Saturday, November 25, 2006

Final post before I'm off to you-know-where

I still haven't packed yet. Not a single thing, can u believe that? Punya la bersemangat list down the stuff I need to get for the trip like weeks ago, now when the day's finally come langsung satu haprak tak start packing lagi. Flight's in less than 24 hours, but I keep on telling myself- sempat lagi, sempat lagi. Errr... sempat kan?

Anyway, these are some of the stuff that I bought for the trip - black MNG double-breasted jacket, black knee-high boots that I got from ebay at a fraction of price (ebay totally saved my life and $$)!!, black Eclipse Luxe ankle boots, Nine West brown patchwork shoulder bag that could stuff my 'world' inside, pink pill case and Esprit skinny jean. Hmm.. now that I've listed it down, macam semua hitam la pulak. Never mind. It's Autumn there so everything would be...dark.

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Ok, since I'll be off tomorrow night, I probably won't be able to get online until I get back. So watch this space for me, yea...

Au revoir!


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Thursday, November 16, 2006

My 2nd Coach Bag

I've got myself another Coach bag - the Scribble Multi-Colored Hobo bag, thanx to my sister!

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This bag was among the top 3 Coach bags that my boyfriend wanted to get for me in L.A last time. And now there's 25% off; I couldn't just let it slipp away, could I? Especially bcoz it's sold out in Malaysia. Plus, Hanis said it was the last one at Macy's. Lucky me. Wooooooh!! (so much of refraining myself huh. But this is a one-off, so it's excusable).


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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pre-Paris Shopping List

I've been refraining myself from shopping excessively these past few weeks - one, bcoz I'm saving for my Paris shopping trip (which would be NEXT WEEK!), and another reason is bcoz I need to set aside some money to invest in the little business that I'm in.

But I need to get just a few stuff before going to Paris. They are:

- a pair of knee-high boots. I want brown, but Wani has bought brown boots the other day, so I guess I have to get a black one. We can share, since we have the same size.

- skinny jeans. I'm thinking of wearing skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. I found one that fits me nicely at MNG but I don't really like the color. Need to check

- a jacket. Most probably I'll get one from MNG since it's much more affordable than the ones at Zara. After all, I'm only going there for a week so I don't want to splurge on one. I have these in mind. Which one should I get? There's one more but I can't find a pic of it. I'll probably choose a black jacket if my boots are black...

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- A pair of gloves. Average max temperature is 9 degrees and average min is 3, so maybe I'll need it, just in case it gets freezing cold. Or maybe I could get one in Paris (the gloves I bought in Korea are missing, else I could just wear that!).

- a shoulder bag that's large enough to stash everything inside (I do not like sling/messenger bags).

I guess that's about it.

Btw, I'm drooling over this pink croc luggage from Prada. It's totally to-die-for! It'd be the most fab hand-luggage ever!

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Picture from Purse Blog.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shopaholic & Baby

Have u heard the news? The long-awaited continuation of Shopaholic & Sister will be out soon - on Feb 2007! Whoopey!! Tapi hardcover keluar dulu... I'm not sure when the Paperback version would be released tho.

I can't wait to get my hands on the book!


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Monday, November 13, 2006

DKNY and Stila

If u're interested to purchase authentic DKNY watches and Stila makeups (and some other brands like MAC and Clinique as well) at low prices, please visit my sister's fotopages. She'll be back with more stuff, I'm very sure of that.

Here are some of the stuff on sale:

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Froggy Drink

I had Squashed Frog for dessert. It's the cutest drink I've ever seen (and drink)! It's basically an ice-blended drink with milk chocolate and.... frogs. At least that's what the description says:

"Blended with milk chocolate frogs, topped with an extra chocolate frog and dusted with chocolate".

There's Mr. Frog, the chocolate swimming in it!

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I've yet to try the Fluffy Koala. Sounds yummy!


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Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's confirmed!

I received an SMS from Dad who's currently in Germany (or izzit Dubai?) saying,
"browse thru internet n list activities or site we want to tour from ** nov till * dec for the necessary arrangements later. tq".

The first activity that pops in my mind is of course, shopping, so I googled for it and found this site which has infos on what I'm looking for. Now hear this:

Paris is one of the world's premier shopping cities. Even people who hate shopping enjoy shopping in Paris...

Walla! I hope it works on dad (he despise shopping and would always say "dah la tu, takde benda kat sini" even there's a whole row of shops, like in Oxford Street in London!).

Anyway, it gets even better. Just listen to this one I found from this site:

Paris also has many small shops selling everything from everywhere in the world. Just walk around the city in almost any district and you will find lots of interesting shops....

"Everything from everywhere in the world". Wow.

I better list down the names of the tongue-twisted shops bcoz there are lots of 'em - Quai Des Marques, Galleries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Samaritaine, Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville, Le Printemps, Srontes Prontes... (ok, I made up the last one). And this is when my (cute) Travel Planner comes in handy. There's a section for expenses where I can jot down my splurges too, so I won't go overboard!

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Of course I'm going to list down the places for sightseeing as well. Speaking of which, do you know there'll be an LV museum in Paris soon? Yes, you heard me. LV as in Louis Vuitton as in the designer brand. Tapi 3-4 tahun lagi baru museum tu siap.

Ok, I'd better stop now. I have some 'homeworks' to do.


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Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Herbalife testimonials

I lost another kilo, and 0.5 inches more on both my waist and butt which makes me now 49kg with **-25.5-36.5 body ratio. If according to my initial weight goal, I should now start maintaining my weight tapiiiii.... ada lagi 0.5 titik perpuluhan yg perlu dihilangkan di pinggang and another 1.5 inches di butt saya, plus my dream weight has now changed to 45-46kg. So there's only about 3-4 kilos to go. Whoopey-doo!!

Actually, 47kg sounds okay to me too. I don't really mind about my weight bcoz below 50kg sounds "ringan" to me already (if I'm below 48, I'm actually considered as underweight u know). I just need to lose more on the inches part. Which, should be achievable in the next couple of days. Or paling lama pon 1-2 weeks, if I don't control my diet sgt.

But the weird thing is, I don't really ikut betul2 the recommended diet plan, like only eat low calorie/unfattening food, etc - no way. I mean, I still have those food but in a small quantity. Plus, I make sure that I take the shakes twice daily and one rice meal at the right times of the day so tu yg turun jugak. Btw, I cheated on my diet yesterday - ate 2 ketul chocs, 5 jenis kuih raya (semprit, london almond, chocchip cookies 2 jenis, lg satu tatau nama dia apa..tapi choc gak la, during my snacking time) and then at night (last night) I ate a quarter of my bro's twisties right after having my shake (which is a BIG no-no bcoz that would lead to weight gain instead). Tapi lepas tu saya rasa bersalah lalu meneguk berliter2 Tea Mix itu dan melabur dgn jayanyer di Amanah Saham BilikAir. Niceee... And then the next morning, which is this morning, I weigh myself and ta-daah! Tiba2 dah jadi 48kg. Miracle btul!

My boyfriend owes me a nice lunch at a nice place anyway sbb saya dah capai my dream weight (eventho now dah target lain). Any suggestion? Please, no Chili's or CPK. Enough already! Marche macam best gak kan.. Been there once jer.

Btw, here are a few recent testimonials from some of my customers:

"So far I lost 6cm-waist, 4cm-butt n 5cm-bust. Weight plak I baru lost around 1kg" --- Ifa, MMU student (after only about 2 weeks of Herbalife)

"hi iza..just starting my HL today..well.. in the morning I take HL..mmg kenyang sampai lunch.. mmg sedap minum 1 add about 250ml of soy, 2 scoop HL and then plain water..shake it.. taste great.. :) can't wait to lose weight now.. :)" --- Alia, Junior Executive Accountant (Herbalife first-timer)

"Hi Iza. HL sgt2 buat saya happy. Dekat 1 thn saya tak period n amik ubat & hormon etc. Tapi tak berkesan langsung. TAPI bila minum HL period saya dtg balik. Lagi 1, saya dah stop amik ubat stress sbb HL bole cover. Tq coz kenalkan HL kat blog awak." and "Berat turun 6kg. Pinggang n punggung byk inci hilang. Suar baju pon dah longgar. HL ni buat saya tenang. Lepas ni saya bleh skip ubat stress sbb ubat tu menggemukkan. Harga ubat tu lagi mahal dari HL. Skang lebih baik saya amik HL jer utk semua prob kesihatan" --- Jun, Graphic Designer (after only about 1 month of Herbalife)

"Adikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... I ate HL for breakfast. Yummy giler" --- Naya@Kakak Wangi, Network Engineer (Herbalife first-timer)

"haa pagi ni i wat ice blended shake campur no-fat-srawberry yogurt..nyum far boleh tahan..cuma kengkadang tu binging jugak..tat nenas la..ketupat dlm lontong (curi sket..nampak sedap beb)..pastu pegi toilet mcm takleh tahan..asik kencing aje" --- Aishah, I'm not sure what u do gurl, pls update me (after 2nd day of Herbalife)

"Lepas balik raye arituh ade dl gamba..ade nmpk lain sket kat muke..mcm dah kurus sket kat pipi...kalo tak b4 diz tembam giler...even puase pun tembam gak..ingat lg, mase sblm n time puase, target nak kuruskan pipi sket sbb kalo amik gamba pipi tembam mmg tak cantik langsung. then pipi makin naik sbb dok umah...skarang lepas mkn HL pipi kecut dah...takdela setembam arituh...smalam abah ade tego, pipi dah kecik sket...time raye, mak long tego kate bdn nmpk kecik org lain xtego la plak..huhu...blom nmpk sgt la tp...tapi rase cam sonok plak...bile tgk gamba raye ni,lg semangat nk mengecikkan badan..huhu... Turun 1 inch kat chest and waist" --- Hunny, UITM Shah Alam student (after only 4 days of Herbalife) and this is her before and after pic!

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Do you see that?? Her double chin dah makin hilang, and her cheeks are obviously kecut! Congrats gurl! And to all of youuu too! ;)

Now here's a great news. MZ and I have agreed to give away some presents to anyone of you (my dear customers) who got the most outstanding results dlm masa 3 bulan from ur first day of Herbalife. Hadiah apa? Heh...we'll see what your Coach ni nak kasi. Of course some Herbalife stuff, and maybe shopping vouchers ker kan, or perfume or makeups or a bag perhaps, who knows? And knowing me the brand-conscious-shopaholic; I'm very particular about brands, so barang2 cikai tidak tersenarai dlm hadiah2 yg akan diberikan ok (tapi bag LV ke Prada ke tidak tersenarai la yerr. Tunggu kami jadi millionnaire dulu..hoho). We'll be evaluating based on few aspects (which shall not be revealed), not only how many kilos u've lost sbb tak aci la to those yg perlu turun sikit jer.

So do update me with ur progress and pichas too okay! There's no need to tipu2 la yer bcoz it's for ur own good jugak.

Good luck! ;)


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Thursday, November 02, 2006

'The Coach' who wears Coach :D

One of my Herbalife customers sent me an email that started with, "Hey coach".

I like the sound of it. COACH. As in the bags. Haha. I told MZ about it and he calls me "The Coach who wears Coach". I so love that!! Eventhough the number of Coach bags that I've worn are like, what, 2-3 jer? Ah lantak. There's gonna be more in the future, anyway (I mean, there'd better be, right honey?).

Oh yea, just so you know, I don't just coach people with weight management programs jer ok. I do shopping coaching as well. And beauty coaching too, sometimes. Bcoz I do get few phonecalls from my internet friends (who're HLF consumers) and they did ask me about where to find this and that, the shops, which beauty products yg bagus, etc besides Herbalife thingy (bcoz I love shopping sgt so I happen to know lotsa shopping-related stuff, murah ker mahal ker da bomb ker. Plus if there are some stuff which I'm not so sure about, I could always refer to my sisters bcoz they're a pro in that area too). I just lurvee that. There's not a single question about shopping/beauty that bothers me, unless of course if u ask things like "Do u know where to find a gorgeous top that looks nothing like yours bcoz urs is ugly, I don't know why u get that". Sila jangan membuat my blood go upstairs yer.

Anyway, I met one of my close chatfriends for the first time ever today, whom I've known for- I think more than 2 years dah kot. Naya a.k.a Kakak Wangi bcoz she sure smells nice, I feel like menerkam dia jer. Kalau bukan sbb Herbalife, I dunno when we'll ever meet kot, kan Kakak Wangi? hikhik.

After meeting up with her, we browsed through some stuff at a nearby bookstore where we met (somewhere in Subang) and we both bought ourselves these cute umm.. notepad-ish planner which are bound to be very useful..

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Btw, I'm looking for a personal planner@organizer too, something cute and pinky to match with my pink business card holder (I got it from Kinokuniya) and my pink fountain pen. I've seen a few at Kinokuniya the other day and saw some in pinks, but I haven't browsed kat MPH and other shops yet. If anyone of you terjumpa personal planner yg comel, sila lah memberitahu yer ;p

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I think it's time for me to start owning a personal planner since I'm doing this HLF business and I have quite lots of meet-ups and seminars every month and customer follow-ups to do, which, sometimes is getting out of hand. Lupa la, apa la. Having a phone doesn't help bcoz of it's limited functions (either that, or I don't know how to fully use it). Nasib baik MZ ada. He's like my human-planner, reminding me of this and that; "Awak dah buat follow-up ngan Jun?", "Dah tanya Alia how's her first time taking the shake?", "Yg kat Kedah tu apa citer?", etc etc. But I can't just rely everything on him, can I? A successful businesswoman does things on her own, ritey? Or at least most of the things. Heee heee (alrite, maybe I'm not entirely right bcoz in this business, it'd be greater if u do it together with ur partner).

Andddd speaking of things-getting-out-of-hand, here's another major reason why I should have a personal planner to remind me of things: I've forgotten my close friend punya birthday (which was the first day of Raya)!!! I mean, I do know that her birthday's on the 24th of Oct, but it was like I lost track of the date or something. Warghh... I feel reallyyy awful about it. I will neverrr everrr forgive myself for that, sorrryyy Maz! I know terlupa sampai lebih seminggu is beyond teruk, but I lap you, so pls don't be kecik ati yehh. I hope this will make it up to you. Nothing much tho, just some Skin Food stuff... It was supposed to be a surprise, but I have trouble tracking down her home address so no choice but to ask directly from her. But anyway, she doesn't know the contents so it's still a surprise, no? :D

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