Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fishy Therapy

Our first activity as hubby and wifey is... going fishing! ;D

Well not exactly catching fishes. It's actually quite the opposite - the fishes "caught" us! Or at least our feet.

After a tiring (but exciting) wedding day, we both think we deserve a special treat so we headed to Kenko Reflexology Fish & Spa at Pavilion for a foot therapy, called the Fish Spa Therapy. It is not like any other foot therapies bcoz the masseurs are not human, but fishes - lots and lots of 'em!

Cleansing my feet before entering the Fish Spa

As we sat on the cushions and dipped our feet inside the tank, the fishes swarmed our legs and began nibbling and pecking our feet. They look like hungry piranhas that haven't ate for 10 days! But the fishes are toothless so there's nothing to be worried about. The pecking and nibbling were not painful at all, but they were extremely ticklish that I felt macam nak tendang2 jer ikan tu...

Yum yumm... this guy's feet tastes better than worms!

The fishes are called Garra Ruffa (sounds like Piranha-ish ey?) or also known as Doctor Fish. What they do is, they will nibble away the scaly and dead skin on your feet, and also ease the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and abscesses (whatever that is). The nibbling process feels like micro-massage, and it promotes healthy blood circulation of the skin.

Here's a short clip of the Doctor Fish that I managed to record:

If you're in for something different, this is the place to go. It is definitely a unique experience. RM38 for 30 minutes is totally worth a try!


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a little word

Dear readers,

Thank you for all your comments. I really really appreciate the comments regarding my wedding and everything... However, please consider other people's feeling when commenting about appearance and whatnot, especially when commenting about my own family. Be mindful of the comments that you wanna leave, because manners really matters!

I do not welcome such nasty comments or anything related to that, and will delete it without further notice.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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Monday, February 18, 2008

A day before my Wedding Day

Hey everyone, I'm married!! :D

Alhamdulillah, MZ and I sudah selamat di ijabkabul last Saturday night. Words can't describe the happiness and contentment that I'm feeling now - it's the bestest feeling I've ever felt (I'm sure you married people know that feeling too, huh!).

Anyway, I won't go into detail about the ceremony just yet as I don't have all the photos from start to the end, so lemme just show you the preparation pics a day before the wedding day.

Kapas team and their props

Platform for pelamin


A little sneak preview of what me and my sisters wore on that day...

The rest of the wedding photos, kena tunggu lepas majlis Reception yer kawan2 (Wedding photographer by Ikram Ismail).


Besides the bride (well, it's my wedding so of course, right? ;p), this li'l boy was also the center of everyone's attention on that night!

Flower boy?

Hariz now has a Pak Long! ;)


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Final Week

The day is getting nearer and nearer... and now there's only 3 more days to our wedding day!

I can't describe what I'm feeling at the moment. This bride-to-be is excited and anxious and frantic and nervous and feverish all at the same time, and.. kinda drowsy too (must be the medicines).

Yeap, I have runny nose and my eyes are kinda red and watery as a result of bergelumang dgn habuk2 selama 2 hari. Not good, not good. I know brides are supposed to have "enough rest and sleep" before the Big Day but in my case, bride or not, I still have to do some of the housework since there's no one else yg bole diharapkan, except my mom and maid. But starting from today (hopefully), I can goyang kaki coz my grandma's maid is finally here to help with the cleanings. I just hope I could squeeze some time for last-minute pampering (massage, pedicure and manicure) a day before the Big Day!

Anyways, besides cleaning the whole house, here's the preparations for the final week:

- Dress-fitting at Kapas
- MZ and I had our last facials before the Big Day
- Montage preview at Manggis

- The landscape people came

Wednesday (today)
- Mr. A from Kapas came to my house for final dress-fitting
- appointment with Istana Budaya band to confirm about the list of songs

- the canopy people arrive
- Mr. F (my dad's friend, who's the ID and also the sponsor for bilik pengantin) will start decorating the room
- Mr. A from Kapas will deliver my veil and selendangs
- Dress-fitting with Rizman Ruzaini for the reception dress at Dewan Perdana

- Mr. K and his team from Kapas will start doing the two pelamins, hantarans and other deco
- last-minute pampering (hopefully!)
- berinai


Btw, I have 2 baju for this Saturday's event - supposedly, one is for nikah (white), and the other one is for sanding (off-white). Which means, right after akad, MZ and I will change to a different outfits for sanding. But now I'm not sure nak tuka2 or just wear satu baju jer for the whole ceremony bcoz my mom takut jadi kelam-kabut (what with my tudung and all). Should I, or should I not tuka2 baju? Has anyone experienced this kind of situation before...?


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Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Wedding Registry

I've finally registered an account in Chocolate Mousse. No, no. That's not a hint. I'm doing it just for the fun of it! Bila lagi nak ada own gift registry kan... (but it would be nice to receive those!) ;p

You can click here to view my wedding webpage.
Would appreciate if you could drop a word or two in the guest book! ;D


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where, oh, where should I go...

Mmmhh... I have 3 places in mind - no, actually 4. But now it has been added to 5. Oh wait, it's 6! Yes, 6.. My dad's friend offered the last one. I'm totally flustered!

Oh, I'm talking about our honeymoon spot.

My dad will be sponsoring our honeymoon trip, and now after a month of thinking and researching, I still haven't made up my mind (I thought we're going end of next month, that's why). It ain't easy I'm telling ya; there's a whole wide world to choose from and you know the trouble I have with making decisions! All I know is that I wanna go somewhere colder than Malaysia, a place where both of us have never been before (but Europe/US is an exception - I mean, I've never been to US and he has never been to Europe), and of course tempat yg shopping best dan murah! We have to go right after my reception, which is hmm... in about 2 weeks' time (sempat ker ni?) as MZ will be starting work early of March. It's actually a last-minute decision bcoz of some unavoidable reasons (well, work. What else?).

I do have a few places in mind...

...but after some thorough considerations, we both think that it's not worth it to spend 10-15 hours or more on flight alone (even tho I love long hours of flight), which is nearly 2 days bcoz that'll be like what, only 4-5 days of pure solid honeymoon? I don't think so. I wish MZ could start his work later than he should, coz there won't be any issues of deciding where to go then. Oh well, let's not complain and focus whereeee to go now...

Tomorrow we're going to find some travel agencies and make our decision right then and there (I hope!). Kalau susah sgt, honeymoon kat kampung jela... ;p


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Monday, February 04, 2008

Food Testing & Dress Fitting

I can't believe this weekend will be the last weekend for me as a bachelorette. And then a week after that, I'll be a Mrs! Ooohh...

Anyway, I can't be spending too much time blogging now bcoz starting from today onwards I'll be busier than before, so let the pictures do the talking.

12.30 noon - Food testing at Dewan Perdana

"Mmm...sedap2. Can I have summore?"

2.30pm - Dress fitting at Kapas.

Now this is the happiest trip ever to Kapas bcoz:

a) one of my bajus turns out to be nicer than I thought (seriously my mom and I were so worried about it before. Which is why I didn't really blog about my dresses that much!), and
b) I asked Mr. A whether I should wear a corset and he said "No dear! You have a perfect figure already!"

Hee... that really made my day! ;D

(few days ago I received some remarks from some people saying I'm so kurus, and not slim. The way they said it was as if I was skeletal! Saba jela aku.. dulu masa gemok ngata2 gak. Skang dah slim down pon sama. It's so aggravating coz it's like whatever I do is not right, you know what I mean? But hey, as long I'm happy with the way I am then that's what matters bcoz I'm the one who is living inside this body of mine. Why should I care about other people's "concerns", right? And most importantly, my husband-to-be loves the new me! I'm sorry if I sound a bit too emotional - blame the PMS - but I just can't contain it anymore. Lemas la dengar isu kurus/gemok ni seriously!). There.

Trying on a selendang mock-up.

Hmm... I think I'll go with the veil.

This is the baju for...
Actually, I'll leave that to you to figure it out ;) It's not fully finished btw.

Mr. K from Kapas will be coming to my house tonight to discuss about the pelamin, so I gotta run now!


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Sunday, February 03, 2008

King & Queen Bridal Treat

I'm not sure if going to the spa in less than 2 weeks' time before the Big Day is a little too late or not, but I guess it's better late than never, right? And with my crazy working hours, I think going to the spa a week before the treatment would be even better. I need all the pampering I could get!

MZ and I decided to pamper ourselves at Serenity Spa today, at Grand BlueWave Hotel. We chose the King and Queen Bridal Treat, which is a 5-hour top-to-toe treatment that includes intensive brightening facial, 4-step full body spa, foot scrub, manicure and pedicure.

The treatment started with the Intensive Brightening Facial, which is a 2-hour treatment. First, it was the cleansing process, then followed by steaming (sesak napass haku!), blackheads and whiteheads extraction, Diamond Peel (which is a dead-skin removal process using a special machine), eye treatment, face lifting, double cool and lastly mask application. While waiting for the mask to dry, my hands and feet were trimmed and shaped by the lady....

After the facial, I was led to another room for the next treatment, which is the 4-step full body spa. It's a 2-hour treatment and it started with a 20-minute Thai Herbal Steam (kind of like sauna) and I was given a cup of warm water to drink after that. Then came my favorite treatment of all - the full body aromatherapy massage! I've done a few massages before (at different places), but so far this is the best. The Indonesian masseuse was a nice and polite lady, and she made me feel comfortable and I wasn't shy at all, which makes the whole process relaxing. After massaging, the treatment continues with a full body scrub. It was a choice between ground coffee mixed with clay or Himalayan salt scrub, so I chose coffee bcoz a) I've done salt-scrubbing before, and b) bcoz it helps to reduce cellulite (now if you drink it, the effect will be the opposite!). There was not a single part of my body that was not being scrubbed by the masseuse - depan belakang atas bawah, semua kena scrub! ;p But I felt squeaky clean after that! The last step of the full body spa is soaking in a tub of milk mixed with lavender oil, with candles surrounding the tub. Heaaaaavenn!

Finally came the foot scrub. My feet were soaked in antiseptic + lavender oil + flower petals, and scrubbed using sea salt and something else, which I'm not sure what it was. And as usual, before ending a treatment, we we served hot tea... Overall, thumbs up, especially the body spa. I am definitely coming again (as for facial, I still prefer Kaj above all).

p/s: Remember my wisdom teeth? Well, there was no pain for about a week after taking the meds but now they're aching again - even worse than before! Why laaaa...? *sigh* I guess I'll have to see the dentist tomorrow for more antibiotics..

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