Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where, oh, where should I go...

Mmmhh... I have 3 places in mind - no, actually 4. But now it has been added to 5. Oh wait, it's 6! Yes, 6.. My dad's friend offered the last one. I'm totally flustered!

Oh, I'm talking about our honeymoon spot.

My dad will be sponsoring our honeymoon trip, and now after a month of thinking and researching, I still haven't made up my mind (I thought we're going end of next month, that's why). It ain't easy I'm telling ya; there's a whole wide world to choose from and you know the trouble I have with making decisions! All I know is that I wanna go somewhere colder than Malaysia, a place where both of us have never been before (but Europe/US is an exception - I mean, I've never been to US and he has never been to Europe), and of course tempat yg shopping best dan murah! We have to go right after my reception, which is hmm... in about 2 weeks' time (sempat ker ni?) as MZ will be starting work early of March. It's actually a last-minute decision bcoz of some unavoidable reasons (well, work. What else?).

I do have a few places in mind...

...but after some thorough considerations, we both think that it's not worth it to spend 10-15 hours or more on flight alone (even tho I love long hours of flight), which is nearly 2 days bcoz that'll be like what, only 4-5 days of pure solid honeymoon? I don't think so. I wish MZ could start his work later than he should, coz there won't be any issues of deciding where to go then. Oh well, let's not complain and focus whereeee to go now...

Tomorrow we're going to find some travel agencies and make our decision right then and there (I hope!). Kalau susah sgt, honeymoon kat kampung jela... ;p


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