Monday, February 26, 2007

It's that time of the month

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How comforting is 'comfort food'?

I wish I have more control over myself when it comes to handling the mad chocolate cravings I always have during PMS. That's one thing I find SO hard to resist (besides pasta). Don't you, girls?

I had one chocolate cupcake late last night, one more this morning for breakfast, one packet of Famous Amos cookies for lunch (yea, I don't feel like eating anything else! I skipped my HL diet alrite - I don't have Dutch Choc in my stock. Now is that a good excuse or what..) and just now, I had 4 slices of bread with thick chocolate spread! Well, it's a wholemeal bread so it's still considered healthy, no?

Maybe not.

Anyway, I had my facial appointment last Saturday with my bro (how metrosexual can he get now? ;p) and when my beautician first saw me when I entered the room (the last time I went for my facials was like 2 months ago), she exclaimed,

"Heeee.....along dah kurus banyaaakkkk!!!"

Now THAT is really comforting.


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