife), bcoz yesterday I did the body analysis thingy at a fitness shop at Alamanda and guess what? I've lost another kilo, and 2% of body fat! Before last week, I was 48kg and my body fat percentage was 26%. Omg, I can't believe I'm 47kg! I mean, honestly I still don't feel that "kurus".

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Well, 47.6kg - kira 47kg la tu coz I had my clothes on (jeans, tshirt, tudung lagi) and plus I just had my lunch like 10 minutes before the body analysis.

You know, losing weight can be addictive sometimes. I have a feeling that I'm not stopping at 47kg...

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I'm in love!

I think I've found the perfect replacement for my current phone (no, not the shiny "patent" Sony Ericsson; it's a bit thick for my liking). Annddd, it happened to be one of the sisters from the RAZR family - the RAZR2 V9.

Ain't she gorgeous?

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Obviously everything about this new phone is way better than my current phone, but I think this one is slightly longer by a few millimeters if compared to the good old V3. Hey, even a teeny-weeny difference counts when it comes to gadgets, no? It's the 1-millimeter difference that makes a phone too thick or a digicam too wide, or an mp3 player too bulky, or... well, you get the picture.

I hope this one is not as "lengthy" as MOTOKRZR tho.

On another quite similar note...

Looks like Prada has come out with its own phone. Cool, but I'm not really into PDA-ish phones. Not after what happened to my O2. Dpt free nak la ;p


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