Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Final Week

The day is getting nearer and nearer... and now there's only 3 more days to our wedding day!

I can't describe what I'm feeling at the moment. This bride-to-be is excited and anxious and frantic and nervous and feverish all at the same time, and.. kinda drowsy too (must be the medicines).

Yeap, I have runny nose and my eyes are kinda red and watery as a result of bergelumang dgn habuk2 selama 2 hari. Not good, not good. I know brides are supposed to have "enough rest and sleep" before the Big Day but in my case, bride or not, I still have to do some of the housework since there's no one else yg bole diharapkan, except my mom and maid. But starting from today (hopefully), I can goyang kaki coz my grandma's maid is finally here to help with the cleanings. I just hope I could squeeze some time for last-minute pampering (massage, pedicure and manicure) a day before the Big Day!

Anyways, besides cleaning the whole house, here's the preparations for the final week:

- Dress-fitting at Kapas
- MZ and I had our last facials before the Big Day
- Montage preview at Manggis

- The landscape people came

Wednesday (today)
- Mr. A from Kapas came to my house for final dress-fitting
- appointment with Istana Budaya band to confirm about the list of songs

- the canopy people arrive
- Mr. F (my dad's friend, who's the ID and also the sponsor for bilik pengantin) will start decorating the room
- Mr. A from Kapas will deliver my veil and selendangs
- Dress-fitting with Rizman Ruzaini for the reception dress at Dewan Perdana

- Mr. K and his team from Kapas will start doing the two pelamins, hantarans and other deco
- last-minute pampering (hopefully!)
- berinai


Btw, I have 2 baju for this Saturday's event - supposedly, one is for nikah (white), and the other one is for sanding (off-white). Which means, right after akad, MZ and I will change to a different outfits for sanding. But now I'm not sure nak tuka2 or just wear satu baju jer for the whole ceremony bcoz my mom takut jadi kelam-kabut (what with my tudung and all). Should I, or should I not tuka2 baju? Has anyone experienced this kind of situation before...?


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