Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fishy Therapy

Our first activity as hubby and wifey is... going fishing! ;D

Well not exactly catching fishes. It's actually quite the opposite - the fishes "caught" us! Or at least our feet.

After a tiring (but exciting) wedding day, we both think we deserve a special treat so we headed to Kenko Reflexology Fish & Spa at Pavilion for a foot therapy, called the Fish Spa Therapy. It is not like any other foot therapies bcoz the masseurs are not human, but fishes - lots and lots of 'em!

Cleansing my feet before entering the Fish Spa

As we sat on the cushions and dipped our feet inside the tank, the fishes swarmed our legs and began nibbling and pecking our feet. They look like hungry piranhas that haven't ate for 10 days! But the fishes are toothless so there's nothing to be worried about. The pecking and nibbling were not painful at all, but they were extremely ticklish that I felt macam nak tendang2 jer ikan tu...

Yum yumm... this guy's feet tastes better than worms!

The fishes are called Garra Ruffa (sounds like Piranha-ish ey?) or also known as Doctor Fish. What they do is, they will nibble away the scaly and dead skin on your feet, and also ease the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and abscesses (whatever that is). The nibbling process feels like micro-massage, and it promotes healthy blood circulation of the skin.

Here's a short clip of the Doctor Fish that I managed to record:

If you're in for something different, this is the place to go. It is definitely a unique experience. RM38 for 30 minutes is totally worth a try!


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