Friday, February 12, 2010

My Fridge.... It's Gone!

Right after breakfast, I locked myself in my room and spent the whole morning doing an advertorial that's due today. My husband was looking after Ayra while I did my work and I was totally oblivious to whatever that was happening outside my room.

Then my husband brought my baby into my room and went for Jumaat prayer. I put her to sleep and later went to the kitchen to have my lunch.

And then I saw it - my fridge was gone!

Somebody stole our fridge! I panicked and called my husband right away. He chuckled and told me that somebody took the fridge for a repair bcoz the compressor was broken. Righttt. I was relieved but not for long. My husband told me we would only get the fridge next Wednesday. Next Wednesday?? He's telling me, we're fridge-less for 5 days?! Yikes!

There were food everywhere! On the kitchen counter, on the floor, on the cabinet. It's a mess! What am I suppose to do with all the food and drinks? Throw them away? Some of them can't last for days in room temperature.

Meanwhile, look who's enjoying the empty space...

It's apparently her most favorite spot in the house!


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