Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Little Girl and Her Bag

Girls will always be girls. My daughter showed her first "girly instinct" about a month after she turned 1 year old. I don't know if it's too early but at only 13 months old, Ayra has shown her interest in bags. And I am more than happy to layan her!

You know how she likes to play hide-and-seek inside my bag closet? I think that was how it all started. You see, I kept her Heelarious shoe box together with the rest of my bags inside the closet. The shoe box is shaped like a bag, with black ribbon as the strap and rhinestone closure, and it's the perfect size for little girls to tote around.

One day, my little girl suddenly came out of the closet with the Heelarious "bag" on her arm. I couldn't say I wasn't surprised bcoz I was! It was like seeing a mini me. How on earth did she know how to wear a bag like that? She likes the "bag" so much that she would carry it on her arm and walked around the house. Sometimes she would play with her toys, with the "bag" still on her arm. But the "bag" didn't last that long since it's made of plastic.

That was when she turned to paper bags and plastic bags to be her handbag. Habis satu rumah bersepah! So I decided to get a real bag for her and bought this pink patchwork bag from Pumpkin Patch. I'm telling you, she never leaves the house without it! Every time when we put on her shoes or her headband, she will look for her bag. Macam konon-konon pakai bag tu dah completely dressed up, even when she was wearing nothing but a diaper. LOL.

Sometimes when we got her off the stroller, she will look for her bag in the basket (where we put it when she's not carrying it) and then she'd put it on her own arm. Tak tahan!

Here are some pics of her, taken a few days ago while shopping at Pavilion. Enjoy!

Checking out the shoes at Mothercare with mama


"Can I leave my bag here? Dah penat bawak bag"

Anyway, we walked past a few shops and when Ayra saw shoes at the display window of Nine West, tiba-tiba dia meluru masuk kedai all by herself! Of course I carried her out before she could get her hands on one of the shoes.

Tak dapat masuk kedai, duduk depan kedai pon jadi la yer!

It's time to go home!


She slipped off her pink stilettos at 12:30 AM |