Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good News to Fellow Shoppers!

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Do you know that you could burn loads of calories while shopping?
Yes oh yes, especially if you're in heels and carrying shopping bags!

According to Female mag from one of last year's issues,

Shopping one hour in flats burns 155 calories.
Shopping one hour in heels burns 240 calories (more reasons to wear high-heels!).
One round at the beauty hall of Isetan KLCC in flats burns 60 calories.
One round at the beauty hall of Isetan KLCC in heels burns 94 calories.

Btw, if you are carrying shopping bags, you're burning 20-30 calories MORE.
Now is that grrreat news or what? I've always known shopping is somekind of a good cardio activity, which is why I do it quite a lot - like 2-3 times a week! heh heh.

And here's to prove it.

Last week, I spent the whole weekdays going to shopping malls for 5 days straight and as usual in my high-heels (either the 4-inch or 5-inch), and while I'm still on Herbalife shakes and tea for breakfast and sometimes dinner, I did treat myself with gooood food - lots of pasta, that is.

I must've burned loads of calories (what with the heel-walking and Herbalife), bcoz yesterday I did the body analysis thingy at a fitness shop at Alamanda and guess what? I've lost another kilo, and 2% of body fat! Before last week, I was 48kg and my body fat percentage was 26%. Omg, I can't believe I'm 47kg! I mean, honestly I still don't feel that "kurus".

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Well, 47.6kg - kira 47kg la tu coz I had my clothes on (jeans, tshirt, tudung lagi) and plus I just had my lunch like 10 minutes before the body analysis.

You know, losing weight can be addictive sometimes. I have a feeling that I'm not stopping at 47kg...

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