Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Makeup Collection

How often do you update your makeup collection?
As for me - almost never! Ok, I'm just kidding.

I used to be a makeup hoarder - I have at least 5 foundations, 5 mascaras, tons of lipsticks and lipgloss, etc in my collection. But they all ended up being thrown away, and most of the time hardly ever used.

As I grew older (and learned the stuff that I need to achieve the look I want), I've become a practical person when it comes to makeup (if I may say so myself). I don't own a lot of makeup like I used to because I only buy them when the current ones I'm using are almost finished, which is like once in every 2 years? And I would only buy makeup that I know I'm gonna use sampai habis, which explains my humble collection of makeup.

My makeup must-have:

1) Brush set (Too Faced) and face brush (Bobbi Brown)
2) 2 foundations - light coverage for everyday use (Stila) and medium-to-full coverage for events/special occasions (Chanel)
3) 1 or 2 eyeshadow palettes. I can live with only brownish color palette (Chanel).

Love the brown, beige and coral (which looks more like rose gold).
I (almost) never use the light green tho.

4) 2 eyeliners - pencil (Chanel) and gel-type (Stila)
5) 1 concealer (Bobbi Brown)
6) 3 lipsticks - pinkish (Chanel), nude-ish (MAC), and brownish (Make Up Store)
7) 2 lipgloss - pinkish (Chanel) and brownish (Soap & Glory)
8) 2 powders - loose powder (I've been using Johnson's baby powder) and compact powder (Bloom)
9) 1 blusher (Smashbox)
10) 2 mascaras - waterproof (Maybelline) and non-waterproof (Lancome)

Other than what's listed above will be a total waste.

It took me almost 2 years to finish them up (foundations especially). I know you should not use and keep makeup that's longer than a year - 6 months for foundations and less than that for mascaras - but but... I rarely use them so it's ok, right? Ok maybe not.

But don't worry, I've already bought 2 new foundations, a loose powder and an eyeliner just recently. Yang lain-lain belum sampai tempoh membeli ;p


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Monday, February 22, 2010

50 Blog Terbaik Malaysia Pilihan InTrend

Check out InTrend's choice of "50 Blog Terbaik Malaysia" in their March 2010 issue.

There are 5 categories which includes Fashionista, Cahaya Mata, Perkahwinan, Usahawan Muda and Pereka Fesyen.

Apparently, yours truly's blog is listed in the best Fashionista blog, alongside Hanis Zalikha, Tongue in Chic and a few others. Coolness! I think I'm the only mak orang in the list. Huhuu.


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Friday, February 19, 2010

Apple of My Eyes

If you're one of those people who just love looking at baby pics, then you're in for (another) treat.

Here are photos of my cheeky little girl (taken with my iPhone), right after she bit my boobs. Sakit! Geram!
But just look at her cheeky face... Tak jadi nak marah!

And not long after that, she fell asleep on her own (that's a record!)...


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Little Girl and Her Bag

Girls will always be girls. My daughter showed her first "girly instinct" about a month after she turned 1 year old. I don't know if it's too early but at only 13 months old, Ayra has shown her interest in bags. And I am more than happy to layan her!

You know how she likes to play hide-and-seek inside my bag closet? I think that was how it all started. You see, I kept her Heelarious shoe box together with the rest of my bags inside the closet. The shoe box is shaped like a bag, with black ribbon as the strap and rhinestone closure, and it's the perfect size for little girls to tote around.

One day, my little girl suddenly came out of the closet with the Heelarious "bag" on her arm. I couldn't say I wasn't surprised bcoz I was! It was like seeing a mini me. How on earth did she know how to wear a bag like that? She likes the "bag" so much that she would carry it on her arm and walked around the house. Sometimes she would play with her toys, with the "bag" still on her arm. But the "bag" didn't last that long since it's made of plastic.

That was when she turned to paper bags and plastic bags to be her handbag. Habis satu rumah bersepah! So I decided to get a real bag for her and bought this pink patchwork bag from Pumpkin Patch. I'm telling you, she never leaves the house without it! Every time when we put on her shoes or her headband, she will look for her bag. Macam konon-konon pakai bag tu dah completely dressed up, even when she was wearing nothing but a diaper. LOL.

Sometimes when we got her off the stroller, she will look for her bag in the basket (where we put it when she's not carrying it) and then she'd put it on her own arm. Tak tahan!

Here are some pics of her, taken a few days ago while shopping at Pavilion. Enjoy!

Checking out the shoes at Mothercare with mama


"Can I leave my bag here? Dah penat bawak bag"

Anyway, we walked past a few shops and when Ayra saw shoes at the display window of Nine West, tiba-tiba dia meluru masuk kedai all by herself! Of course I carried her out before she could get her hands on one of the shoes.

Tak dapat masuk kedai, duduk depan kedai pon jadi la yer!

It's time to go home!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2nd Anniversary Dinner at The C. Club

Yesterday, February 16th, marked our 2nd wedding anniversary. After watching Valentine's Day (it was a pretty good movie), my husband took me to a really nice and romantic dinner at The C.Club, a luxurious restaurant-cum-retail outlet at Pavilion.

I've been wanting to dine here ever since last year so you can imagine how happy I was when my husband led me to the restaurant. It kind of reminded me of the time when he proposed to me. But this was better. Much much better.

Everything was so classy, so nice, so romantic. The ambiance, the interior, the music, the food. Ahhh the food. We each had a 4-course meal with freshly squeezed fruit juice and coffee/tea.

Complimentary bread

Orange juice for him

Lime juice for me

First came the finely presented starters. I had Lobster and pan-seared Foie Gras with Teriyaki sauce and mango salsa. My God, it was the best! It tasted just as nice as it looks. The foie gras is succulent, the lobster is perfect and the combination of Teriyaki sauce and mango salsa is simply tantalizing that I finished off everything!

My husband had Scallop Foie Gras. The foie gras were sandwiched in between the pan-seared scallops, with pickled pumpkin and onion marmalade. It was good too, but it can't beat my lobster.

Then came the soups. It was just okay. Next time I might go for their salad (it was a choice between soup and salad by the way). My husband had Shellfish Bisque soup, with soft shell crab, scallop and shrimp floating in it.

Mine was Forrest Wild Mushroom soup. It was quite nice, all thick and creamy with rather big chunks of mushrooms to nibble.

Next came our main course. There were a lot to choose from and we had quite a tough time deciding what to have. Everything sounds nice so it makes it even harder to choose.

My husband had Aged Tenderloin on wakame (which looks like spinach to me) and hijiki with wasabi, topped with broccoli and tempura mushrooms. The meat was tender and juicy, it was my husband's favorite of the lot!

I had Seared Cod Fish, served with aglio olio fettuccine, poached asparagus, mushroom and coriander miso hollandaise. The fish was perfect - rather crispy on the outside and SO soft on the inside. The fettuccine was nothing to shout about tho.

Dessert was up next: The C.Club Supermisu for my husband... (it was supaaa!)

And Meringue Sundae with chocolate-raspberry sauce for yours truly. The combination of strawberry ice-cream and meringue is oh-so-heavenly!

We finished off our meal with a cup of hot Chamomile tea (mine) and strong black coffee (hubby).

This was indeed one of my best dining experience (if not the best). Hubby and I both agreed that it was totally worth to splurge on a posh dinner like this. (We should do this again, honey! Maybe on *ehem* my birthday? ;p)


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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Fridge.... It's Gone!

Right after breakfast, I locked myself in my room and spent the whole morning doing an advertorial that's due today. My husband was looking after Ayra while I did my work and I was totally oblivious to whatever that was happening outside my room.

Then my husband brought my baby into my room and went for Jumaat prayer. I put her to sleep and later went to the kitchen to have my lunch.

And then I saw it - my fridge was gone!

Somebody stole our fridge! I panicked and called my husband right away. He chuckled and told me that somebody took the fridge for a repair bcoz the compressor was broken. Righttt. I was relieved but not for long. My husband told me we would only get the fridge next Wednesday. Next Wednesday?? He's telling me, we're fridge-less for 5 days?! Yikes!

There were food everywhere! On the kitchen counter, on the floor, on the cabinet. It's a mess! What am I suppose to do with all the food and drinks? Throw them away? Some of them can't last for days in room temperature.

Meanwhile, look who's enjoying the empty space...

It's apparently her most favorite spot in the house!


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