Monday, February 04, 2008

Food Testing & Dress Fitting

I can't believe this weekend will be the last weekend for me as a bachelorette. And then a week after that, I'll be a Mrs! Ooohh...

Anyway, I can't be spending too much time blogging now bcoz starting from today onwards I'll be busier than before, so let the pictures do the talking.

12.30 noon - Food testing at Dewan Perdana

"Mmm...sedap2. Can I have summore?"

2.30pm - Dress fitting at Kapas.

Now this is the happiest trip ever to Kapas bcoz:

a) one of my bajus turns out to be nicer than I thought (seriously my mom and I were so worried about it before. Which is why I didn't really blog about my dresses that much!), and
b) I asked Mr. A whether I should wear a corset and he said "No dear! You have a perfect figure already!"

Hee... that really made my day! ;D

(few days ago I received some remarks from some people saying I'm so kurus, and not slim. The way they said it was as if I was skeletal! Saba jela aku.. dulu masa gemok ngata2 gak. Skang dah slim down pon sama. It's so aggravating coz it's like whatever I do is not right, you know what I mean? But hey, as long I'm happy with the way I am then that's what matters bcoz I'm the one who is living inside this body of mine. Why should I care about other people's "concerns", right? And most importantly, my husband-to-be loves the new me! I'm sorry if I sound a bit too emotional - blame the PMS - but I just can't contain it anymore. Lemas la dengar isu kurus/gemok ni seriously!). There.

Trying on a selendang mock-up.

Hmm... I think I'll go with the veil.

This is the baju for...
Actually, I'll leave that to you to figure it out ;) It's not fully finished btw.

Mr. K from Kapas will be coming to my house tonight to discuss about the pelamin, so I gotta run now!


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