Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Most-Wanted Perfumes

I'm currently planning to collect more designer and celebrity perfumes, and these are on top of my list (other than Chanel and Gucci): Coach and Hilary Duff With Love.

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Has anyone tested any of these two already? Hilary's Mangosteen and Chai Latte ingredients sounds captivating (I so love Dome's Chai Chiller ice-blended, maybe that's why I'm intrigued of how the scent would be like).

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Monday, February 26, 2007

It's that time of the month

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How comforting is 'comfort food'?

I wish I have more control over myself when it comes to handling the mad chocolate cravings I always have during PMS. That's one thing I find SO hard to resist (besides pasta). Don't you, girls?

I had one chocolate cupcake late last night, one more this morning for breakfast, one packet of Famous Amos cookies for lunch (yea, I don't feel like eating anything else! I skipped my HL diet alrite - I don't have Dutch Choc in my stock. Now is that a good excuse or what..) and just now, I had 4 slices of bread with thick chocolate spread! Well, it's a wholemeal bread so it's still considered healthy, no?

Maybe not.

Anyway, I had my facial appointment last Saturday with my bro (how metrosexual can he get now? ;p) and when my beautician first saw me when I entered the room (the last time I went for my facials was like 2 months ago), she exclaimed,

"Heeee.....along dah kurus banyaaakkkk!!!"

Now THAT is really comforting.


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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Secret

Here's kind of a short summary of The Secret video that I've been mentioning about. I've watched the full video for more than I could remember, and I still can't get enough of it!!


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Magic Powder

I love with this stuff from Stila - the Illuminating Treatment Powder.

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I can't seem to keep my face off it, even when I'm at home. It's not like any other kinds of loose powder that I've tried before (Loreal, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Clinique and Lancome). The one thing I love the most about this is the powder-to-liquid formula, which is so cooling and hydrating, it feels like misting your skin with iced water! Talk about hot whether; this is a must-have!

The powder seems to melt easily onto skin and it gives a translucent coverage with natural, soft-focus finish, which is a plus bcoz it won't make your face looks obviously powdered like any others do (I hate it when that happens). And I love the subtle hint of shimmer it gives. But be careful not to over-dust, or you'll end up looking like the Tin Man of Wizard of Oz.

The slight con is the enclosed brush. Firstly, it's not fluffy (which is what powder brushes are supposed to be). And obviously, it's not a sable type. Secondly, I find it rather tedious to slide it back into the enclosed case without having a few strands of the brush slipping out. Even after 3 attempts of doing so. But that's not really a big problem as I've got my own powder brush to use.

Anyways, I won't say that this is my Holy Grail loose powder - not yet, as I've yet to try the ones from Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever. I've read great reviews about them, and I'm so intrigued! :D


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Which kind of nagger are you?

I got this piece of interesting info from one of my fave books, Why Men Don't Have A Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes.

One of the chapters explain why women nag a lot. And they have identified the 5 basic kind of nags (and their examples), which are:

The Single Subject Nag: "Kurt, how about taking out the trash?" A pause. "Kurt, you said you'd take out the trash." Another five minutes later. "What about the trash, Kurt? It's still sitting there."

The Multi-Nag: "The grass in front of the house looks a mess, Bob, the doorknob is falling off the bedroom door, and the back window is still stuck. When are you going to wash the car and...." etc, etc.

The Beneficial Nag: "Have you taken your pills today, Ray? And stop eating that pizza - it's bad for your cholesterol and weight..."

The Third-Party Nag: "Well, Moira says Shane has already got their BBQ cleaned out and they're having people over tomorrow. Summer will be finished at the rate you're going."

The Advance Nag: "Well, I hope you're going to watch your drink tonight, Dale. We don't want a repeat of last year's fiasco."

So which one is you, ladies? I know I fall in the Beneficial and Advance nagger! hihih.
Bless you, MZ


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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I am a Nurul, so that makes me one of Naya's "victims"

* Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following…
* They must be REAL places, names, things…NOTHING made up!
* If you can’t think of anything, skip it.
* Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.
* You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your name: Iza

1. Famous Athlete: I don't know (hey, that starts with an "i" jugak kan)

2. 4 letter word: Idea

3. Street name: (Jalan) Ikhlas, BTR

4. Color: Indigo

5. Gifts/presents: iPod, iPhone

6. Vehicles: Isuzu

7. Tropical Locations: Idaho when it's summer ;p

8. College Majors: Information System Engineering *sheesh*

9. Dairy Products: Ice-creams!

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Iguana. The rubber ones, I mean.

11. Boy Name: Izzac

12. Girl Name: Izzy

13. Movie Titles: I Know What You Did Last Summer

14. Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol. It's a common name for propan-2-ol, a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. (I googled for that btw)

15. Occupations: Interior Designer

16. Flowers: Iris

17. Celebrities: Il Divo

18. Magazines: InStyle, InTrend

19. Malaysia Cities: Ipoh

20. Pro Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts, the Super Bowl Champion for the recent American Football (obviously that is MZ's pro sport team as I don't have any)

21. Something Found in a kitchen: Ikan

22. Reason for Being Late (or dead) : Idling

23. Something You Throw Away: Ikan dah basi?

24. Things You Shout: I don't care!!! (in a hip-hop slang which sounds more like "Ah donk keir")

25. Cartoon Character: Incredibles

26. Tag, you are it !: Imran's wife, Ina and Iva.


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Monday, February 05, 2007

Calling all SIX-ers and HEEL-wearers!

Oh wait. There's a size 5 as well.

I am decluttering my room. Well, under my bed to be exact. There are boxes of shoes, luggage, bags, dust (and hair!), more shoes in shoe boxes, dead insects (just teeny ones tho) and yet another pair of shoes stashed away. It's a real mess, I'm telling you. And I would really appreciate if you could help me sort out this "mess".

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I am a true high-heel girl, aren't I? How I wish those are of Chanels and Ferragamos tho...

Gee... I never realized all this while I've been chucking nearly all of my shoes under my bed. It's like tempat pelupusan kasut or something. Most of them are hardly worn; there's even a pair of new unworn high-heels! No wonder it always seemed like I don't have any shoes. And ok, let's not forget those shoes that I kept "safe and sound" in my wardrobe at home now.

So anyway, here's the part where you could help me:

Since I'm now stepping an inch ahead, my 3-inch heels are.. you know, kind of being "abandoned". I really love 'em but what's the point of keeping something you know you won't/can't wear anymore, right? (plus I'm actually a size 5 foot). So I'm giving some of 'em away to anyone of you who wants 'em bcoz I know they will be in better hands (or rather, feet) instead of being stashed under my bed with dead insects for God-knows-how-long.

Currently, I have 6 pairs to let go - for free (yes, you heard me. FREE). You only need to pay for shipping and handling, which is RM10. All of them are in good condition.

1) VINCCI Peach-colored Slingbacks (taken!)
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- Size 6; 4-inch heel; Never worn (yes I know this is not a 3-inch heel, but I just can't bring myself to wear it. Don't ask me why I bought it in the first place; just take it!)

2) ECLIPSE White Pearly Slingbacks (taken!)
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- Size 6; 3-inch heel; worn once/twice

3) ECLIPSE Black Suede Heels (taken!)
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- Size 6; 3-inch heel; worn not more than 5 times

4) ECLIPSE Pink Slingbacks (taken!)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- Size 6; 3-inch heels; worn not more than 5 times

5) ECLIPSE Black Slingback (taken!)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- Size 6; 3-inch heel; worn once/twice

6) NOSE Pink Suede-like Peep-toes (taken!)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- Size 5; 3-inch heel; worn once/twice (The ankle straps of this shoes are missing, but you can still wear 'em without the straps)

Now to be fair and square, one person can only choose one pair of shoes. First come first serve basis, of course! So hurry, email me at iza[underscore]mirilyea[at]yahoo[dot]com.


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I look like who??

My BIL tagged me with this... game thingy. Interesting!

I was secretly hoping to get Anne Hathaway tho! Hahah ;p

Now I'm tagging Mrs Imran, Kak Anna, Nadia, Julie, Syaz, Maz, Ary, hmm...rata2 yg lain sumer dah di-tag...


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